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hi I'm Kevin Hill and today we're going to do something that's a lot of fun we're gonna do a beautiful birch forest with a lot of nice colors maybe a sunset and a small lake in the background of course if you're enjoying these be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more painting videos let's get started we'll start off today here with a beautiful light yellow orange color on the two-inch there that's pretty throw that right in like I said I'm doing sunset colors today we got to pick a light source let's do the light coming through this way so that means we need more little bit more light on this side a little bit lighter good alright make sure that yellow goes all the way over here and then we'll slip into the oranges and reds on this side now here's the important thing we paint a sunset don't go big stripes of color where you can't you know you can see you know you can see the layers in it layers are a good thing but not like that instead make the colors very gradual make one side a little brighter if you want if you don't want the Sun down the middle I don't want the Sun down the middle so they're making one side a little brighter with the yellows make one side fade into the golds and the reds this is important we're just going to work it it's getting a really beautiful sky today we'll be doing some clouds in here tail alright now I've put a little bit of dark up there just a dark purple gray and I blended everything together took a couple minutes to blend it so that's this smooth but look how that just glows all right now I want to take my filbert right through right through a little bit of our yellow and our white and right down here I'm going to just start making what feels like some just burning sunlit golden clouds floating on the horizon see how that works oh man cool absolutely amazing love this sort of stuff we're gonna keep our tree line back here pretty pretty low for maybe there it's just a bush line I don't know but you know I just don't want to go so crazy as to ruin my ruin my little area up here now I the reason I was waiting over here I've got trees I've got trees that I want to put on that side and I'm gonna go ahead and do them so I'm gonna leave that area well more or less unpainted and there no reason to waste our time Oh as it comes out let it mix with whatever we could have down here and let it become softer that's one cool way to paint a cloud we don't really do clouds this way very much we're just taking a bright yellow and they just let it fade off without adding much to it all right let's go ahead speak him adding much to it let's add a little red to it just a little and start developing a lone feeling of warm golden colors less of the bright yellow more of the warm golden there now I'm going to go ahead and just scrub in a couple of background bushes or trees doesn't matter what they are I'm sure the trees but whatever now we've got a problem and the problem is we have a sunset and we have trees and these trees are not autumn colored so how do we do this so that it doesn't look goofy let me show you what looks goofy watch this that looks weird you see the green you can never you'll never get away with that vibrant green with a sunset because I just can't happen in nature that just can't happen so here's what you have to do go with under paint with you know purples and you can even throw some brown and green into your purple okay see that that's okay that we can live with so the thing about it is when it's a sunset everything is lit very very warm so the true colors are covered by the warm light that's hitting them and it almost makes it feel like sunset but I don't want it to be Suns are I'm sorry it feels like something because it is I don't feels like autumn when you're looking at it right but I don't want it to be autumn I want it to be spring or whatever summer doesn't matter and I'm going to achieve that by doing these soft muted greens accompanied by the purple I can get away with that and then I'll highlight with a a sunlit golden color and I will do my mid-tones more in the green family so that will help us quite a bit quite a bit actually get up get the look that we're after and don't make these things too tall there now with our filbert I'm going to just tap on tap on some highlight to this tree we can do this over and over again in order to kind of create these little clumps of highlighted leaves now you know we can use the little detail brush there's other ways to do this but for the specific size and distance of this tree is away from us I think that the little filbert is going to probably be the best option there because I'm not looking for individual leaves not yet I'm looking for clumps of leaves that are really small so thistles give me that kind of effect there there's there's many ways to get to get two different effects for leaves many many ways you can do this is just just one of the many tools that I got in the tool bag and I'm getting out there right now because it works there this is nice and bright and kind of trying to go pretty bright with a lot of warm beautiful yellows but not on them I don't want this to be you know I don't want just to look like it's autumn but yet I still need it to feel like it's a sunset it's a funny little balance it's you got to make sure your make sure you're always thinking about the color sunsets are tougher sometimes not yes hmm there it's not like it's tougher it's just you got to think about it make sure you got your colors on on point there now I'm going to go ahead and just drop in a little bit of a indication or feeling a birch trees up here I did that on the other side also I put just a little bit of grass back here the detail around the head of my hands I just squished a little grass back in there and that gives it a beautiful little feeling there okay this is fun now the the most important thing here probably is you already know think about the color they're the color of these trees is so important I'm putting the lights in first because there's a lot of dark here and I can go back and put the dark in where I need it see how this works it's okay if it mixes a little and make a lot of difference there this cool good stuff make sure that each tree kind of comes down lands a different point there like that a lot mmm super fun and once you got these colors in there then you come back little orange red yellow all that good stuff and lights coming like this the Sun is setting either way over here behind it somewhere over here it's obviously not on this side because the way we did the sky so you can get away with putting some light the whole painting the lights coming across this way that's better because because we're going to have the light filtering through the trees and it's going to be really cool it's where it kind of shines just in spots like a little spotlight there's no I'm just throwing this orange color very loosely in and around these trees in the leaves it's okay to put some orange in there to makes it feel like it's reflecting the sky should actually do some of that over here because it's a little flat now I didn't do this I really did most of this like 99% of the filbert touched a little bit with the detail so I'm going to do a little