"Bizim hediyelerimiz peki?" | Elif 785. Bölüm (English & Spanish subtitles)

by: Elif Dizisi

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Mom, look at this, it even comes with a fork! It's so beautiful, honey. That looks great, too! God bless them, whoever is doing these favors. I'll get that.

- Welcome, sister Asli. - Thanks, sweetie. Come on, come on in. Hurry up!

That guy just dropped everything I was dreaming of, right to our door. Well, I'm very surprised. So there are still some good people. They brought all these gifts with the scholarship. They look so beautiful, Elif. - Enjoy all of them. - Thank you so much. But... How about our gifts now? - I think it's just the time. - What gifts? Come with me!

Look what you have done! Everything is wonderful in here. Mom sewed the curtains, and I painted all of these. You painted these, really? Everything looks amazing. Thank you so much. This is the best gift I've ever got in my entire life. - Thank you so much. - You liked it, for real?

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