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[Music] yes we're here hooking up another fishing trip with the whole family I mean the day is kind of cloudy but still and it's the beginning of summer actually it's the first weekend of summer so we're gonna go ahead and out and enjoy so have you guys noticed is cloudy but don't matter you're still going we still going because actually I think it's a foot or less so we're gonna try our luck fishing see whoa he just started raining but it doesn't matter we're still gonna go I think he's just the over cloud on top of us once I've arranged for a few minutes I think I'll stop and then uh we'll go ahead and enjoy the day cuz I could see the cloud on top of us so here we go with this show and they're right shall we begin [Music] well the good thing when the day is cloudy that the ramp is mostly clear so you don't have to worry about fighting finding a spot and getting the voted here you guys gonna have this [Music] temper


[Music] and like you notice is very great but actually I think the the bad weather is actually moving east and we're actually going west so we're hoping you know we get a clear patch like you know this in the front [Music]



[Music] I sit down

[Music] now

right now we're coming out all over in this if you guys are familiar here it's normally very chopping up right now the day is so good like barely know when there's barely no ways either so if we're gonna head out and enjoy the flat water something but I mean Stuckey's notice is clearing up and oh three oh three is gonna hit so we decided to go ahead and head south out of the inlet and we're gonna hit a spot that I the normal is pretty good is about 65 feet there's a lot of little fish in yellow so here oh it's actually a perfect day to its limit actually there was something going on this weekend over there because there's a lot of friends of mine that posted videos they're over there

alright here's the fun part you ready hopefully that rain keeps going Wes and we'll be good I'll be right on the sea weed patch so it'll be good we all care some live action today oh yeah I put the Chum in the water should be in the little buggy where's a little buggy where's the little bugger guys live action are ready she got sugar oh yeah - nice house a nice my be super diving might be maybe right size measured measured well measure measure a down the cooler should be right there is it yeah that's about 13 13 either check out another yellowtail so we got the spot okay that's good no fighting baby so what you got no get that net just in case you got whoa nice button

nice Martin strawberry it's drizzling because the rain is right behind us right there it's already raining there by the buildings so we're like it's 100 feet away from the ring hopefully doesn't come no it's probably more not that's like that's like a mile well the building back there

[Music] true ok I'm gonna record you vitam girl she got a professional fishin woman sitting down did you go big pokey big snapper got another one yeah she got now oh my gosh I growl it off all right let's move you find it you help baby live action is not even close yet yeah wait woman that came fish give her status wait it all so big that's a kingfish no Barracuda I'm still recording all right come in it's been a minute man try to get him here Gavin em metal so you make sure we got him


no big deal our action

like how's your day man terrible already so I feel so like muggy [Music] superhuman that's what I liked rolling cos when you try like it's nice how does it rollin exactly my name is wrong and red for your name

oh wait wait ah this is the life my brother [Music]



earns a lot

like estimate date a hard day of fishing

I guess it's all no sambar today just fishing I think it's more like fishing I was fighting a quad by the month okay guys so we're here back at home just finish cleaning the boat and it's time to clean the fish there you go a big king right there we got a big king strawberry grouper a little tail and a pokey and background so let's see while I cleaned or what they do well I can that's what is but I guess got to do what you got to do right I thought you're a parent this is my baby right here they're gonna start with the little ones

now we're really big baby

we're doing

I'm actually I normally used to do make roll out of the kingfish but I want to make too late because is easier to fry and in batter take better anyway go ahead and make up

whoa wait mama

but when you make filet you gotta take out the skin so right now I'm cutting so I could rip off your skin okay so gamma pliers there you go I use ribbon we're about the skin see how easy Conda

I'll rip off the skin

there you go

take off the game Hey whoo

yeah I'm skating hard now for their tail just harder

it was the skin now but I like doing it I like doing this type of too late but it put a nice because you could guide it better we normally do this is a facial fat we're actually going to cut it cut the fillet in the middle we sort of thing you hear my kid in the background right they're not as good as everybody think they are they look clean but gotta let them play I guess

here you go so hopefully now you see is so thick that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut it in the middle if you lay there it's really thick so I'm gonna cut it in half and I took all the I took most of the blood line now that's what makes it taste really fishy to go ahead and I'm gonna cut that you need and start from the back but I cut it in this lamp so it makes like sort of like check a finger to clean fish fingers

but it gets easier to eat that's let's not bore

[Music] cuddling pieces like that nice great chicken coming

okay guys hey so you guys I'm gonna go ahead and finish up hope you guys enjoy the video took you guys behind the Z the scenes all the hard work okay you gotta leave see you

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Another great day of fishing with the family off of haulover inlet. The day was cloudy and rainy but we still headed out on the boat. We got lucky and hooked a nice size king fish. We enjoy being on the boat fishing or just riding around going to the sandbar and islands . BTW THANK YOU HELPING ME REACH 55K. Now you can shop online at

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