NOOB SQUAD Beginnings! | Overwatch #1 (Overwatch Funny Moments)

by: Shootzki

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hey everyone how's it going it's dress and I'm playing overwatch oh my god is Nick shot ski yeah it's Nick shot ski follow me on well subscribe to me on youtube yeah since we're iceland TwinAir subscribe to me on Twitter and follow me on youtube that's how it goes of course today I am obviously joined by uni comics if you haven't noticed yet hello hi uni and I'm also joined by Dawn of Riku what's going on hello oh and we're just going to hop right on in just let me know just to let you know I am absolutely dreadful at this game so I played a game with Korey and Nick SD seen it and I was mercy and I abandoned them to play a clip to play Farah and so I'm quite new at this game guys just to let you know it's ok we'll be noobs together ok cool all right we can be the noob squad I am gonna do a no see just like Nick we filming you okay yeah you just talked about playing mercy and failing and then you pick mercy no I like I like mercy like the kind for mercy is really really cool so yes I'll be fairest so I can get in and out and spread them out a bit so they're focused on me I hope you can give me some pro MLG tips for fair barreling or right now oh and I'm dead see you dead Wow alright guys I'm coming over there I'm going as fast as my little legs can take me alright okay that Hanzo went on I gotta bring up my a-game stop haha I can't even leave the spawn the moment I finally crawl over there I just died immediately don't be Mara oh my god it's not even me being fair it's me walking around a corner and getting flashbang by McCree we're getting scattered by Hanzo like this isn't even fair they're not working as a team guys all right let's do this please good good all right get in there get in get in get in get in all right we got this we check if there's anybody no dad for road hog he's trying to hook us yeah yeah yeah I see oh that was quick Oh sir I can I can read if anyone dies I can't read oh no I'm gonna die now that I don't die I am just money right well your life oh thank you so you're alive again okay guys we can do this we can do this we quit we're amazing right where where the noob squad but I'm calling out the sounds again spotty I'm any better than an inner peace Pete don't know me I'm a nice person see I'm mercy no everyone's mercy come David oh my god get down all right guys yeah we're not doing too bad all things considered especially considering my slow start oh my god yes hey who are you now he's no Pharaoh you help with this Toby yeah okay well I need to hit never mind I'll be right there all right your Hill goodbye oh no oh yes he fell anyway it's almost like he felt bad for me and just let me have it and there goes no we almost had a fire Oh God my new squad secure deal hey guys I just got here oh you already won all right no problem you did it guys I'm changing what you're gonna be you're gonna be somebody useful yes I'm very useful okay please leave you all right now I'm gonna win we're gonna win yeah we're gonna one dog we're gonna win

okay yeah it's not data oh my god see like a sneak behind they probably all Toby over here okay well we've got got he goes like basically tanking them so I'm just making sure that that David's got enough energy so I got just I got give you some superpowers net I'm going to give you Iike powers and we just caught up and things you need yeah look at that my guy from the news whoa there we go beautiful with the luggage Wow nice all right yeah Oh think you said luck oh my god a big shot

Oh oh those clothes oh my god yeah whoa he's been in Phillip yelling put in place I wasted it I wasted it

so why not get it back some guys I feel like I'm not even playing the game right now I know I feel like I'm walking into the battle and then I'm just dying have we got nothing why we've gotten the crane right from the crane can get in there help me no oh no die did you die again yes oh yeah we failed guys this is not good I'm going to be the proper overwatch player and say that it's everyone else's fault what you get in you can get in come on you stupid I'm good yep a problem no youni no okay fine I trust you all right well I'm gonna try to sneak around anything so follow me if you want yeah let's go yeah let's do this so go further go oh no come on I'm dead Oh

oh my god we got it I'm gonna focus my hair my superpowers on you oh wow all okay where did you go Nick I'm a bit on the side yeah now I saw that we were two Toby's no matter why not why not why not why not you really are where are you guys dad boy yes yes die yeah good to see my dad I mean sometimes I mean have you agree oh okay that was beautiful what we gonna do my teammate okay let's give you some hills all right you got some pails there get some cheap panties well next time to give me some soils right oh no yeah you're gonna win now I'm not gonna like not years no there's no being an animal

