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guys look at this holy cow way bigger than I thought it was good morning it is December I just woke up I got to sleep in today a little bit and you know what I think it sounds terrible I think the days that I sleep in are harder to wake up from the day that I wake up really kind of bizarre okay so being December first we were given by one of our amazing subscribers the lego advent calendar that kind of spiraled into something my mom went ahead about the other kids the Lego advent calendars and hazy got the frozen one it's the morning of the first I don't know if I should have done this or not I told the kids they could have their advent calendar as soon as they got home from school and they have done their homework I feel like I need something to encourage them to get their homework done I also bought the chocolate advent calendars we're gonna bust those open this morning we've got six of them these are our kids favorites there's just a little teeny tiny piece of chocolate and every single one they're so good it's just like a little sweet treat right before they go to school that's probably bad I should probably give them a sweet treat after school in the toy in the morning I'm gonna do it the opposite we have got our advent calendars these are the boys we've written their names this is cruise R Eilers this is Breck's ins and obviously that's miss Hazel's it's frozen I think that would be very cute for her and now it has time for the chocolates a little something sweet before the day starts can you guys find box number one yeah Brett Z Kurt Christmas to see your train yes Rexy you got a train to the first chocolate of Christmas

[Applause] mom dad and hazy still need to have theirs I'm gonna set these up I don't know where to put these I don't know where to put all of these advent calendars our house is gonna be lined with chocolate advent calendars and Lego advent calendar which I love it's the one time of year that you do this and I remember every year love the Christmas decorations and then every year I'm like I can't wait to have a clean house it's just it feels a little bit more cluttered than normal like even just looking here out of the family room the mantle there's just so much decoration everywhere even like the Christmas decorations over here it's just a little too much but I can do it for a month I can do anything for a month except for these chocolates have been eaten oh wait guys we're spread all right so the Fred a little elf on the shelf he's keeping a watch out he's going all right you guys be good it's a perfect way to start the day no one where fred is we're actually being really good who's had breakfast all right who's brushed their teeth who has gotten dressed shoes did I already say shoes all right who has shoes on Brexton sweetheart all right who has their hair done and let's do her whoa this is not nice little chain gosh stop what's going on with your hair basically it's so long that we don't know what to do with it he needs a haircut and so does Riley and Breck see he needs a haircut - all right they're going crazy it's time for school we saw have hazy and dead sleeping late al okay the big boys are home from school how was school today Ruby your day was good Breck see did you have a good day at school yeah oh good okay they are I've been waiting here we can't wait to open their Advent all right you guys go ahead find number one you can pull it closer brush me let's get down yeah yeah let's do yours after the boys open theirs okay what do you guys see you can go ahead and open it uh-uh train train is it a train wait does it tell you how to I don't know if that's a train that's a look does it tell you how to build it though all right so there's not instructions on everyday but look where the instructions are the instructions are on every door so you build it just like that can you follow the directions rexine oh right I can help you right guy inquiry you guys loving this this is so cool huh crew can you figure your zone no this is so cool what a fun being we moved hey Z over here so that the boys could have some building room all right hey Z let's find number one do you know what a one looks like all right this is number one clear up here so put your little finger in there like that and pull it what's in there pull it out what is it nope we only open one every day just one let's see who's done it's already oh my gosh look how cool that is I'm doing breakfast right now look at that cute adorable little train oh my gosh he's gonna help Rex with his this is gonna be the best bargaining tool for me to get homework done I'm gonna love having them get this done get homework done so they can open this this is gonna be so fun look it's like so awesome and then he loved her little kitty cat yeah the Kitty's name what should we name the kitty meow finish my Ruby let's see it oh my gosh I love it Rex he's got his yeah let's push them all back let's throw away this trash and then we can put the train on the train track any moment comes with extra pieces that's good oh my gosh you guys I love that that's so cool three little trains put it back in the door yeah that's a good idea

