Bahamas wahoo and groupers on polespears- mini documentary

by: Bradley Thornbrough

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three four test coastal waters forecast deerfield beach to ocean redeposited 16 nautical miles ill warning in effect through wednesday morning small craft advisory in effect I've been keeping an eye on western days 34 foot yellowfin for over a month I was just waiting for a break in the weather so I could deliver the boat the chub key in the Bahamas finally on a Friday morning the weather report looked promising and I called up cam to see if he could make the last-minute trip with me I wanted him to help out with the boat and maybe we could get some spearfishing in he made it down by Friday night and we left the dock at 5:00 a.m. hoping for the best but expecting the worst what we got surpassed any Bahamas trip we had done before and we got it all on film

you know after traveling around and doing all these spear fishing trips we're going after big pelagic fish big tunas and big wahoo and travel around with 20-pound guns and flow lines and floats and all this other crap that we take with us it's nice to get in the water and just have you know a stick in your hand and you know chase after these fish because you really learn how the fish behave and you learn how you need to behave in order to not spook the fish

Chubb he definitely has a special place in my heart you know over the past four or five years I was fortunate enough to work and job for probably the totally sick smuntz and I got to do a lot of diving there and most of that diving was from shore or on my paddleboard but I still managed to get some really good fish you know there'd be weeks were you know I'd get 40-pound groupers you know I'm back-to-back days and since I'd never shot a 40-pound grouper before I went to chubby no I knew their there was something to that place

I'd really want to dive this buoy off Andros for a long time and I'd been in the water out there and done drifts on it probably three or four different times you know and I'd shot one one nice dolphin there and some rainbow runners and stuff but every time I've been in the water I'd seen schools of water every single time and just couldn't get close enough to hit with my normal pole spear we've brought a 15-foot blue water pole spear with us and it really really made a huge difference you know these fish all of a sudden it seemed out of range we're now in range and after about 15 20 minutes of of chumming and kind of figuring out the pattern that these fish were swimming around in you know we made made a nice drop of chum got a couple flashers in the water the fish started swimming in made a dive kind of parallel parallel this one little school and one broke off and came a little too close and whack got him with the pole spear and he tore off he tore off that float line I thought for sure I was gonna lose them cuz I mean it's a tiny tiny little breakaway tip I thought for sure isn't rip out of his fish and I'm pushing the the poly balls using as a float I was pushing this float through the water so it wouldn't be in too much pressure on the wahoo and finally when the fish start stopped swimming I'm pulling them up and pulling them up cam Doge down and see how the shot was and he just looked back at me and gave me a big thumbs up I just started pulling the fish up and grabbed him and my first wahoo with a pole spear and I was I was pretty ecstatic that was an exciting fish for me you know there was only 18 pounds but uh you know it's it's it's a beginning and I have a feeling once we start dialing our gear and a little more that you know we're gonna start getting some big wahoo with

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Cameron Kirkconnell and I (Brad Thornbrough) filmed this video back in January of 2010 during the delivery of a 34 foot Yellowfin to Chub Cay. Its funny to look back and see all our random pole spear prototypes. Less than a year after this The Headhunter Predator polespear and the Cameron Kirkconnell pole spear were in full production. Its also crazy to look back and see the fish we had shot with modified sea stinger tips....if only we had had Showstopper slip tips back then! Here we are four years later and polespear have become very popular. Not just in Florida and countries that require them, but all over the world. The IUSA is now recognizing polespears and sling as a separate spearfishing world record category! We are also putting together a few incredible trips to the Bahamas this spring and summer. If anyone has an interest in learning more about these trips, check out the webpage here:

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