Cleaning Up The Barrels (Trouble In Terrorist Town)

by: PauseUnpause

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trouble jack oh I'm innocent guys don't you oh oh there we go okay well I'm linen ya got that straight I think you're right dad let's get ourselves some Gunny guns and then that's kill us some traded funny fun yeah honey i'm not a huge you're the one want a huge like a huge chat yes i will gladly take it wish my spray was working and to you I Okla my penis yeah sir room seems like spray central co Menace I my name are you I would love some good on the wall is it to Seco man this side cometa side my name is kosama RP how pillow fight me how it welcome to my home dude why do you want her I don't hate furniture just those particular chairs had to go to say to you you pulled the prowl whoa whoa wow oh just hurt me just so sub set up well where's yet with you tell 702 Gary I be okra Nate all over his body Chad hasn't moved yet yeah I know smooth you so nice oh did you see that Oh Chad move moved Wow Wes just hacked into chad's as client and made a disconnect by looking at me now oh my goodness it's it's my dude trader power that's the treasure hey Brina barrels down here this is the leave me I'll try to help you we're how delicious God it where you do God's work I am nice is auntie fill this layer the barrels and chairs oh my it's an ark we need to prefer where you just you just burning everything out whoa careful there wait we just we just thrown everything down yeah Chad goood is anti charest riot aerosol chain whistle a chance i can see new watch it after almost the chairs down there already all gone you guys really check already wears i fender searched them oh this chains in here here we go i got this one okay there you go we're on I don't know what we're doing look it's rainin chairs hallelujah I'll just add let's play in with us listen isn't this the part where pause kills us no I think so that yeah yeah yeah what is your quiet bottom up with owner would I kill you some dro barrels now with you it looks like everyone's working hard like a bunch of little ass well you're doing good work people you started to train the trainer you call this out we were a cool go ahead a shoddy that's a pretty convincing you man oh okay something made wesco act well the only person ah just jump that pause Oh pyro what jump I was pushed it's a mystery so did you see what happened to West kid I didn't see what happened to melb Wes or Pyrrha uh huh yeah right sure if I was okay with a dude fucks sakes wow you're keeping an eye on us look at me Miller big guy is dead guy hate co this sure is how you doing they'll be all right you're looking suspicious over that uh you're both I'm trying to fuck you how to please step away before I dig you in the face you're gonna need you to do what I'm a DQ laface one big pyro really bounced he'd ended up in that hallway oh ok I'm being shot at from way down a hallway since I will be still oh yes ok dot mil be solely not milby I'm taking pyro though he's mine yo yo fellow trader can you like finish him off wait a second good are you like yeah good still alive

