4 tips to Overcoming ARTIST BLOCK and finding INSPIRATION

by: Art ala Carte

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hi guys and welcome back to art ala carte in this episode I'm going to answer a question that I get asked a lot in the comments and that is how do you overcome artist block and where do you find inspiration to draw so in this video I'm gonna give you four ways that you can overcome artists book and find inspiration pencil and paper and the best part alright we've all had it those moments we sit down to draw we're so excited and then nothing we can't think of anything to draw what are we even doing sitting here have we ever drawn before everything else seems hopeless so what do you do you've lost your inspiration you can't think of anything to draw and if you do start to draw it's just dumb I've ever felt that way mm-hmm most artists do regularly so these are four things that I did to help overcome those common artist blocks and artist frustrations or they not inspired days number one get out of the house as an artist I spend 99.9 percent of my work time here in my studio and because I love drawing and creating on my days off I spend 99.9 percent of my time in my art studio drawing because I love drawing sometimes I forget there is a world outside so get up get out take a walk get some sunshine or if you live in Oregon get some rain fresh breath of air get your heart pumping again that's a really big thing generally just a walk is all I need to kind of jumpstart that daily I don't know what to draw but there's something you can do while you're on this walk open your eyes and observe the world around you drawing from nature really inspires me Cellini the trees and the birds really really helps sometimes in my walk I even see more interesting things than that sometimes I see a deer or a squirrel or some people or a dog or cat those things can inspire me while you're out walking I always take my phone with me that way if I see something of that I think hey that's really inspiring I take a picture of it and that will help me with the second point point number two is slightly similar to point number one and that is to look at life look at things around you that inspire you now doesn't always necessarily mean getting up and going for a walk that's a great way to do it but sometimes you know I want to study elephants and elephants don't normally live in my backyard so there are great ways to do this getting nature books going to the library and looking at books and of course we do live in the technology age so getting on the internet doing some web searches and looking at photographs that way that's why I like to have my own photos that I can take and go back and go oh I watch dressin flowers let me go to my flower folder file on my computer and look at some of past pictures they took of flowers so having those photo references can give you some great inspiration speaking of inspiration it brings us to point number three finding artists that inspire you I have a lot of different artists that inspire me and some artists inspire me in different ways than others if you don't have a favorite artist yet I really encourage you to search them out find ones that you really enjoy the best way is to look at are that you really enjoy and then find out what artist created that once you find some artists that inspire you I encourage you to look at their artwork some artists produce their own art books that you can purchase and collect you can go through at your leisure and a lot of artists have websites or at least have their artwork listed online you can take a peek at those but my favorite for inspiration is actually purchasing artwork from my favorite artists sometimes it is an original piece if I can afford it or a print or something like that having something from my favorite artists hanging on the wall can be very encouraging my last point is to try something new sometimes you get stuck not knowing what to draw so don't draw paint sculpt so something else use charcoal use pastels use oils use acrylics use watercolor try something else that you haven't tried this last step is sometimes a little bit more challenging because it can involve money but I love going to an art store and buying something new whether new sketchbook or new pencils or new eraser something new doesn't have to be super expensive just a dollar or two but having that brand-new unsharpened brand-new color pencil is very inspiring some of the biggest inspirations come when I have a brand new sketchbook that is just begging for me to create in it a bonus hint it's just sometimes sit down and draw or crate without thinking I love doodling doodling helps really get out just some motions in the hand gets myself warmed up and I might find something that I go huh that looks kind of interesting let's try it a little bit better so those are my four tips on how to overcome artists blog and find inspiration hopefully those helped you I am planning on doing more of these videos where I take the comments and questions that you guys ask most frequently and try to answer them in a video so if there's a question that you would like to ask me leave in the comment section below and it might be the topic of our next art chat video thank you guys for watching this video hanging out with me if you're brand new to this channel make sure to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out on any future videos and until next time god bless you guys and we'll see you later

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