ROBBERY , MOVIE SET - Grand Theft Auto 5 ONLINE w/ Nova, Kevin & Immortal Ep.5

by: UberHaxorNova

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we can't steal his car it's not ours god that's an old car think about that I spanked Mullins car oho stomach boys I'm sorry sorry dude oh you wanna fuck up the dwellings car l spoke of his car got that shit fuck you your bones car you've your fucker look you McMullen you like that shit stupid cowboy motherfucker still shit yeah I want the life of the party you weren't the life of shit asshole you miss Mon hmm I'm losing money fast piece of shit fuck McMahon's cock that's a yeah fuckin dope it oh oh man I just gotta go go ahead oh I'm so sorry oh fuck oh shit dude I'm trying I'm trying to get to this I'll fucking go got him good shot wait why oh no the cops are here Oh Weezer here all right I'm gonna try to get my shit they know that we're beating the shit out of my mom's car I'm gonna give myself up guys what I I don't turn yourself in Kevin dog I don't do it Oh Oh God they don't want me they don't want me they want me dead they want me to hit them we get this getaway vehicle right here James help I'm trying to go in the back door get in the car get in the car look at the factors Oh No yeah what the fuck is this get the fuck out here yo damn it oh shit what the fuck is this fucking assholes chasing me give me your Connecticut fuck you leave me alone no that's my back my tire pops I just want to be your friend oh shit dude oh wait a minute how what the fuck okay get out of the fucking way you asshole a reasonable hiding I'm hiding hide hide dammit I'm hiding from the cops the way we want it to be God shit the fucking I don't even know where you guys are anymore I don't know these fucking douchebags are like killing people outside asshole okay thank you again for killing me every time we get close to Alex what's up thank you for that you want to lose the cops you said I appreciate you I appreciate you oh shit Oh oh my god what oh no open I do I have two stars I have no idea what the fuck that was but I got a hundred RP points out of it what for flipping my car like ten times in here guess I should probably go rob a fucking store now so that way I can get some goddamn money on the aw that's illegal that I'll report you yeah I need some help okay a stick will help him fucking illegal I'm going up in here hello sir I would first love to buy some candy from you and one candy from you too then I will rob you what Duff know what the hell that was that what did you just do that was Alex dude I'm trying to fuckin shot him I'm trying to get some Ecola and shit I wanted some Ecola okay I'm buying everything right now to buy some stuff oh I just bought like I bought so much I buy some stuff no please I'm gonna be like full on everything oh I'm gonna I'm wanted oh oh what the fuck Kevin what the fuck what are you doing I'm wanted dude so you fucking shoot what are you what what is this all about the fuck Oh get out of here this is my money ah oh there's my money Oh motherfucker fucking kill me I was just trying to buy candy motherfucker god dammit it was for the money fucking asshole do you know how much money I have now 39 fucking thousand I started with seven oh how much money I have four thousand come on you are didn't you have a house I don't even have a place to sleep at night you want to know how much I go to my place fucking a get away from this place it's mine get away from it to myung I said if I hit it wasn't moving so every bad spy you son-of-a-bitch oh dude it's mine fuck you this is no no dude my money oh here comes my money much money did you get fucking eight hundred bucks seriously you look like garbage whose fucking garbage you piece of shit you still like a thousand dollars good like two thousand dollars you stole many money from me many money many money from me why'd you steal many money's from him dude I'm your motherfucker oh fuck I was gonna go shopping there you asked huh so really are this god damn it uh-huh look what you've done I mean look at what you've done damn look at it from my perspective I just got gunned down in a store and then in the middle of the street because I wanted to kill some guy and robbed him and then kill you that doesn't seem like a fair like punishment Oh does it I'm hiding right now okay shut up I'm hiding on a movie set looks like the set of the Bourne trilogy it probably is look I wouldn't doubt it can they still see me from here I thought I don't think they can I might be safe here no anybody want to come act out a movie with me y'all come I'll bring the police headache come back out a movie with me don't bring the police I'm bringing the police come on now we're shooting fuckin The Bourne Identity four or five what's my favorite here we are go it up alright police are here don't fucking goddamn it