you're gonna see him uh-huh am I gonna see him I'm hiding right now from who from goood well actually I can't even get up fuck me oh wow the trailers gonna have to eventually come up here anyways you can bunny hop out of that I'm sorry Craig come who's kissing good kill you it's Mel B of course who's coming out it's coming out hey I got him oh wait pause I'll see if you I'll transfer idea but I'll just uh I could even get out I suppose you were right the chairs were all a good trick hey I start waiting for the perfect moment to get wears when he was busily thank you God the chairs yeah I could get out I was shot arrows should have ducked I was gonna I was the prob I was jumping in you shoulda told me that she said that wrong incoming but oh wow that was rebetol god dude these medals hit every branch on the way down all right it's time to go back to the old you have associated an ugly tree I'll pause you can be the verdict ah you be the verdict just be the verdict manage it it either be the verdict do you want everyone else to be that's right let's say it's the same what does that even mean man he'll be now teacher ed what it was a trainer dude I didn't do it cuz I just didn't do it for the fun of it I think I did his job he didn't even like it like I said I don't want to eat I assist say that that's not the case I don't wanna be left around where's I feel like he's holding the grudge so I'm gonna go and hang out with uh hey hey bullets why hate guns what's going on hey co-commander say what's up ha no he's doing it to me he's doing it to me what becomes Jerry side note or something what is up with those traders killed everybody all the time hey are you got you in the Jimmy voicing yes let us say your you're not quite get rich let's go down with our these treaties oh hey look at that see if I can not kill myself on this ladder I think someone just took a shot at me then but missed oh oh I heard someone just fall to their death I seek away LP he's upstairs CL peon guys I'm really lost is he obvi I see me Lewbert Milberg what are you gonna do you check it out part look I'm bouncing on a barrel on about all the bugs do join me ma this is like high school stuff wester for Robin felt his death apparently Oh Reaper the traitor you know uh pop up are you dying like again auroral to get back up again it's terrifying I bet you're my jelly milby how jelly I hope you see I'm enjoying it I'm up here enjoying the fruits of the gotta get our eyes you can and you gotta like bounce on a battlebot now Wes could hit the branch every week oh he didn't hit her oh he's beautiful it was out sighing like the bird your dad shut up Wes it's a tough know bae it's time just kidding watch you could hard Oh Sammy to look easy that stupid even knew it was gonna happen it's fine but there it is well like I don't know oh oh oh oh oh what's up pause oh oh whoa dude sort of fucking circus trick oh oh oh can I circuitry I can't circus trick what I get out it's like you got it you got to get one of the barrels I can go okay take that barrel behind you clap on the heads up so you just bounce on it I think pyro just ready to throw barrel at you that emotional what are you doing oh god I do like that just just being a nice terraced what serious what what are you doing like the girls that you cleaning up the ball game I just kill pirates on at you do to help hope I'm doing the good umpires work clean up but we already uh positive pyro was the trader he would have did you kill him pause did you say pyro is the traitor wait what as Wes was already the traitor socio that's milby um yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna assume that pyro is the traitor haha well positive that he shot at pyro I think its paws man okay well let's go find out the other one was West right whoa dread they just shot me oh fuck attractive phase I tried to face fucked up you deserve it yeah so you try to teleport no I just tried to jump it she looked out the hall he tried to fail yeah expertise ee bus I don't know what that means Freeman phase in phase at a tiny speck oh fa zeti face did another amazing that brew brew another thing is that it's not the croup does she know it's cold do Deitrick shudders fucking I don't know you should know I don't I don't I don't I don't follow the MLG see I'm so sad you died i'll be Wes hello everybody welcome did travel and terrorist town oh my god wow we interrupt hmm is hey guys nice interruption a chat stir fix your shit I did everything in sixth closer I with the chat uh you know just things just replying just my whole computer Lecrae it's google Chad nothing not a big deal Oh as I want to have a barrel war with you what do you do at barrel wars I want to throw barrels across the gap all right up down with this right girl on my head I don't I don't want to die oh do you see that was a good show hook in here hi what was that bill be it's terrible i got it Wow here we go huh throw so bad i was there beside us as the crater of barrel fro I'm not very good at this barrel for one game oh wow agree oh that was it co yeah there we go okay you're not usually hit me pyro did you show just shot a bee I know oh shit oh ok do that no I did not that was pyro that was the sound of a scout ok para sparse there are looks definitely ok yeah let's kill pyar all right come on wait wait wait look he's got that he's got the gun that move chef and I mean it's obvious there we still hoping oh oh yeah look I have to be very careful sure about these things all right here we go here we go hold on cover me oh where is my god get out of there what are you doing don't come near 90 days all shit oh my god wow you got just happy to be ah good run into these bullets cover me yeah you gotta give out I'd like coming with I run in and like shooting he's like oh god no like I don't know I don't know how that I don't know how army works ok kind of other you haha I thought if I shared cover me then you'd like know it again it like automatically you'd like we'd save the day where's goods the traitor really I heard you were the traitor who should i believe the tree I'm the traitor hey so he goes for the gym oh oh fail oh I went for the fears I was in for the fears that melon was your movie did I get you ah goood goood out oh sad news good

