BEAUTY and the BEAST RESTAURANT at DISNEYLAND!? Red Rose Taverne Food Review

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welcome to the red rose cavern paint really thank this is my first time at the red rose tavern which used to be Pinocchio's village house but it is now Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant here in Fantasyland and I'm going to go in and sample some of the cuisines that they've got I've never seen a line like this when it was smoke village house which is still pretty decent actually all right it's going tapestry beautiful that's it wow so neat oh they really changed it up okay this is like gasps bones Tavern in Disney World cool I will give you some clothes you're listed what's on the walls as well as try to food unfortunately they are out of the gray stuff but you know I guess I'm this will be the video basically where I give you the tour of the place and I will get I will get a couple of items but they don't the great stuff it is out all right I got over my disappointment about not having the great stuff very sad but there will be other times and I will film it for you of course but I did get a bunch of food for you guys well it's for me but it's you to watch me we got much fruit I got for you guys I'm sure by myself I'm gonna eat all this what I wouldn't do this but I got a lot of food let's do it here we have Gaston through let's see how this this is very foamy [Music] magnifique especially tasty when it gets in the moustache this is a appellee sort of beverage and it's quite tasty actually okay this is the enchanted cauliflower sandwich to my god okay so it's cauliflower steak there's a fried green leaves on here a spicy aioli lettuce tomato this looks really good the cameras being balanced on Gaston Bru because he's so strong he can balancing you can hold our camera like m2 and I don't think I'm that wrong but anyway let's try this craziness look at that oh this is really good I am not joking around it's a little slightly of display scares you off don't let it this is like way better than just like random quick service you know theme park food good they also getting the beats music playing obviously listen you these also come with a prize I think these are garlic fries or palm freak I should say what am I thinking I mean France next I'm going to try this poutine flatbread now if you know what poutine is that is fries covered in gravy and cheese very french-canadian oh man let's let's try this oh yeah that is that is really I was doing so you see it's got the beef the onion cheese gravy good for you really good for you guys mmm oh my gosh I'm a mess these foods are not beard friendly at all but they are beard delicious I don't even know that means this side of guests on through who has the beef you can say no one drinks like a Sun soup doodle hot onder why we only live to serve try the great stuff I would if you had it despite not having the gray stuff I gotta say though place is awesome I mean I came here on the second day that it's been open so all right I got to get it together and figure how much great stuff they actually have to make obviously it's always risky when you know you have a new concept for restaurant and new food and the chefs and everyone have to learn to do new things and I'm like I said you've done good Disneyland you're done good it's really impressive testing is so god what what wow you're like a cauliflower sandwich yeah I'm not getting that well you should well this is a wonderful thing that has happened I have just met three of the amazing chefs here at the Red Rose tavern I'm having this root for the first time and I've been telling you guys it is amazing so thank you congratulations this is really incredible stuff really I am so impressed it really can be thrilled that you're here with us today let me introduce my colleague chef Jose Oquendo and my name is chef Genevieve well thank you so much what went into making this happy well y-you just racin with obviously the movies so we're playing off the movie and we're playing off the characters movie themes throughout the movie so we thought how can we put something together that were also take together a menu that would also be inspired by such a tremendous experience here we are and you did it's exactly amazing I'm just sitting here I guess and now I like to try all the other things though do you have a favorite item on the menu cauliflower okay do we I think of fern agreement that the cauliflower sandwich by far has been the biggest surprise for credible that it's out there and also cauliflower steak what's happening there yes all of a sudden this comes out people bite into coal mine this is wonderful that we are thrilled and very pleased important well perhaps it has is amazing thank you guys so good all right sometimes old Disney magic happens when you come to the park like that the chefs are just roaming around I had a great conversation with them and we talked about Disney food and being more adventurous with the food it's so cool I can't wait to have more adventures in food at Disney Thank You Disney chefs for doing what you did because that like hey I am so far exceeded my expectations it was amazing that was like actual real [Music] foodie food right here in Fantasyland all right I'm going to take you back inside so I can show you a little bit more of the inside and what they did wow that was good alright I am back inside you can see that guest John is up there it did a great job with that and all around here you can see there's all these new touches that they have added to really make you feel like you are in the movie from the food to the d'accord they did it right and that is really exciting when Disney is able to do that really cool and you can see back there it says hook foot song is that uh does that mean I took French we got some mosaics on the wall back here I'll get my head out of the way yeah yeah nice night I love people watching me like why is this guy taking a video of us oh I know what I don't trust on to mean to your help it's like Cheers you know I remember from Claire I only show you this wall cause it's really cool little town to quiet village as you can see here beautiful look what they've done amazing and then in the corner back here we've got be our guest that's neat I love it and step back outside look at the little balcony with roses up there man they don't miss anything well there you go guys there's your first look at the new red rose tavern here in Fantasyland come on down here it is completely Jagdamba it is awesome the two things I tried were amazing and some of the best things that I've had in the park quick service food that was delicious delicious stuff and since they didn't have a few of the items I wanted to try that means I gotta come back oh no I can't wait to come back and try some more things here at red rose 7 have you guys been yet what have you tried did you love it cauliflower sandwich right so God will the light just went on it must be getting dark that means I gotta go let me know what you think about this in the comments below like subscribe check out my patreon page and have a magical day everybody bye mm-hmm

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