Kevin sorry Big Ben first come up here and hide oh shit yeah I just lost him so I'm good oh shit this is gonna be the ball oh shit Oh your dumb dude I hope they kill you dude so my pops as extras from Bourne Identity wow wow wow I stick at the first oh shit the ready cops are going into the granite cops are going hard dude I play Jason Bourne the cops are evil people that's a good plot drug dealers that are here to kill me so bad you can't take down Jason Bourne because I am a naturally gifted athlete what the fuck are they doing well fuck are you Kevin I'm out in the back I escaped out the fire escape I don't know what to do there we go they figured it out oh shit shit skate it out push it push it hey oh you killed some of them what the fuck those are my extras did you kill those extras dude that's my body double this cop is like pushing into me and shit don't shoot me please line up a fire escape don't know where to but I'm going up a fire hey okay I think I'm gonna see you in a second ship shit you're gonna record this and shit where am I this will make it tone awesome mini-movie wow wow are you god dammit trying to shoot down a helicopter oh shit I see the heli drew oh my god you idiot no I'm not fucking I'm doing a movie right now you're bullshit come on now it's very hard to feel like you're acting then yeah you are now not all these guys look like me so it's kind of tough to find an extra huh are they all your double G well most of them like I said one of them is gonna be the evil emperor that eventually I fight to the death in hand-to-hand combat oh so I'll kill them all though so thank you I didn't kill the ones in the helicopter you fucking asshole look at all these guys oh is this my trailer that your helicopter - yeah they're filming the above above seems like I'm going very uh cops inspirational like when it's cause cops no cops the show like when they do the overhead view uh-huh yeah I want to I want to bring that camera view into the Bourne Identity series oh shit dude so like when Matt Damon is running on foot away from everybody we're gonna have an overhead cam that catches everything from the sky I'll be fucking awesome oh oh I just blow up your helicopter dude well thank you for that I hope you know you're destroying thousands and thousands of dollars of it don't want this movie to happen and there's a cop over here that's running over my my crew I doesn't go and get me happen I won't let this movie happen but here's Joe Joe's the guy that what the fuck the fuck is this now is that SWAT hey I didn't ask for SWAT I didn't even pay for them man I'm on the smear on me okay oh my God look at all look at all these guys like look at all the exigent swatted oh hello welcome to my window somebody please help man my movie just got real intense real quick your movie that got really good yeah what the fuck is that cop doing the way were rolled away well now we have this yellow car here as a UH as a stunt car jump up here I don't know don't go and help that's a no-go what's this Chihuahua dogs all does anyone want a hot dog no hope that out what the fuck is up with the shape of these hot dogs that's kind of odd look are that song this is really this is man you guys you would love this movie set I'm coming money for this oh hey hey welcome to my movie hello hello featured actor Matt Damon what the fuck look you magic is this you Matt Damon fucking George Clooney wants to come up on my set fucking Matt Damon you know share the spotlight with anybody motherfucker oh you come on now I'm fucking Oh Matt Damon no wait come on now David oh no no you don't understand it's the best movie that I've ever produced in my life you understand I'm gonna produce your movie no no come back no women in my vlog is you want to autograph yeah please autograph please wait you saw my mask hold on um let me just eat a snack first hey can you can you sign my mouth yeah sure all right your babies movie chick about my bike or the mark what do you want to sign here over the fucking to do with the bat what the fuck is this all about I don't know before I sign your stuff let me uh let me introduce you to Matt and Joey over here Oh Matt and Joey okay so uh Matt is a that is a gargoyle joey is an astronaut you just scared them away are they right hey astronaut come back all right yeah the other astronaut yeah I don't think they want to work anymore now about the other astronaut what the fuck what what the guys that was my producer that was my producer look at all oh good oh my god yo somebody oh my god michael--ah suicide my god what is this McMullen McMullen perfect boy I did not ask for the fucking army transport truck until scene five Mullen what the fuck is your problem look man huh what the fuck how did you kill me you son a little bitch I don't know I got

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