No at least like kill thank you thank you so much you are not an object

maybe could be so oh I just saw that as well that was really embarrassing ly bad yeah just I got that on my end as well you're never living it down all right let's try this again give you super powers of God pray you are you're dead are you dead good day with weapons words cannot express how disappointed I am in myself okay is all right quit your engine dawn all right don't need your negativity around wait yeah we don't need that kind of toxic behavior in our game community yeah I'm gonna be ninja man all right guys we can do this right we rid noob squad right remember yeah the noob squad can do anything if it's it was am I the only Hannah not good now down there we got dawn oh my god it's like that character at this point isn't even named Bruce uses name dawn yeah it's dawn Oh in its manic go on to you okay and we get all these guys I'm gonna help you bone coolie let's just keep at one held where are you Nick so somebody to vote okay oh just give my out of the top let goes so many ice walls I have to say our game is going a lot better this time and as I say that I die Wow where I should have I shouldn't have said that hi and also let's not get a personal assistant is going to hang on upcoming nice I've just got in them whoa sure that odd and died again oh this ah my god this is really not good I'm dead very good oh wow only somebody we need somebody to get in there who can hold an entire team oh my word I'll do it yeah if you can you can get in there oh and then you're just killing and then we'll win because they're there everyone else no now's the time yeah you got it Nick yeah I just used it

I tried reflecting it - bastions a good character right guys no not noob squad yes he is no no that kind of a plinth I'm not playing basketball Oh guys guys please don't die where are you okay

see like mercy to Facebook that floor oh my god guys who can think oh my god I cannot get you today we really need to get in there oh it's now or never oh my god come on no I can do this No yes you can thank you if you've got your oh no it's gone no oh no this is it we've got one with that no we're good yeah oh no that's a pretty good first round though trust me guys usually I'm a lot better in overwatch now he is honestly actually a lot better sighs everyone else all right you're getting more you know you don't rat yeah there we go yeah come apples me yeah that's it oh my god please do something oh no oh my god we're doing it I did it guys I can't make you wait I need to see how this happens the way Kenji buildings oh my god what what did you get sniped I think I don't even know what happened I know no I don't give me weave what just happened I just post Q this is ridiculous okay we can do this fellas I think they are doing this we're doing this get loose your door you'll get new Co you get healed all right who needs healing you'll get healed we did it guys oh my god we did it

ah yes yes a bit kilt guys I killed Farah don't worry we danced all right yeah we did it we did it oh no we got this mat next now it's okay we can do this you know you know they're gonna try hard at this round like they're gonna go in and be like yeah we're done do you will you know you're gonna be so done in even if family's gonna get done in I'm right whoa dude like what's this what the hell why would you attack my family oh what a day do okay then with that monologue said I think we should start and try our best guys because you know ENT the power of keep not good guys you can't be can't be overconfident that's against role just getting the new oh my god I merely followed that one person to ista grave they have a Widowmaker oh my goodness yeah alright well they're gonna lose know what an idiot I'm cool don't die neck whoa why's what I walked around the corner and I just found I was so your buddy that was incredible I can't even be mad at that all they call bashed in the best character no it's dead that's what they say that that you can completely threw me off uh yeah Bastion is the best don't maybe go Bastion to prove it no I'm doing it I'm doing it again night-night okay I won't on I don't so I don't man Gustav I'm okay yeah I'm okay all right so all right so I hug all right yeah just finished me off Farah geez well all right well that was a pretty good first episode wouldn't you say guys no we're a bunch of losers and it's great yeah we're the best of this game don't worry next time next time next time we'll win anyway guys that was a pretty pretty unsuccessful attempt at playing this game at least when it comes to winning but we played the game and that's all that matters right guys yay yeah didn't yeah that's the spirit anyway if you guys liked this video please leave a like and if you want to leave a comment you can do that too and if you really like my videos you can subscribe to keep updated for more of my videos and be sure to check out uni comics in the description he makes a lot of cool videos of his own he's got a cool hardcore minecraft series and he does a bunch of awesome art videos so go ahead and check that out if you want so play shit yes you should use if you don't want to listen to me listen to him seriously so that's it for now I'll see

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