PYRAMID ENTRANCE! The Forest Hard Survival S3 Episode 47

by: Broadbent

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welcome back everyone Broadbent here today we're back in the forest on J 194 nearly on that 200 mark Wow so today what we're doing is take a little break from the island base here now last episode we did a lot of work on this so why wouldn't be doing is heading over to the pyramid once again I want to see I want to get a bunch of progress done that is today's objective I want to get at least I'm gonna say three layers let's get three layers done so let's go over there and take a look yeah well as soon as I get here we've got some visitors are they breaking things excuse me oh my god Lee quite a few excuse me this is private property I missed what no I didn't miss okay I'm so confused well they're gone that's good so as you can see with this what we're we're making a lot of progress a lot of progress however it's just lacking height so I think I want to crack on and get as much of this done as I possibly can I hope to get another two layers done at least today's episode the in a bit here isn't gonna get done at all that is gonna be touched when we've finished the pyramid pretty much now also I've been thinking about the top design of the pyramid and I I'm thinking of having an open top it's gonna be hard to it like picture but think of like a well and what are you doing hey weirdo okay so I'm not completely done with this layer I've made a little bit of progress with it now what I've started to do is just pretty much complete all the balls as I go along I used to leave one Rock here each one and then complete them all at the end but it actually takes a lot longer to do that so I'm just sort of like building it and just just holding me and doing it that way it's so much faster and I don't have to worry about it so what I have to do now is this had gone a little quick hunting trip because I don't have any food I've kind of been living off of the Chuckle bars I've only got a few left so let's go for a quick hunting trip all right there we go nice little hunting trip there got decent amount of food and pop all this down and I think I'm just get straight back on the grind and try and get his lair done as quick as possible oh and by the way I last episode a quite actually people mentioned that they didn't like how I finished all the blueprints and like one sequence they said it the noise was annoying no that is actually something that I've been wanting to talk about for a while now I think like the noise can be annoying and it can be satisfying it just depends on your mood like I can often find it annoying and then like a couple of days later I'll really like it so I'm gonna have a pole at the top right the screen right now I want you to click on it and let me know what you think - the blueprint completion nice when it's like didn't didn't didn't like do you think that's a satisfying sound or a really annoying sound make sure I click the card and though really interested to see the results okay so the third layer I'm sure is about to be complete I don't think I miss anything around here this should be the last set yeah if you know it will check everything but I think is looking pretty good yeah so I've been sort of admiring this build a little bit too early and just check this out like you can really sort of get a feel as how this is gonna look when it's done and all my god am i excited I cannot wait it's taking a lot of building like I don't want to know I do not want to know how many rocks I paint this build is crazy so I'm gonna jump straight into the fourth here I'm gonna play sound all supports and get this done hopefully I can do it here I think I'll have to do a little bit this wall yeah it looks like it okay so there are there's a ports for the wooden floor for the fourth layer damn this thing's looking so good now just finish the entrance here and I can just sort of picture you know like it's a little bit iffy here I know but like I can just I can just picture it I know exactly how it's gonna look and I'm really excited for it and I mentioned a few times episode but man it's true okay so I think the floors in there a little bit iffy I like it's just not spot-on but it's just such a delicate build like there's gonna be best like that so I think we've actually made compromises like that throughout this build some I'm really not too fussed about it things like this I think I'm gonna trim but we should be good to go so I'm gonna go get some logs before I do that I need to make sure that I place down these walls right here I always forget those now unfortunately I didn't take know of how many rocks I needed to gather but I'm guessing it was around 350 that was before I placed these so I'm gonna count roughly how many rocks this will take I just like to keep track he's getting less and less as I go up and as I was placing down the floors just now I saw like stopped and looked and I was like this is this is like almost really small so I'm sort of motivated to keep going because he's just getting smaller and smaller and easier and easier that's like I said in the very beginning that's the only reason I'm doing this still it's just cuz it's getting easier I've mentioned in the past that if you're thinking of doing something like this yourself in the forest I would HIGHLY advise against it just because it'll kill the Game Boy honestly he will I've saw I've been doing this saw stuff for a long time so I can I can manage it just plus I do take frequent breaks so just you know a huge bit of advice though if you want to keep this game alive for you uh yeah just don't do big projects like this so I'm just doing some last quick observations for the floors here because once he's a place I don't have to rebuild them I've actually had I think I to do that once now so I'm just making sure everything is looking really good actually I think on one side I've got a trim the with the hole cutter a little bit the floor I think anyway well apparently not I'm really surprised it's turned out really well this yeah nice I'll place down this wall first that's an important one so one thing I have to do before I go any further is decide how tall I want these to be I'm thinking I might like basically what I can do is put in an archway right here on this level so I'll do it here for example I'd make a point right there jump over here and make a point right here and now that would make an archway now do I want that high or do I want to go one higher I think that high is good yeah that looks really good okay okay okay this can work but that means I've got to install the archway and now so I've got to be careful but I can't get this wrong all right so I've been hard at work on the entrance and here is so it's looking a really damn good this thing looks dense solid and I would not try to destroy it if I was a cannibal so check this out alright I've merged the archway into the wall perfectly I'll get my lights out so you can probably see a little bit better and this looks really really nice I've got a few left to build but overall that's how it's gonna look and then we're gonna have a nice open square or like I'm sorry a plus sign area in the middle here this is gonna be very nice when this is done I cannot wait so if I go around here and hop up to the top you can see it's a little bit iffy here I use that word so much this episode so these two are raised up a little bit more I can't do anything about it it's just the way that I did the underlying wall and the floors are all built the rock walls are laid down for the fourth layer so honestly I think I'm ready to crack on once again I'm gonna I'm actually skeptical whether or not I should finish this roof now I might leave it just because like when I get the sense here I might want to build something and it could get complicated so I'm just gonna leave that as a blueprint for now I think just makes a little bit of sense but look at the inside here it's like we're in some old warehouse with the shelves it looks so cool so I think for this episode I'm gonna get this one last layer done because I've spent probably so far for four and a half hours on this bill today so I think it's time for a break so I'm gonna spend another probably hour and a half getting this layer done and I will see you when I've done that all right so I have been hard at work I think total time on this video now is probably five and a half hours so check this out yeah I've just got a few rocks and it had bricks left I've got a few rocks left to place and then this layup is done this is looking so damn good right now I'm thoroughly looking forward to the finished result you can sort a picture you really can I need to get one more set and I should be enough but like looking at it from this side the entrance god damn I love it it looks so good even in the like the shade it looks really good and they still haven't fixed that you see the little icon yeah I pod that months ago and there we go oh my god made so much progress in today's video I've gathered anywhere from four to six thousand rocks things more like four and a half five K and it's taken a long long time so I'm possibly guys I do have to round up today's video for that reason I'm getting quite tired so I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on the progress of this build I know a lot of you want me to finish other projects but I really wanted to come back and dabble in this area a little bit mom and I feel like that was a good choice made a lot of progress and it's looking really dense and good so make sure to let me know your thoughts on this build or once again in the comments below we'll be reading those and also I'm still looking for a few challenges that I can do in the series so if you've got any ideas for those like kill cinema cannibals in an episode let me know if you got any challenges like that in the comments below as well so thanks for watching everyone I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make shots press that like button especially to show your support for this video which took so damn long time once again thank you so much watching everyone and I will catch you in the next video [Music]


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