we are going to a live nativity tonight it's going to be very fun I think it's gonna be a little bit cold I imagine it's supposed to be I think 41 degrees is a high today probably like in the 30s tonight let's go look up in your rooms and see what we've got as far as clothes because we haven't really gone through the whole warm clothes stuff yet we've also got to go down and get coats to make sure all of their coats fit we've got a lot to do oh yeah and gloves which I think I have brand new gloves for the kids this year which will be nice because it's gonna be cold even on our ticket it says dress formally as you could be standing in line for a very long time okay oh my god you want to go change yeah what what is this boys come here oh these must be traits about you kind and nice very fun great big brother and smart what I don't know who it's from look how cute reigai what do you say that's incredible thank you this must be a countdown to Christmas but maybe you pull off one tomorrow let's go that's too bad that crew and Brexton get one like this I love your secret I'm really good so do you wanna could be mana Rexy what is your say I'm always nice to me very funny best friend ever gives good hugs great at riding bikes and super fast and you also have a countdown okay this is awesome you guys somebody loves you so much yeah the Lando I really like to Lando do you think so your secret santa has beautiful handwriting should we go see if they did your room this is your hilarious a great dancer yeah give awesome hugs so sweet pretty princess with beautiful eyes and a great talker are you a great talker and look they loved you enough to and you also get paper chain and they made your bed you have the best Secret Santa ever oh my goodness what do you say to your Secret Santa who is your Secret Santa hahaha Santa says ho ho ho oh okay it looks like we might have had some Secret Santas sightings sightings Secret Santa sightings in our house today what the Binghams do there's a lot of people there's a lot of people to buy for so we choose one person we draw names typically and we do service for that person and then we give them a gift at the end of the month the kids Secret Santas have come and done the most amazing service for the kids like decorating their rooms making beds leaving notes and treats look hey Z got into it is it good yeah that's how we spend the month of December is also serving our family amazing way to go Secret Santas you really got us this time you guys I absolutely love Christmas look how beautiful in the tree I just love walking through the house when it starts to get a little bit it makes me so happy the tree in the background in the stocking it like it just makes me so happy makes me so excited so we have been preparing okay I went down to the basement I pulled out we need a little bit of light in here Haizi has new boots that's your coat from last year I was smart enough to buy your coat a little bit big last year these are new boots for her warm sockies and a clean bum huh that's all we need wet and gathered the kids jackets we have beanies boots those are right guys oh I'll go grab gloves go down to the basement look the kids and I made look there's little trails the kids kids and I got together and we made paper chains tons of snowflakes the kids had their Secret Santas come and visit them tomorrow we're gonna go Secret Santa they're cousins and that should be really fun because my kids absolutely loved having their rooms decorated and fun stuff done so we cannot wait to go do that for them okay I got sidetracked I did a done I hate this room okay my mom bought the kids new gloves hmm next to sprinkles okay all we need is the gloves for now all right guys I got your gloves here they are we are just waiting we're just waiting for dad to come home and we are gonna be ready to go you guys excited for the live nativity yes so for those of you who have been to a live nativity how these people take you along with us but it's really great you have like live animals we haven't been to this one in a long time yes they have like all the shepherds and everything it's I mean we can't wait to see you guys one we are in the car guess who's here it's daddy yeah we are headed to the live nativity we are all bundle up so much so that I think we're hot I've got my beanie coat everyone's bundled hazy looks like Christmas story kid but they remember their fair was no ruling in they sought shelter in a lowly statement and the only people that were able to witness the birth of this Savior was the lowly Annabeth [Music] you don't have to touch the brakes you're on a path a freshman asked if we could hold hands oh it's very real bro giant hums back there dude that is a huge enormous camera hey do you think they'll let you write it bro Percy [Music] donkeys are d-daddy did you hear that sweetie I should like donkeys because they start with D donkeys daddy you're basically you don't say well that's probably true right guy she's evil you ride this one so far we have middle right anything yet I don't get dunkey guys fresh bread candles you guys want anything what how many gold coins though look at the star and look above the star of the Moon look how cool that is that's rad okay guys the reason we chose to do this on Friday December 1st is because guys this is the whole reason for the season Christmas it's not because Santa brings us gifts that's really cool it's not because we get to go shopping and we get to do all these babies it's because we celebrate Christ's birth so I want you guys to focus on that this whole month that's why we're starting off the month this way December 1st I do that my whole life [Music]

