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God look what he did dude look what he did to me dude look at what he did to my face man how am I ever going to recover from this he just started beating the shit out of me how am I ever gonna recover from this how could I ever recover from this as I was trying to do I think I was trying to give it some weaponry I'm gonna try to get myself something more powerful to destroy my foes oh there's a lot of people taking workshop today in there there's a lot of people think it works out today what's that those are scissors and a scissors Allen fucking do that wait pull hi I see I see something over on that table that I'd love to craft don't mind me I'm just gonna hey can I join can I join your crew here you got a problem with boomtown fuck off with boomtown every single goddamn no please avatar of allah no don't do this to me no no I know what shit help me help me destroy this guy don't be looking at me like that dude there's a fucking scratch over my nipple hey buddy what's going on what's up fuck we don't like any people around here do I look Asian like what the fuck racist son of a bitch I just want to fuck this isn't right oh my god I'm gonna take this fucking gun and I'm gonna I'm gonna leave so fast I'm gonna it's gotta be a gun I mean the textures a little bit stretched out but it's got to be a gun fuck yeah back off back off back off what okay yeah he's just saying I'm a peasant that's a gun what is everyone what is everyone's fucking problem with me man didn't you see that I'm already like I'm beat up to shit motherfucker you and nothing that's my person wonder fuck I literally crafted it I literally crafted it he got a machine gun he's got a machine gun I should have gave it to him psyche gone I'm out of here with the pistol I fucking fucked it shit shit shit shit shit I'm going to god oh god run Oh what do you do with a pistol fuck you it's by now motherfucker this is mine oh no you cannot do this to me dude I fucking had this pistol what now he wants me to fucking start earning money I'm done with this deed you've gotta be kidding me you've gotta be kidding me yo you can't do this dude there's no one gonna help me here why don't you tell me wait this is good I can give my health up while he's talking to me keep talking to me okay thank you it's Ted he's got a gun he's got a fucking pistol fuck you I run this shit now who wants it you in the green I'm fucking done with you but first I have to take care of this warden just gun down the warden

deferred anal don't give us fucked need oh no I just got on accepted anals backside oh shit oh shit down look at this now he's fucking coming after me Oh denied and accepted I'm fighting get away from me get away from me get away from me whoa whoa what the hell my guys got my back my guys got my back he's got my back dude he's got my back holy shit what a move that that fucking bitch fuck you warden sorry I didn't want to shoot you you dead he's fucking dead anything goes now I gunned him down ha ha ha I gunned him down you what's up fuck you did i tato you fucking commie asian you said that you don't like asian you son of a bitch oh you think you're gonna run into yourself huh looks like just motherfuckers in here - you're all dying today oh man oh my god I feel bad look what I've done to my own creation I saw what you did I could send you fuck you sixteen dollars fuck you if you think the wardens are gonna hear about this you're wrong I just killed denied it he's alive he's alive he's alive I can't even shoot him anymore to him oh man this fucking spin pistol is just gonna end the West block that it isn't yet already Oh God fucking gun you down can't take any more yeah give me the money give me the money thanks man psych I lied I'll end you I'm outta ammo I'm outta ammo why is he keep saying that like he's willing to forget what the fuck we're in the middle of fight he thinks he's gonna get to a warden but he's not like you he might have just learned either he just got killed by that kick he just got killed by that cake I guess that's it man he might be gone I'll run this block you hear me Wes block is buying I'll be the only fucking person living here who's that he hurt bitch oh my god he's still alive I can't believe that the West block has turned into this everyone's just being murdered oh shut up bitch listen fourteen we're not gonna have this shit all right you and I you're gonna take this oh god make sure he's roughed up a little bit as well holy shit what's this guy doing in here you got even like this guys one of the being here either okay whatever I think like five people have died in one night I've done it enough killing for today oh shit that's gonna be bad news when when everybody wakes up there's not many people left here dude there's like four people there's accepted anal except it's gonna go check check on his his fucking like stepbrother who's missing a leg he's been sleeping forever he might have died in his sleep oh he's alive oh my god he's missing an arm and a leg no way he's missing a tower and a leg oh no how can he live his life how could he live in life like this he's what started it all to see him fall this fucking far what are you gonna do man what he's trying that look he's trying to stomp me he still having a go at me for being Asian to his dying breath he's still having a go at me look at this that's the only thing he can do to me oh my god pathetic this is pathetic me he he's fucking please he's a racist to his dying day to go he feels right he's trying really hard well that'll end this episode of hard time if you guys enjoyed please be sure to leave a like and will at least be doing one more to continue deferred anals journey bye



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