cleaned up man well how do you look at the combat log see in events so maybe you oh my gosh oh good shot clue very good I thought I was getting shot in the back I thought there were days beside chat volunteer that it doesn't it doesn't I don't know none of the symbols make any sense why is there a check mark like sheep bleat next time I'll learn not to just show cover me and assume that you'll cover me wait totally insane it's a good guy how are you what what do you love me the end of the barrel of his gun I can't cover you from that side of me that things are just work out they clears nomads were shot in the movies yeah if you suckkk of me the movies and was like okay and then you like it one bit suppressive fire yeah grossly nice look II suppressed you look suppressed is he a boy omega pressed this joke shut words of oppression and okay Wes don't fall to your death this time okay right i think I'd system I can't but I've but I know you telling what to do I'm not good at ladder this is your chance to trader the ladder games just what you doing fuck i did another with anyone here i was just shoot like a madman okay man i'm out of control okay good may or may not have tried to eat just walk into room i know you watching it was you walk it let's even count I know yeah hurry well by with you here just shoot it walking right oh sure due west Kentucky kill co West's kill co-op I damn let's shot me I don't have any fucking bullets cuz I shot my boats out of my huge where's your party I'm dude anybody's right here no it wasn't it wasn't paws paws I'm covering you oh god it tastes like a cover be aa oh my god thanks what was that chatter I'll just go fucking grenade launched ah crap fucking reload

my name is pause sabha something he calls a misinformation on that game was strong yes I want to give you a high five I'm all like don't worry bar you're supposed to crowbar the face really yeah I'll tell you high five I've made some art I made art to look at it yes art I call it wes's back of the head so do you really not understand the symbols were useful shit yeah oh no one week they don't make sense like in eight de dudas them one I miss him well done good no it's a big accomplishment guys radicals holidays no good that's what it means you're big Gary's my player right wow you guys are a lot for good great yes or no eggs they are doing I'll on you Ellie hey good could I have that Khalil oh no plus if you're not the traitor you'll give me that glow either Justin Bobby all right well I'm justice hit oh god carrying around a bear uh suspect you are now labeled as a suspect good just letting you know i thought it was wet is potentially suspicious why yep just do it until he says what's going on here no no ye because what's going on here I almost got a barrel why that didn't work out as well as I'd hoped hey fails all about the barrel game is jumping fail I'm writing I don't know I can't play gauge you you you're like you're like master the of it related people use like the chichi blast from dragon ball z except with a barrel ice cream how'd you how'd you ain't with it it's a different how do you get understandings no haha you sit down at your guts whip your barrel back and forth like it's you know you know for sale wet and forth you like your club least I milpitas died with a coke no was that you this look like a knock to you that was a hundred percent definitely yeah he was you got sniped in the prime of his life is about to learn how to do the barrel to us oh yeah how do you actually just rode by stunning Millie must look like you moving around I look look at me expecting me you just whip that ish whoa oh it was I'm down I'm getting shot it's definitely Wes you sure oh I'd a percentile sure that's good going in there yeah all right oh I watch I'm gonna I'm gonna get them you stay up top okay and when you see them up for you I'll cover you yes don't kill me though looks very intense this office fight I like it is it in the office oh let's go man ha nope help albany think are cool oh oh boy told you I'd what is the trader ahead Josh oh uh oh i can't come skate that that was really cool i like that you that came close you almost got it shot in so much blood still bleeding okay so Pyrrha is dead who's left wes is good Hawes was back there with wes is dead trader body but i bleep goood followed him in so it's either you were goood Chad were you at I'm not telling you alright well I'm headquarters I'm gonna give you orders we're gonna win okay I don't know I believe it wow why are you innocent because I'm your headquarters yeah cold it man what do you have to lose Chet really other than your life so go to the tree barrel tell me who is the traitor Jai will direct you to him go down street no way I'm going to the tree oh god Chad the traitors don't last you gute echo sorry

legette I'm like ninety-nine percent that it's good all right pretty damn sure and he's gonna be a cross from you I would have shot you by now Chad I've had so many opportunities really yeah the whole way across the way I saw you than up no Sam it super raid or hadn't updated in fucking forever yeah dad we did it high five oh no and that's what happens ladies and gentlemen when you

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