Nick Cannon: Migos are Hotter Right Now than Bone Thugs at Their Height (Parts 16)

by: djvlad

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it's interesting you know because we were talking about off said earlier MIGO said they're the best group of all time yeah and they have somewhat of an argument hey I mean what what like what is the genre I'll give them a genre it's like the jacquees king RB argument you know what I mean like oh they're interesting way they want to say they're the best of this job of track the best rap group ever absolutely they want to say the best of this generation absolutely but are they better than the Jackson 5 like I did this groups in general they better than the Beatles the Beach Boys but if they say in hip-hop there's somebody forget about outcast I mean I love bald dogs too but okay we both those weren't weren't too happy about that yeah technically who has more hit records bone thugs or migos I think me goes now yeah like okay so this is again cuz I've been seeing the numbers and posting streams and stuff for me first of all it's two totally different times Qatar percent I don't know if people how many migos records and this goes from egos Drake um Kodak everybody little easy everybody would popping right now 25 years from now how many of their records are we still gonna be like yo that one was classic I think bad and bougie would definitely last this one time fight night Versace maybe Versace I might Versace and bad and boozy 25 years from now yep now as cross roads are still bumping both the cross word the crossroads uh thuggish ruggish bone mat matter of fact I don't first at what I mean in the hip-hop community I don't I can't think of another more appropriate song at a funeral than crossroads yeah yeah think about just that yeah well somebody passes if they were a hip-hop fan the first thing you probably didn't think I was yeah well I mean it even like in a song with Phil Collins you don't mean like like that was global like I don't know again bonta's was one of the greatest groups in hip-hop migos is definitely hotter now than they were at their peak I can give them that that's a that's a very valid point right there yeah you know the big only hotter right now then both Doug's was at their hottest point absolutely yeah but song money generation like even just in the publishing on crossroads the publishing oh I don't know if they own their publishing but the publishing on 1st of the month like yeah that record that's still an active recurrent or what they call it you still hear those songs on the radio today yeah like I don't know how many MIGO songs gonna be here in 20 years from now yeah I'm Dutchess my opinion I say like I said I but I say that about great like Drake got hit upon hit yes but we're in this time more hits than anybody yeah yes the weirdness time of all amigos there's more snaps in the Beatles yeah but that's because people just drop an album every week people like it's the cycle is diff you know the Beatles were work like two three years are now yeah and just drop the White Album and it's like yeah it takes over yeah see but now yeah Bobby Brown tour it on don't be

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In this clip, Nick Cannon speaks on the Bone Thugs and Migos debate about who is hotter. Cannon made it clear that he thinks Migos are hotter than Bone Thugs N Harmony at their peak. Watch above.
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