U-God Has Issues with RZA: He Wanted Everyone to be Under His Punk A** (Part 5)

by: djvlad

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yeah I mean older T was one of these one of these hip-hop figures you know like you could look at a lot of artists and say okay well he kind of took so-and-so style and kind of made it his own and okay he's sort of a mixture of this rapper in this rapper you look at an old dirty and you like there's absolutely nobody no no you stand corrected with that old dirties either was Biz Markie oh look at him now now look at her huh I never even thought about that yeah that's big that's that's that's the own the reinvention of bits Bismol that's that's old dirt dirty got a little bit of Bismarck and um well she had in them all a little bit of Bismarck now I just put it base just biz I could see it I could see I never thought about that before yeah that was design that's to do he loved you know you love most so he kind of took like kind of the Bears kind of hahahaha exactly yeah yeah but but old dirty was a lot more gangster ya know like I say you take a little piece little piece you know but that's big that when he was bits I mean if you could think of just the the craziest ODB moment that you could remember you gotta think of my hope for that one Rock Vlad you gotta go get that roar book man ain't gonna take no more I got all that shit in that book that through 2097 pages of fucking craziness is it yeah head yeah the shop some pages out cuz it was too long mmm yeah I got him in there RZA said that recording boot ain't forever was kind of the start with the decline to the group and he said the reason is because everyone started you know kind of come in as their own at that point I mean would you I don't know I don't need something muscle my ears they own if we all are the problem is with him II want anybody be underneath his punk ass and dirty you said she'll fucking time call us robots and all that shit ain't realized what was good until he was older well yeah you know why are you gonna come bitch nobody you know me anybody was they man the old man yada-yada-yada you know he got his little painting about certain situation but he should have been talking about a little whack ass side groups he put out before the main big is in the group that's what the fuck he should have been talking about you know me so yeah what about that flash shit at what point do you think that you guys went from just being real close and everyone being on the same page that things that's kind of going different directions like I said shit no other groups other duels is coming in front of main members you know that should create no other bruise brothers were certain bubbles was cool but you know me massive killing deck man we suffered the most for on that I mean so I felt some type of way eating you a Phoenix laying it flat fuck so you know me Sardis had it had a very - didn't Barry didn't underneath you know I didn't bury that he just what it is I mean after 36 chambers came out a lot of members started dropping their own you know their own solo well exactly you know Method Man dropped her solo album Raekwon drop the purple tape GZA drop Liquid Swords ODB dropped his album and so forth was there reason why he didn't drop it now him right away who me yeah like I say when I was told you man we wasn't worried about me album sighs fucking groups man yeah sons the man's like whack shit Nikhil homies crazy all that little sod shit yeah he was doing with instead it was still a dealing with the nine members he had I mean he put a lot of brothers in front of certain brothers who was actually there in the beginning from the from the start so that alone and made me think like what's going oh yeah I'm saying cuz it was kind of like you know taking the light off denial members and going some awesome sideways shit and at the same time it wasn't it wasn't bringing no no value to the W so you know it is what it is man okay so you're saying that you didn't want to do a project without RZA really heavily involved with it at that point I didn't want to do a project without him involved and we needed he

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------ In this clip, U-God and Vlad spoke further about the unique style of Ol' Dirty Bastard, as the Wu-Tang legend noted that one of ODB's main influences was actually Biz Markie. "That was his idol, he loved Biz the most," U-God said during the segment, as they both agreed that ODB ultimately took that style and made it his own. From there, the conversation shifts towards more turmoil throughout the group, which he mainly attributes to RZA's early focus on side projects that got in the way of the original nine members.
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