Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.83 - PREPARATION BEGINS

by: UberHaxorNova

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I wonder if this was the right like mountain area seems like it might be I guess if not we could go up and check but after I set my teleporter down which I need to make it to the other teleporter that's on this side of the mountain that'll be great hiking up this mountain over here oh god what was that I don't know what that was look at this we gotta climb all the way up here to where that nice lightning bolts shaped crap is ooh was he gonna take a while unless no there's not really anything I could do I just built straight up from the side which is what I'm planning on doing but that's still probably gonna take a little bit I got enough blocks that I could do that look at that bum over there I should give him a bone like people wanted me to do before even though I did it already give him bone or as a cake that's what he wants what I think I gave him a bone do I give him a bone what am I not moving there we go I don't have enough cake but maybe I don't know why I'm thinking he takes a bone does he not take a bone you don't take a bone dear you don't take a bone without thinking I'm gonna kill you Oh Oh No he lived hey hey priest come down here I wish I could throw something at him but I can I can throw fire at him ah there we go you're gonna like this actually I don't have any dammit now we good yeah [Music]

riding oh oh my god it needs to be a bigger explosion huh what's the hell he's dead I think I killed him I just killed a priest I just I killed him I believe I did I got him hike it on up there ha ha hello hello make it sure there's nothing that's gonna push me off the edge cuz that would suck I'd lose all my experience and all that good stuff and I wouldn't want that we're close we are close what was that something just jumped off are those blubber things go go go go go go go go go alright we're kind of close I can I could hike it from here I guess cuz I'm running out of blocks come on yeah yay

parkour oh god my legs why did I do that Oh all right we'll just break through it I guess oh wait did we pass it I hear it there it is I found it yay alright so for the final mountain goes right here and it was set on 98 oh there we go sweet now I can label it where's my box I gotta get my stuff I'm hungry too poor tdawg is over there all by himself I'm sure he's doing fine painting no we're not a painting I wanted a sign why did I think that where's the sign I already pass it buh-buh-buh-buh but what in the world phase crystal oh that's us for that thing that makes a bunch of waves come and if it did that would where's the sign good deal found it okay all right now this will be last mount okay now guess I'll put this right in the middle Wow look how beautiful that is that's amazing well now hopefully I have some um I haven't checked on my my meth lab up here look at this I completely forgot about that oh no that crash my game got a meth lab crash my game get it seriously I think it did oh alright so it seems that my meth lab doesn't like to work huh hey work now I don't know what the deal was before where it didn't want to work but oh look at that I get to drink my potion except I don't really need them I'll need them when I go to the nether and I'll have to burn this mother down I'm burned down my meth lab since uh there's all my recipes and stuff my chin table oh yeah I was going to actually make my thing up top here I don't know if I ever did that or not my book bookshelves and stuff I never did that so that way I could sit up for an enchanting little room before I go to the end because I don't want to die at the end that would be bad so let me grab it let me check and see if I have any leather in here so that way I can make myself a book bag or something that I could use to carry all that stuff do I have do I not have leather really Oh seriously did I doc get like leather at any point potion of slowness why would I want that instant damage I throw that at that dragon oh wow I guess not I got the saddle I get the leather from the saddle I don't really know how else to go about this I can't really get it yeah I'll just have to make trips I'll check my other check my other one um that takes me to the portals uh which one takes me to my damn garden it's this one I believe not my garden that other area with the yeah there we go okay maybe there's something here oh there's one are you me what's that noise it sounds like somebody's somebody's creeping up on me I only have one that sucks I hit these diamonds though ah [Music] well I guess I won't be getting any book bags no book bags for me do I have I got the wheat that I could go down there and breed those assholes but I don't even really need any meat either I need absolutely nothing but oh right actually all right I'll do that no I actually should do that now I could kill them and get a bunch of experience I remembered so that would help me take me back take me back please there we go okay that's uh let's do this real quick I don't have all there isn't even many in here I thought I had more than again go stop idiot that's what he gets the heck nowise yeah alright those aren't even growing up either that sucks hit up it and I got nothing out of that I'm gonna have to slaughter these things at some point before I go to the end so whatever all right well since I can't make any book bags I guess I'm just gonna have to make some rounds and make a make a chest make another chest I guess cuz I don't have any room at all I would organize this better but I mean what is the point at this point let's throw over it there I guess throw throw throw throw throw throw throw throw in in in I should be good at least for a good bit here that I can grab some of this stuff where is this stuff eh it be in the last mount that's a bedstead right here I am I'm back gimme gimme gimme gimme take all this crap except the Chitti stuff because I really have no purpose for most of this stuff I got that I guess the arrows I could use those at some point the rest of this is poop and stone wait a minute and stone why does it have like the texture of a normal thing oh yeah what do I get rid of what do I get rid of oatmeal why not I already have a crap ton of Bones anyway so whatever I could probably get a crap ton of this gold too no need let's go alright so I got some colors some fancy colors let me see what this end stone does what the heck that doesn't do anything how does any stone alright well that was pointless I guess it's just stoned from the from the end end world it just looks a little bit brighter it doesn't unless it's just a texture pack where it doesn't have a doesn't have a texture cuz I thought that the end stone was kind of like a yellowish color or something like that I don't know it does look a little bit different though alright so my god I have so much stuff look at this I have a lot of crap and not enough room to watch of a caller ID of this so let's see about to kill those chickens now I maybe I should kill them because I don't really have anything else I don't know if I can make if I could make those potions those uh those experience potions I might have to check that and see if I could do that I don't know if that's in a later version or if that's in this version but i'll check real quick oh alright so that was quick found out that it can't be brewed that figures so there's that i just got to make a crap ton of them and then uh make my my level a little bit higher there but oh well I guess I can't do it plan did not work let me get my bookshelf it's all the books at what are you kidding me I don't have that many books I got a bunch of sugarcane though what the hell was I deal with these all right well I'm have to make some books our bookshelves I should say first dist and I would back where's my wood I have a stack in here stack right there grab that yay yeah that's really dumb I guess I can just make as much paper as I daddy oh and that goes all the the turtle food but all the turtle food oh this is more important than the turtle food making bookshelves and I saw what I only got six out of that that's there's no way I'll have to make the books that's why book there we go now we're good why can't I just like shift-click or something like that it doesn't work oh wait did that do it might have don't really know did that do it I don't what happened did I do it or did I not do it I don't know if I made I did I have twenty-one now okay so I guess it did make him good deal I was wondering about that if I could just shift lick do I have any more books in any of these anymore cuz this is gonna be prep for the final battle and I'll probably die at this about to it but I got golden apples so and I had a bunch of normal apples that I'll use with this gold and make more golden apples see if I can go dapple go nap Oh God and flavor what no that doesn't add to his ball can be thrown by right-clicking you will fall over aha hmm ah maybe this will help me with that with that dragon since it flies around I could hit it with this let's try that maybe I don't know maybe maybe dot uh what's the deal with this I thought the UH the Golden Apple not craftable at this point oh no it's these that's why there we go is that wide am I good to make this now maybe not what the hell that's really weird I thought that you could craft a diamond Apple I mean the Golden Apple what am I talking about Diamond did I not have enough oh that's why I have enough but I have more gold somewhere there it is try this now try that now huh how about that or is it the gold nuggets that I need how about that go there we go is to go nuggets I remember what they change it to they they've changed it a couple times now now I have a good amount of golden apples I need some pants some diamond pants pants pants diamond pants please dumb pants there we go I'm in pants diamond pants I'm all good I am good now let's try to set up this enchanting thing and see if I can get some stuff

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