Lord Jamar: America Only Wants to Reconnect w/ Cuba for Money

by: djvlad

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recently we've re-established communication with you but yes I mean Castro his brother is now running the country Castro's is very old at this point only not not capable to actually run the country anymore the interesting thing I found about this whole talk with Cuba was that Cuba is refusing to give up Assad of sugar motherfucking right and what's so crazy is what's more interesting is the first thing that these motherfuckers requested when he did that was to go get asada right after all these fucking years like come on man right I welcome everyone to look over Assata Shakur is right I'm actually surprised that Cuba would take this dance knowing that it potentially could break down the talks with the United States because there you go thinking that everybody wants to be down with America right you see that's not the case these motherfuckers so you got motherfuckers over here from Cuba that you know they say they was persecuted and they got exiled and they're in Miami and they hate Castro and all that but there's a lot of people that love Castro okay right but to be fair to be fair there's a lot more people trying to leave Cuba and go to the United States and vice versa I don't know that I do know that okay I do well and in fact and one of the very interesting parts about cue books that cuz I just seen a special about it was that there are actually no boats allowed in any of the harbors around Cuba cuz people would use those boats to try to escape right but what does that mean that Cuba is bad like I'm sure there's a lot more people leaving the Catholic Church to just go out into the fucking world and and fuck bitches and take drugs does that mean the Catholic Church is bad or does that mean people's minds have been poisoned with outside world and now they want to partake of that yeah me depends on how you look at it how I look at it I mean do you see a the u.s. drop in the embargo and establish communication with Cuba is a good thing or a bad thing it all depends and it all depends what perspective I mean for America it's only gonna happen because they see the potential for money yeah it's all about money that's another let them Cuban cigars yeah come on they still hot come on they want them Cuban cigar as they want to put up them casinos that they wanted to put up in the 69 all that type of shit it's just a delayed plan they're like okay I think these motherfuckers is ready now for the plan that we had back then and the embargo didn't trigger a revolution or anything of that sort you know this is what people are still living guess what these motherfuckers been recycling fuckin cars from the 50s and they love those cars so all you see out there and they keep they getting parts for them and they fucking fixing them too giving them knowledge of how cars work and all that type of shit and no and since that's what's the shit over there and there's not no advertisements for the new Jaguar and all that that's all you know so guess what a little kid is gonna grow up and he's gonna want one of those fucking Chevy's right you see they're not missing you don't miss what you don't know about it's only when they poison your mind oh look with you you could have had over here look behind this window I got this kind of flavor ice cream if you only been eating chocolate and vanilla I got pistachio and all this other

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- Lord Jamar sat down with VladTV to discuss the recent reconnection of Cuba with the United States. Jamar found it very interesting that one of the first things that some U.S. government officials made, was a demand for Assata Shakur to be extradited back to America as part of the peace agreement between the two nations. He admired Cuba's refusal to hand her over, and stated that their decision shows that not every nation wants to be associated with America. He also discussed whether or not the union of Cuba and the U.S. will be beneficial, to which Jamar explained that America is only trying to mend the gap between them due to financial greed.
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