bit more touching with the detail brush this time with the orange to help it feel like it's a sunset it's just not feeling sunset II to me so wouldn't work on that there oh yeah that's feeling sunset II there okay as you see here I've been placing just touch of highlight on a road kind of in little spots so now we can go ahead and take our filbert and load it up with a nice yellow-green color and we're going to do the light across because I remember the lights coming across the painting I am going to throw in some color right there now I'm going to use the technique actually that I that I showed in detail in one of our new DVDs the spring mountain DVD if you haven't seen it go check it out on the website look at the picture it's really cool and it shows you how to do this grass technique it's a super easy technique and I've been playing with it recently super easy like if you've never painted grass you can do this technique so anyways what I'm doing is I'm putting the light where the light goes and right over here the light where the light goes and then I'm going to stick the dark well actually the darks there but I need more paint so to do that I'm going to grab grab a little dark and I stick I kind of layer the paint underneath I'm just going to give you a quick version again I've got the DVD on this but then you just take your only fan brush and you just pop it right up see that but it doesn't mix as much over here because there's not much paint I just barely stain the canvas over here you want it to mix that's why I have those little lines in there and then you just use shorter strokes as you go back it's pretty simple but a lot of fun now I'm wiping down some very large trees that I just stuck in a little black on the filbert and the straight line going up I'm wiping these trees to absorb the extra oil paint you see a lot of it's coming off and that's good all the green that was on the background they get smooshed into these trees is going away and there we go makes it so safe and easy to work with all right little yellow white pure and a lot of color oh no three quarter turn these into some really detailed really detailed birch trees go ahead and just work on I'm trying to make sure you eat in my little hand button block your view there and just drop in these enormous birch trees these on the left must go off they have to go off the bottom if they're going to be this big because look how small those are in comparison so these are you know you have to imagine they're three or four inches lower and where maybe you can kind of reach out and grab that one that's the thought good stuff mmm this should be the most detailed part of your painting right here good stuff and just blend it back put in all the details there if you didn't wipe down the canvas oh boy you would have a big big mess detail round and you just cease this to create extra detail why not that's kind of what the brush was made for there you go do some blue and a little black and you can use that as a bit of a shadow not too much shadow actually go for a little bit of red into that so that it's a bit purple bit of a purple color there because you don't want a blue shadow you want a purple shadow on a sunset day time there now one thing that's really important you can't forget to do has had some texture to these birch trees you know the dark part there see that I use the detail round for the close-up ones and maybe probably the detail around the other ones too I'll just go with a little more subtle subtle color not so dark okay way up here way up here especially where the branches connect a sometimes at these little dark areas good and don't overdo it but in you know you've gotta have enough to make you feel like a bird stream there oh yeah that is cool both the the light and the dark side of the tree has to have this this texture don't do it just one side no other wooden detail brush I'm going to drop in some leaves up here now I'm really hoping that these leaves will kind of make you feel like you have to look under them to see the scene that make sense now these leaves are larger director should maybe make them a little bigger as it is but these leaves up here I want to make just a little tighter so I'll actually spend more time on the small trees the big trees it takes more time to get a smaller stroke you have to do it more slowly see that has to be a little bit tighter in that way I'm okay if they kind of grow together this one obviously being in front will separate them with highlight but they're cool now I'm going to use the detail brush here to highlight the the leaves I'm going to glop it on just a little bit on the thick side here or normally something I would tell you never to do but this is this is a sunset and I need these leaves really bright in order to step to make the painting feel right so I'm going to be very careful and the thicker you put the paint on when you highlight like something like this the more opaque it is the less it tends to mix so I guess not so much Opaques that's more like acrylic but either way it's going to be opaque but what I'm trying to say is where it won't mix with the whatever's underneath and so because I I put this on a little bit heavy right in here just to make sure it was so dark because the we need the contrast in the sunset I have to put it on just a little thicker and but this brush is pretty soft so it should be okay the softer the brush the less likely you are to have any muddy mixing issues change colors always constantly changing the color just a bit this is pretty I think you got to kind of make a choice somewhere in here is where this tree starts there you go so you can make that choice good just a bit mostly concentrate that light out into the a lot on the tips of the branches that's where it really needs to be go ahead lots of dark you want to leave quite a bit of the dark in there that'll help it feel more sunset like one of the last things I want to do right up here is simply simply throw in a couple of well sticks limbs and all that to these trees there I see it didn't take a whole lot but you know you want them to feel detailed maybe that's even just just a little too dark you don't want to use to paint just totally dark flames that's a little better I used to paint just totally dark limbs and then you know begin to realize maybe they're a little too harsh so recently I've been doing lighter just you know what two or three shades lighter than just black there and it seems to be a little nicer just a little bit more professional least I feel like it is maybe nobody notices but me but that's okay if it makes me happy I should just just roll with it right but I want to share all these tips with you just so that you can have ideas for your own for your own methods of painting hopefully that helps you see you want these little branches sticking out over the dark you know like a little dead limbs and stuff that's pretty cool don't get it too busy but in the same same thought you do want it to have enough that it feels like a decent-sized tree you gotta have some limbs alright well I think we're done I had a lot of fun I hope you didn't you don't forget to check out my website my DVDs and most of my brush line thanks for watching


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