Dame Dash: Lyor Cohen Ruined Roc-A-Fella

by: djvlad

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my beef was with Lior cuz I think he's a fake CEO and I think he's fronting on my culture but he can't front on anybody else and I'm calling him out publicly and I want him to stop trying to rape my culture go make money with some other people like stop having your agenda be hip-hop he's like when Joey was like our agenda to open up Asylum was the goal it didn't say nothing about going to get no rock n roll it was going to get people that they don't even care about and make money from them yeah just get money in their culture let them do it let's let the violence stay there let's benefit from from the violence and not bring it but you know it was like they have people that their job is to create beef so that they can monetize it pause but they don't let their culture feel it but they make money from it and they can't make any money or get any respect in their culture that's why they're in our culture because the minute that they were allowed to be there they would go but they just can't you know the question should be why don't you do something besides rap and if you are rolling to rap what have you done to give back to the community I didn't know why that wasn't asked those were the questions that I was like damn if you boys crossed me combat jack Reggio say ask some good questions it almost looked like it was scripted but you know it is what it is the perfect example what they always do to us they totally try to you know offer some paper bag of money or whatever it is whatever selfish agenda which is the test and then have us divided so they could benefit and take the fight off of them and put the focus on them never had a beef with Jake always with Leo and his whole crew he's the one that ruined Rockefeller Lyor Cohen there was when you talk about that situation they gave Jay Rockefeller back after you guys sold it right I don't know man I won't go back to that I'm just talking about me having to be free Lyor Cohen see you see how I always transitions back to Jake Lee or Cohen that's my beef pause not Jake what do you think about the new label was it 300 I don't know nothing about whatever they do it whatever he's doing is robbing whoever he in business with so what was in business with them I suggest they check their paperwork I bet you've given a lot of a lot of your asses going about 360 of it maybe well fall on it now if you say 300 me taking fourth I could tell you that a young thug I heard was signed to 300 so you should ask him about his contract he's managed by Birdman okay so I'm sure they didn't it I'm sure they know who the robber who not to you know I'm just and I can't speak on anybody's business but if there's any advice I could give I will but I just wouldn't advise working with him just based on my history that's all I know what he did with me and I played that I know that he doesn't care about the culture and I know that he doesn't even feel that he has to even say anything he's still walking around like I'm not I'm not questioning it like he doesn't have to acknowledge it I'm a relevant person from this culture and I'm asking you a question publicly what have you done for our culture you cheated and I'm calling them out publicly I had things to do I didn't have the time to do it before and he was using Warner's mother money and he was using universals money for his own agenda and I'm not counting that man money I'm just saying that's the way he rapes our culture he says I'm a goat he collects money from a bigger company and says I'm gonna go get all this urban stuff and then spends it on his kids and himself because that's what I saw him do in front of me what you think about Leo I don't know leo I'll be honest do you know anything that he's done in hip-hop like all these questions that was the person that was behind a lot of the stuff that was going on like that's what I mean why do y'all want to want to know about the rapper's like aren't you are curious like y'all been talking about the same thing for five years don't y'all want to know about the other side of the story ask about Lee or Todd Moscow is Moskowitz and all those players you know Julie greenwall asked about both ask them about their perspective on what happened why don't they get questioned what they make money off us every day let's make some money off them period like let them see how it feels just reverse it it's about perspective like go interview leo and ask them those questions Vlad call that man call Kevin Liles I don't think I've ever seen a leader code exactly of course you don't see of course you don't see the puppet master so it's time to see them bring them out call out Todd Moskowitz wearing a scarf he went in the real acting keep doing something he not he got a job because of nepotism ask them why they got their jobs that's what I want to see how did Joey get the job president of urban and what does that mean I need to see credentials and culturally anyone that's taking orders from that man should be asking why should I be taking orders from you period and if you answer that question honestly then maybe you'll feel better about it but they're not even dog he got on the radio and said I don't even care what y'all you know my questions with the same questions and everybody's asking he don't care I don't care he said it Joey said it I don't care how you feel about the culture I don't care how do you feel that someone relevant from the culture thinks you're robbing it I don't care and nobody's gonna question that all right that's why I'm being I'll just continue to be dang i'ma have fun being dang I mean you talk about a lot of stuff about about these various people about Joey about Todd about Leo yeah I mean is there anything specific you know that really bothered you during that time because you know it's two movies Jimmy said I already said the thing to max B thing I already said the currency thing the Jay Z shit all of that I didn't like none of that shit I don't like it and it keeps happening so I don't want it to happen no more too much divide and conquer so that's it man I'm just saying reverse the perspective let's stop talking about rappers beefing let's start talking about these people and educating the culture because the culture is articulate so I want the culture when you see it in public to be smart the fights should be smart let's focus on the art the intelligent part of our culture as opposed to the ignorant part and let's start questioning the administrators as well and let's just question and I'm not saying they did anything wrong but I think they can't just say I don't care I think they have the date that I think they should at least be able to answer a question if it's asked in a respectful way so I just want them just as famous as me we are calling Julie green wall Todd Moscow is a Joey or joy whatever is a couple but those I think we should start with them and whoever hired Joey I want to know why he got hired from from four minutes coke and I want to know what that title means president of urban and why he why another black man should be calling him the president ribbon and asking him what he could do what he can and cannot do I think it's very disrespectful and I think it should change and I think there should be some some social responsibility and some consciousness and some people should question it and I don't give a fuck because none of y'all cut my checks none of y'all y'all can't affect none of my business so I can say all of this you can't blackballed me cuz you can't hire me none of y'all use your own money so stop acting like you have the ability to blackballed me that's not the case you can I blackballed you you know I'm never gonna hire none of y'all you're blackballed olio so with that said it's out there I laid it out there I think it should be intelligent there's no violence I just think that there should be questions asked and I'm also posing it to everyone every journal every DJ start pulling those guys out for interviews and asking them the real

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- Dame Dash explains why he called music industry exec Lyor Cohen a "culture vulture" on Instagram, telling VladTV that he believes Lyor should move on from Hip-Hop and "stop raping our culture."

He then questions what Lyor and Joie Manda have contributed to Hip-Hop culture while holding higher positions at esteemed music labels. Speaking about his own interaction with Cohen, Dame says that he's never had a problem with Jay Z, and says Lyor "ruined" Roc-A-Fella Records. He also shares his thoughts on Lyor's new label 300, saying that he's probably "robbing whoever he's in business with."

When Young Thug, who's signed to 300, is brought up, Dame says the label might not be taking the Atlanta rapper on a ride, because he's managed by Birdman. At the end of the interview, Dame says that he believes label execs like Lyor and Joie should be questioned about their roles. He also adds that he can't be blackballed by the execs, as they don't cut his checks.
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