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[Music] hello everybody and welcome back to another minecraft video today as you can tell I am still sick and I'm still all on my lonesome unfortunately I do not have anybody to record with today so I figured I played this at the single-player map and it is called destroy their house so the aim of the game is to destroy this house and multiple other houses within the map yet to do so as you can see I'm not not given anything to do so you have to find something within the houses or within the map to destroy it to advance to the next level I'm gonna run in here as chests and craft and benches a furnace with a piece of iron and a furnace with a piece of Flint let's steel so I guess we can use the the crafting benches there we go then we just set the whole thing on fire we set it on fire and it burns to the ground ah it's a beautiful sight it really is it truly is a beautiful sight burn house bet you're dying somebody's dying what grace what are you doing doing oh you came into my house and tried to burn it you would kill me I wouldn't have been able to record this video I mean if you want a piece of birch wood I might have seen you in there I was trolling you alright I got a finished burn in this house dude when am I gonna get to move to the next level the pro this map is all about destroying houses such in every house there's a block in particular that you must destroy do you recall me saying that we have to destroy the house too yes that's in the next level I know but there's one block that in specific we have to break in the house okay there's a redstone torch within there yeah there is how do we get in what the heck oh there we go I'm in cool wait what there's an invisible block right there that's also okay so if I put one yes your son bud yeah oh yeah okay so we're just gonna destroy it however we please I thought we had to destroy every single block no no I just said it's one specific block one specific block but every house has to be destroyed for you to move on so it means if you you could destroy a lot of the house but you won't move on I see I see I got I got okay sir here is your house in the top of this tree how did you get all the way up they've gotta be a POC chorus like me we know how do you actually cuz like the vines don't like ever connect exactly you got it like find your way up oh I found the house at the top of the tree best house ever stand on the door there's no way you cheater cheater Puckett is it there's a one at the top but I don't I don't know what it says huh what did you get up this you really struggling that much decay bang okay it's the cane is they can okay okay now what I think you just have to wait yeah there we go one block got destroyed alright it's gonna be like some prison cells some inmates the repairman there's a lever here are you able to break any lever you gonna stick yeah I'm checking the furnaces you haven't I trade the stick with somebody for a cobble I don't think you can trade this thick you need a lever which requires cobble and a stick wait stick can brake lever oh wait oh there we go cool so now we can trade that tray this with the head and then here give this head to the guy over across there you see him I think it's this guy no wrong guy well I think it's this guy guy wrong guy is it this guy no it's not that guy oh it wasn't that guy I couldn't reach him anyway oh it's this guy why didn't you tell me it was this one I said then which one takes the repairman and then that guy takes the red so it's gives you this the cobweb I don't know the cobweb oh right here eight cobwebs will give us a door oh so I have to break every single level oh and then wait what do we do with the door maybe we put it way over there where that wool block is maybe I don't know how that's gonna blow it up but okay yeah you can we have to blow it up those at the room yes it's destroying the houses I know we just roll down oh yeah that's true that's good like treated or we can type you to that oh there we go finally right of this took me so long okay okay and then the cobweb oh my god you don't I really forgot this last letter are you kidding me Mir oh my okay now I can trade look oh but get that door get that door okay so the doors are door where does it go it can release anywhere oh I got a dark oak wood do it - what towel now I don't have one how did you get that I have no idea oh can be placed on wool oh because they needed it oh you have it now I slept how does that work what is going on there oh no no I want to complete it I wouldn't complete it dude what is going on stop it dude it's my dog this is mine though not your door not yours okay wait crouch a head crushed right here yep you might be hidden I can open the door brick what magic who made that it will do you knows I found that was magic what the heck that was never a door head before what put you up at the chest I got a redstone trade with the red zone guy yeah I got a redstone like oh okay how much deity just one piece by village are you light it I've killed sir you light it zippy ledger yes dude I thought we did do it for a second man I was about to be so angry oh my god this side oh are you getting frames dude my minecraft it's just like what is going on alright so it looks like there is a Paco for this level yeah I like to see you love to see my guarantee you won't eat this first work yep there you go hey I put you in the back line of blocks no no no please don't please don't say crashes the game it crashes the whole game and now you can't do it no you're alright I got it dirty kid dude we'll get dude he's good at all uh don't put me in the back line a block stayed over in the back line of blocks get me out of it please I gotcha I gotcha oh my gosh thank you thank you that's so that's the scariest glitch when you're going okay go in there dude okay this is where I got to before we crash you got to go to here there's no I might need you to stay outside yeah I might hate you stay outside I'm going into the I'm going into the line of blocks oh no I saved me you're in it are you - you're in it I'm about to be oh shoot this oh my gosh I'm not in it I'm not in it it's okay okay here we go I'm making it up ladder yes okay no more back line of blocks all right now you have to jump onto that red mat and go uh I think a slime blocks under can you jump on that and test if it's like that is it is