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it's time to dust down your old cookbook so because 70s food is about to make a comeback that's according to waitresses a food trend predictors who know these things dishes like beef bourguignon duck a l'orange as well as drinks likely from Riverton baby shower waiter I've done worse thank you so much thank you today that's lovely you're an ideal hostess trolley what's this oh we could nurse what it's in here right I win tell me they won't tell me what this is right okay


hello eat party I ever had up to the age of 18 it's half I would you're too young you won't know what these know as gin the pickle onion will you high no can be cheesy like Apple baguette for the poo cheese and eggs don't know Sabri MIDI that was not around in the 70s high knuckle but not cheese pineapple of an Italian what would you know would you like to see coming back and then I gave a whole list there we've got a selection Oh Black Forest gateau that was so huge in the seventies remember that and I went to I stayed in a hotel in when I was went up to Blackpool in the summer and I stayed in a lovely B&B and at breakfast a grapefruit segments took me right back to now shiny exciting segment you might have to do you know what this is it's in lights was that like a big seventies thing oh and he was really posh yeah put bananas on the top like my mom did they'd all go Brown yeah and that was my travel bit it was funny what was push thing because I remember you know my mom you know the height of height was to have a hard-boiled egg cut in half I call me I'm just trying this like it's like it's fertilized and did you how that as it looks did you have a fondue set with a fondue sir but we never used it you did you did the fun love a whole fondue thing I've got a fondue from the 70s no no I got from Ikea oh it's from its from now it's such a great of dinner party thing because you can all join in and cook your own and all that so I pick quite how it sounded I really wish I'd been I wish I was old enough to make a church can you adieu you were doing so well as a person delicious in the 70s a glass of orange or Happold egg with a bit mayo and it would be seen as a starter but it was the beginning of dinner parties isn't it sounds rank oh my god I don't know I would be Abba and and seventies dinner party oh I'm gonna do that for Christmas and that's a whole lot better than the fish paste I was forced to it entire school life but the baby sham that was it now here at nicosia Miranda as well yeah for realize baby Shan was alcoholic

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The Loose Women look into food from the 70's and how it's making a comeback.
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