Example Of Kindness By Abu Bakr (ra) ᴴᴰ | *Emotional Reminder*

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ah I love you assalamualaikum I often find myself lost in my thoughts wondering why I have been blessed with many things and others have known digital things Monomoy like I could walk to my bathroom turn the tap on and make with one hand Alina and lots of people in Arma can't even do that on my special normal this is a test for YT or last column with that the privilege I tested the underprivileged are tested we are all the creation of our last panel Adama everything we have and don't have is a test this life is a test but with a large panel Madonna say to me on the day of your monkey ever will I even be worthy will I even be worthy enough to be seen by the king of all kings the master of the Day of Judgment I get scared I guess yes but it's never too late to make a change a difference in in a small way like making the are for the less fortunate educating ourselves to make a change giving charity or simply just helping people and being kind we have amazing examples of great people in is our amazing role models and this is one such story that touched me deep within my heart it banal kiyoung and other muslim scholars have mentioned that abu bakr radiallahu every morning used to go to the outskirts of medina to attend one day Oh murder Delano began to Weiser playtest Abu Bakr at the alarm will go every morning so one woman Omer ideal Arnold followed abu bakr r.a Delano and saw Abubakar nadir a no-entry 1000 Marabella I know waited and after some time Abu Bakr Nadella ran home we left the tent and the area so I'm gonna deal on who entered the same tent the Abu Bakar DLR knows them he saw a woman sitting on the floor and he asked who are you the woman replied son I'm blind poor and a destitute woman my husband that's some time ago and I don't have anyone to help me after all those far more time so mother Ilan who asked was that man who was in the tent do you know him what's he do DeLuna replied I don't know who he is all I know is that he comes every morning he sweets my floor cooks my food and looks my cut so all murder the allowing said that I cried my brothers and sisters this amazing man a little bit earlier on who used to do this act of kindness when he was a hadith where he was a leader of the Muslims when people would have given him everything but he said I would have please Allah and I want to add good for one law he was a humanitarian Allah like but this is legs out for me first this looks out for me first


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Example of kindness by Abu Bakr (ra) - very emotional talk from our brother Omar Esa about Abu Bakr (ra) and how he used to care for an old blind woman while he was the leader at the time.. Download the FREE Nasheed Mixtape by Omar Esa @ http://www.omaresa.com/

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