Kool G Rap on Big Pun Kneeling and Kissing His Ring When They Met

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so I'd heard that Eminem credited you with one of his big influences as well yeah I think I managed he gave me a show a couple of times mm-hmm have you guys ever met never met him never met the car I think think Holly of them lyrically nothing he's a lyrical beast and I always gave them props and I mean like so that kid is a gonna I mean being one of the main influences of knives and Eminem that's quite an accomplishment right there today oh yeah it definitely let me know what I didn't do nothing in vain nothing I know that definitely not now were you and Biggie close I had never met me you never met big never not be okay cuz because I know that you had mentioned at one point day you know when biggie went back to LA when he end up getting killed you thought that I was a really a bad move on biggest part I do adore I mean I still feel that way like I feel that way about arm not not not more so blaming biggie but you know the people that was in charge of Biggie's movements back then you know I'm saying like I don't even know what he would even have had them and LA during that time you know I mean I mean that was to me if you ask me that was really careless and they're responsible and how could you make a mistake like that you know it's like you putting dude in the home right now um volcano pit as far as heat cosine right you know what's interesting is that I think on uh was it on the one epstein podcast right you laid out your top ten rappers of all time and that was you know cugir app of course Jake Daddy Kane Rakim no eres one mmm IceCube scarface scarface not easy denies and big putt right Biggie and Tupac are out of the list because I was wrong I was mainly at the time trying to focus on like not I wasn't trying to take nothing away from mom big impact because those are like two of the most phenomenal artists in hip-hop hip-hop history period but I was I was on time and think about the cast that really that really moved me and the lyrical lyrical way lyrically okay so I understand the Tupac you know omission right because you could argue that Tupac was a very passionate rapper but not the most lyrical rapper I don't get that and I would agree to a certain extent to that but biggie I don't quite get you know what our baby was it was a wordsmith young man he definitely was you know what after after after I did that thing with the Juan Epstein thing like a couple of times I rethought ur like yo see I'm thinking not at the time I'm doing interview I'm thinking arm like a lyrics of fury type of thing um a minute work type of thing um my old lyrics old metaphors and and to me biggie well no biggie biggie was in a different time as well you know I'm saying he wasn't in the arm he wasn't branching off the rock the bells ever forty Larocque it's yours and all that nothing so are we thought about the decision and no biggie was more lyrical than I gave him credit for and I retract not and Biggie and that less of being lyrical no I'm saying so if you're putting biggie back in this top 10 list mmm who's going to drop off this list um Wow jay-z definitely not jay-z so I can drop jay-z off III was well IceCube I feel this is a lyricist I mean I see was ridiculous yeah otherwise I thought of blow about the water worth to me fuck the father robbers deadly as a pin in the hand grenade like here there was a fury kinda you know very we a bunch of ties exactly they having no plum was lyrical pun was definitely rico scarface scarface is lyrical - you know like Rolie Scarface ghetto voice I sit alone them a four corner room stammering I can you know I mean alright so if you put biggie back to the listing would you take out I don't think I could take nobody out I think I would just have to put biggie in it you know on the end of that huh it would just be your top 11 it exactly I guess it's like it's like trying to narrow narrow it down to one best rapper it's like it's like almost impossible to do that like how can you pick one best rapper of all time you know when you consider in different eras and all I like somebody can easily share y'all that's melly-mel all day you know I mean going to court today ever a lot of people put Tupac in that category because I feel Tupac sorta had a Bob Marley thing in terms of being bigger than music not even bigger than rap bigger than music is that the social message and the impact that resonated around the world that no other rapper on that list had just because they didn't approach it from a black panther kind of point of view and I agree with that 100% yeah yeah Park was on more than disarms pop was a statement of the times um Park was a stance I mean so many so many different things that Park represented you know he's beyond just being lyrical like you said he's Bob Marley's Marvin Gaye he's like this figure of the time that that day no he rose up in hip hop he's like this face of a struggle he yeah pop became the face of a struggle now that's like a good for Mexico today you and Park went out during the LA riots right and did y'all think how close was your relationship with pop outside of that I mean I don't have a real close relationship but Park I just haven't met them that that depth specific night we happen to be in the same studio at the same time and um my boy sir Jenks introduced us and um for some reason I don't know why we end up hanging out together but pop pop was hanging with me chinks and my boy goose and we all rode out together I'm sure pop got to the studio a different method but he ended up riding back out with us and uh and about Tommy left the studio distant the studio was outside of the hood I don't never exactly where the hell it was that Altieri County but we were somewhere else and then but but but Tommy got back around like Hollywood Boulevard and and all that sunset y'all it was just an ammonium it was nuts it was crazy yeah yeah now what happened when you first met big putt Oh plum yeah pun got down on one knee grab my hand and kiss the ring and and all that and um I mean I was blown away by that because he definitely no Punk even back then punk came across like a real cat no I mean I mean it just blew me away I like that's how you know that's how you know what a man is completely confident but then itself so big puttan mmm got down on one knee grabbed your hand and kiss your ring yay he felt that deep about G right literally not not hypothetically not in essence he literally grabbed my hand and I literally like literally tons of straight he was a straight gone home with him straight Wow gone oh yeah no pun was the wildest you know I interviewed most of Terror Squad and you know they told me some retarded stories about fighting it was our house and you know and I never really thought about it before now but punch flow and the multi-syllable kind of machine gun flow without a pause is really a jeer at flow yeah absolutely but probably punting of arm pump put it up there like it like it was a GUI flow like he he was heavily influenced by G right you know pun let it be known at the same time he had his he bought his own flavor a hundred to selected sayings he took to another level no I'm saying like though he did he just went with you what you did and you know kind of put his own spin on it and kind of enhanced it and head stood in the way I don't want to say that buddy since you said it didn't yeah yeah you know because your hand here enhanced it at certain times no I'm not saying like overall like he just took the style and just took it from a 7th or 15 or something but they it at certain times he did he didn't bring it back in hand because because I remember on uh on twins you know the Deep Cover saw me eat it was sad Joe but he was like dead of the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled to middle men who didn't do diddily that are so cool like who's arrived like but like I can totally hear you like could you do that verse I mean I don't know the verse the door like that the other the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled two middlemen who didn't do diddily that is such a giraffe doesn't come here that's sort of my what it did but gee what happened not to do that one pun to death and it was great it was magnificent it was out of this world it was enhanced it was just a piece but it was a hinge nomming I mean it ain't totally blow jeer at know anything I was dead after water like that's like completely like y'all get up but not it was enhanced yeah it was next level it was next level and it was one of puns

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