[Music] guys look at this holy cow this is way bigger than I thought it was okay this is incredible they've reconstructed like the entire city of Bethlehem in here we are walking to the streets they're the animals in here Asher's full sets inside this giant barn I see absolutely incredible [Music]

are you serious he swims on right guys swim team yeah because he has to be in character he got to stay in character you guys just heard dry guys say that one of the kids that was back there pounding on the metal was actually on his swim team this is all volunteer service these people come at night dress up and character this is kind of the louder part of it right so this is like the city so this would be like the hustle and bustle of the city I think as you enter like the stable they've got kind of like a quiet zone [Applause] [Music]

so right what do you think of this nativity experience yeah this is probably the most realistic like Thoreau Nativity thing I've ever been to they have a whole city constructed in here you're literally walking like every single day so much attention to detail in all of this another the kids can interact they got the way beans they got to spin the dreidel or weaving baskets and what a neat experience you guys

[Music] I got to bring a new control all the only precious metal it also symbolizes eternity [Music] I think the wise man is stealing the show out here explaining the different gifts the gold the frankincense and the myrrh followed the star I just have to take a minute out and show you the sky this is the actual sky tonight this is not photoshopped this is not edited there's been nothing done to this here's mom right here looks very photoshopped they don't even come out a character at all no they're really making bread and this is exactly how you make a basket and it's just like how do they know all that stuff like they had to study ahead of time hey guys we just talked to the Wiseman and they kind of give you a rundown of the different gifts that they presented to the Savior the gold the frankincense and the myrrh and they send you on your way they ask you to seek out the star and go and find the baby Jesus so that's where we're headed right now and as I understand it this part up here is a little more reverent little more quiet so we're gonna stop talking now and we're just gonna show you what is up here [Music]


they hold it while you box was that cool that was cool love you bricks you know I think it's cool about bricks a doodle is when we got here here's a little bit nervous about the dark a little bit nervous about the animals but by the time we got to the manger he didn't want to leave

that's how I feel pal [Music] [Applause] oh my gosh that sky behind you with her on you yeah doesn't really have that actually the sky didn't hazy was pointing to Bremen shoulders and she's like no here and he's like hold you I am holding you I thought she was saying carry but she's saying that you hear I don't know what she's gonna start that was so much fun and what a great way to start off December and we like really nailed the timing of it because there is a gigantic line it goes down here into the parking lot we were able to go right in take our time it wasn't too crowded in there and really enjoy it and like kind of soak it in without being felt like we were rushed along so it was the perfect it was amazing mom good job putting that together for tonight oh no way we have the revellers over here oh my gosh you guys what are the chances the revellers are here right now right there cuz we run into you at Disney Land of Bethlehem [Laughter] rainforest cafe Disneyland and Bethlehem now we've just seen you guys everywhere can we do Tahiti and said you guys look at these crowds that gather here and this parking lot I don't know you can tell this is all our cars all through here you got the people up there visiting in the city this is the line all the way up through this until it's pretty cool as you've got look at that you guys that's the system are right there look how cool that is you guys you weave your way through this area up through the city following the star and look at the sky tonight I mean are you kidding me with this guy I cannot get over that [Music] that was like the most fantastic what are you doing I don't know I just didn't like the way the beanie looked I like it better but the bingham on just getting all situated here folks thank you sure he looks cool not very cool yeah so much fun that was the perfect way to start the month nice job mom season was just great we saw friends there we saw neighbors there it was awesome super fun day today got a lot done guys I did 90% of Christmas shopping that's why I couldn't take you with me haha some secret shopping tomorrow we have Christmas party and I think we may be going to the Festival of Trees either way the weekend and dad's home oh we're hanging out lots of pretty trees fun family party coming all of us tomorrow we love you guys hit the subscribe button if you have it and give this video a thumbs I just do it why not it's December 1st alright guys happy December we will see you tomorrow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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December is officially underway and the spirit of Christmas is in the air! We decided to start December off with a bang by visiting Bethlehem! This was the most realistic and most life-like live nativity scene we have ever been a part of. They reconstructed the city streets of Bethlehem with all the appropriate professions, people, and setting of the time period. There were loads of live animals and dozens of volunteer actors playing various parts from basket and bread makers to wise men and shepherds. It was so incredibly authentic and even the Star of David led you through the path to the stable and the manger where the baby Jesus lay. A wonderful way to start the month of December with a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. We were also surprised by some acts of service from a handful of secret Santas! And we broke open the advent calendars to get the countdown to Christmas underway! #ThisIsHowWeBingham Yesterday's VLOG: https://youtu.be/m-kPyQT7Zts

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