it is hmm okay I'm gonna break something I'm gonna break something - wish me luck one go okay I may die it's okay they put some spice that's time okay there we go I just I can't reach it Oh No yeah I'm okay to the edge of the block I reaches you know I can't reach it okay go to the edge okay I'm all the way to get a jump up oh I can't reach it what yep that's it I told you that's it lapis uncompleted ways oh how do you it's over I'm sorry but what if I break all the flames what's the purpose of that like why what are you doing therefore I can reach your chest let's complete the level Oh what is its infinite water source grace this is what we were supposed to do I'm sorry for judging you but uh you oh no no I'm in the back line of blocks my game crash my game crash my game crash all right red stone eeeh let's say let's figure out how to destroy this I don't really see a house in this one oh wait what's this don't up here I gotta go and see that how do we get up to it got a cake thing the cake I think this just register on this being spammed about it has said give it been having it there yeah I'm pretty sure it has to be the cake so let's waste are longer down at nnnn it you think it is the cake okay no really like this oh no it just reals you maybe we go like this how do we get on to that that's the question oh yeah I'm trying to parkour up that you see what I'm doing but maybe oh yes I like that thinking we'll I'm up here okay what's up there what's up that press it water break all with the redstone there we go oh my gosh G that was SWAT thinking that was smart thinking level six the PvP arena okay don't go I'll uh meet you at PvP I'm the best fighter in the world mr. William the best better so take yourself some mama I am how'd you know that's what I was doing cuz I'm doing the exact same thing I'm guessing you took old diamond as well um Oh how do we win you did we do something I know what did we do maybe when we took armor off and I oh I guess so I guess so that's funny that is so funny I guess that is that you did it hey water do I like this like this yeah right here there you go ahead and then we can't go anywhere so I'm kind of just stood on a door for no reason but that parkour does it oh yeah right there what there we go marred Alec that's not my name my name is will okay but it's hard as is a very good junk and I we cannot both get on it at the same time so please stand why do you always get the right-of-way just cuz it's your bid you just took your turn and then you try the pushing line D that's like way to feel for your Shake Shack and then going on somebody a long you know Shake Shack now like you know you had the little buzzer what if somebody else was it was going off and you walked and got their burger and a shake shake is it but what do we do here maybe break the ice do we need to get something to break it there are a bunch of little things are here you can jump in all of them but I there's nothing out here to be broken I can't break it yeah I'm ready wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you did everything no no I am good at everything I found it the ice breaker what what ice break it good from what there is a there's a little place to jump right here and you can you can grab whatever's in that hopper over there I didn't see it at first but now I see it now I totally see it all right let's see genius dude all right my turn you realize you don't have the ice cream there's no point in you going over there right you're right we go up we go we go oh man break break the ice there we go and then we go up top there we go ruff city in sub password only in case of a viral virus contamination in other words destroyed the city to save the world situations okay so the passwords gonna blow up the city we should look in all of the file of the doors no I got the paper got the xp9 okay wait read it out again in a second okay a 579 that's the code that should be their password to blow up okay so it didn't it didn't do anything so like I put the code in I pick it up and then it reverse the position water it doesn't do anything what is it ac can you read it out to me a57 c 9m 1 z 9m 1 3 okay so a 5 7 c 9m 1 3 yeah we got that code toss it in and nothing sit dude it's a capital C it's a capital C a57 see a 579 mmm so there's no other caps so this should in theory blow all that we go here it goes oh that was one hell of an explosion oh yeah I thought it like it oh yeah delay ya know just get scared did we get it wrong everything go up but did we get it wrong what shovel whoa miss shovel hey you possibly go wrong cannon breaks and can you break the red sand maybe i'ma break some to break the Sun okay I think I know a little edge nothing there oh yeah I want to break the corner pieces yeah it's gonna be in the corner oh no anything no I felt that dirt was something special we didn't break one of the corners we gotta break this you gotta break these it's got to be something under these nothing what's in here there's a little mountain here where's the little mountain we're going to uncovers a mountain ah there we go the one thing we didn't break are you kidding me no okay done is there something I'm sure there was there's a little end chamber that we need to get into maybe yeah that's where we gotta be that's what we gotta be to end it who what if oh you pushed me off William yeah no I think you're totally went the wrong way yeah nowhere yeah there's yeah there is press a button on top of you huh oh I can't reach it - there we go what what happened okay and then BAM ah what a way to finish them up I think that is the end I did destroy yeah you killed your Bo please actually really fun I wasn't really really cool man that was a really cool map very cool indeed could all of these things that we destroyed I know I'm just going through my yes we destroyed there's so many what the heck all right guys so that is a that is the end of this video I hope you did enjoy if you guys enjoy these maps be sure to leave a like be sure to subscribe and we'll see you guys tomorrow for the next video wait stared exactly where you are will it don't move I'm not moving I'm not moving I'm not moving you gotta be a game old ass though okay done it in it are you ready oh no oh no oh no die hurry up I'll help you out with this I'll help you always help that was too much anticlimactic ending

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