You Want To Be Patient? Just Ask Allah

by: iLovUAllah™

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how does one achieve patience my dear brothers and sisters well there's no easy mechanism fasting is one of them to perfect our fat but the main mechanism of achieving patience is to want patience from a luster China without it to be eager to be patient to be greedy to be blessed with patience and this we learn from the beautiful Hadassah hi Bihari and it's such a simple such a profound headed it's a hadith at I want us to memorize so that we are prepared for when a calamity strikes us women yet assault battle you saw bill Allah woman yes I saw bow you saw beautiful law whoever desires to be patient yes up but he actively wants to be patient you saw bill whole long Allah Azza WA JAL will give him the patient he requires what a beautiful happy there is no magic trick there is no mechanism other than one thing to be patient woman yes a stop button when the calamity happens you realize you know what I need to be patient oh Allah help me to be patient woman yet the hubbub whoever wants that father you saw a beautiful law Allah will give him the trouble that he or she needs and requires it's that simple my dear brothers and sisters you want to be patient then demonstrate to Allah show to Allah have that desire and guess what Allah has promised you want that patient you will get it and a lot of hallouwe data tells us in the Quran well you're a beaker of bill if you are patient for your Lord well they're not big a hospital then you will get it and this is by the way of the first commandments that was given directly to our professors and by Allah of the First Amendment to the Selma justice the first commandments that came down yeah you have molested of the First Amendment Allah tells our processor well they love big AHA snip directly to him singular Allah speaking directly to him be patient for the sake of your Lord for the rest of your life ahead this is the advice that gives myself in all of you we need to make sure and realize that patience comes from Allah of sabor you want to have further believe in of sabor - ow - absorb or ask a lot for that patient and realize that Allah Azza WA JAL loves you and cares about you even more than your mother as a prophet of allah alayhi wasallam said whatever happens happens for our best even if we don't understand it let us try to master this beautiful concept because in reality Iman and trouble are linked together the one that has Eman how troubled the one that has no supper has not perfected Iman Ohama indeed indeed [Music]



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