BARE MINIMUM WIN & PISTOL PLAYS - FORTNITE Battle Royale Random Highlights

by: UberHaxorNova

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all right hello welcome back to another fortnight video my my great-great-great addiction we got one recorded victory but now we have to take that a step further we have to we have to get that more consistently now we have to try and attempt to continue to get these w's pull these bad boys in if possible I'm hoping I'm getting more consistent I'm getting more consistent so we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna pull it out we're gonna pull it out hopefully today we'll see I lost my glasses I think I lost my gunner I think I lost my sweet Gunners how am I gonna survive without my sweet Gunners I lost them how do you spoken massacre that's how

[Music] what the fuck even was this someone here and you're I got this pistol in hand Eid oh there he is yo I didn't even have my gun ours what the fuck this pistol play that I'm pulling out for some reason I don't know why I'm just fuckin I'm tapping crazy fast I gotta go find my glasses I don't know where luckily wit I'm gonna get a fuckin by great if i don't i'm gonna hide right here this is it oh that's more like it I'm think I'm good now

fuck dude yo I need to stop I need this stop I need to stop I didn't think I would be able to land that I did not think I'd be able to land that but was it bad because now you know they're probably all gonna be coming over here probably I'm gonna fucking do one of these bad boys for like the first time ever see if they come in here and get fucking zapped I doubt they will though let's be honest they won't they probably won't he just accidentally shot

oh my god that may have been the most yeah what the fuck i trapped it inside through a nade inside with him and fuck him blew him up oh my god oh my god what the fuck is happening here where's this guy at though you are kidding me though I almost got sniped but two people including somebody with a fucking scar came through here I want him to take out everybody else with his sniper and shit he seems he's just me going higher though he's sniping everybody dude he's legit sniping everybody fuck I'm just letting all of them dude this is tactics right now he's still fucking trying the snipe

okay I gotta leave well it was a decent little plan there a decent little plan I guess I didn't predict that oh wow look at that everybody else died in the storm Wow well that was something he didn't even have to do anything to win fuck you feeling the right side to be in the in the corner of the world that's where we're gonna go cuz you know fuck the fucked up over populated areas at this point in the game because I just keep getting fucked there I don't really do too bad there it's just a just a bit of a chore to do that oh look there's a chest right there you know here instead better chances who the fuck is this and how the fuck did you get here so fast looks like we're gonna be rumbling we're gonna be getting in a little tussle I hope to god I get something good out of here because he's probably gonna have something better than me oh wow okay that's that's just what I get I guess I got the shotgun we're gonna get a little Dussel you and I talked about that house [Laughter] that wasn't even a tussle dude that was like a slaughter in your chest and you know just just there's nothing here oh great we're gonna go to pleasant Park all right well I was bound to be oh great okay yeah yeah yeah yeah you know what yeah let's let's go let's do it let's do it you know let's go on into the well populated area and just try our luck

oh Jesus Christ no it's happening [Music] where's this hat where's this happening oh he's right here oh oh please he inside the fuck good lord he fell are you fucking kidding me the guy fell Olli shit where was the other guy at he red I don't have ammo for this I don't have anything for this I shouldn't even be doing this go dude go oh shit I'm gonna get caught in a little bit but I I have healing so I'm okay so push me right back into like where I was before so should go I can't go around it's like midway through meet late

sounded pretty close yep

he's leave he did just leave my god he could have built real quick and fucked me but I got lucky my aim was not that good there tell me he had something for me one purple is the sniper bad I got really unlucky but everybody else has to come over here so this is okay or not

this is all I got it seemed good at all let's see good at all this is all I got it's fucking wood

this tree is gonna be in my fucking way that trees gonna fuck me over

here we go oh there's a guy up there too oh okay maybe I'm not as bad with this diaper as I thought well I should probably leave I mean can I get to that guy stuff I like need his stuff if I can get over there or at least attempt to get over there cuz I don't I just don't have anything I mean it's risky but unless there's another guy that's around here but I just I don't have anything I got wood so like this guy might have something that can save my ass oh he definitely had something he definitely had good shit

oh you had a score he had a fucking scar yeah two scars dude oh my god and now I'm getting shot at from somebody who's shooting at me don't do this to me dude don't do this to me I'm gonna go I'm gonna go right back out the same way just dip out the back there's no one over there okay well I mean I got got building supplies now it gave me a shot it gave me like a fighting chance and that guy has like a crazy big building though I've left am I gonna be you or like quick get over there or is he still in there

whoa there is a guy in there oh shit oh wait that's somebody hitting him they're hitting him

this is bad dude


solve this guy that's right there with a rocket it's just these two guys

I don't know where the fuck he is though is he still up there

this is stressful dude this is so fucking stressful right now no the other guy's underneath you do the other guys underneath you he's right underneath you dude he's right underneath you but man does not know he does it though he's right under him

yes yes oh my god yes oh I got a head nothing the whole fucking night I had nothing the whole beds I had nothing the whole buns in the fucking gold rocket oh that guy killing that guy saved the match for me getting his stuff that that risky fucking move I'm just going over to his base that guy that I sniped taking his stuff saved the match for me giving me the scar and all the fucking building supplies as well oh my god that was they get a rocket dude pietà rocket oh my god oh my god well leave a like if you guys enjoyed this fortnight video yes I know another fortnight video let me know you guys are sick of these already or not I'm just I'm just saying like I'm just addicted to the game and I don't I don't know man I just I'm just having a ball playing this I don't I don't know what it is check out some merch in the description below [Music] yeah fun fun fun fun fun fun fun dealio fun dealio bye

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BARE MINIMUM WIN & PISTOL PLAYS - FORTNITE Battle Royale Random Highlights Fortnite gameplay
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