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the following tutorial is intended to show how to make a digital backup copy of DVDs and blu-ray discs which you have legally purchased any and all digital backup copies made using this tutorial are to be used for your personal / private use only thank you okay now that we've got the serious stuff out of the way let's dive in my name is Brian and you're watching more axis reviews and how to's typically in my videos I like to give background about what inspired me to make a video but I think that most people just don't care and want me to just get straight to the point so for once in my life rather than ramble on and share the back story that no one cares about in the first place I'll just skip over my typical informative yet meaningless to anyone but myself introduction about how this video came to be and get straight to the meat and potatoes of what the video is actually about not to say that this video is about meat and potatoes I mean the title of this video says nothing about potatoes or any kind of meat for that matter and all this talk about meat and potatoes I'm feeling kind of hungry are you hungry [Applause]

so lately I've been dabbling in the world of Plex if you're not familiar with Plex I suggest that you check it out because it's pretty darn neato plan to make another video talking more about Plex and what I'm wanting to do with my digital movie backup copies and will place a link in the video description as well as in the cards right up over here wherever that's that once I do anyway as a result of my dabbling I needed to make some digital copies of my movie library most of which is all on DVDs and blu-ray discs to turn your physical media into its pure digital form there are obviously some tools we're going to need the first of which is a computer with a DVD or blu-ray drive in it I think this goes without saying but I'm going to say it just so there isn't any confusion if you plan to copy blu-ray discs you must have a blu-ray drive in your computer ok so it doesn't have to be an internal blu-ray drive an external drive will work too but you must have a blu-ray drive you cannot copy blu-rays if you only have a DVD drive a blu-ray drive however can be used to read and copy DVDs the second thing we're going to need are two pieces of software one is called make MKV and the other is called handbrake there are both open source programs which you can download and use for free I've placed links to where you can download them both in the video description once you have make MKV and handbrake installed you'll want to load the disc you want to copy into your computer's optical drive and then launch make MKV if you have more than one optical drive connected to your computer you'll want to select the drive with your movie in it from the drop-down menu at the top of the window here and then click on the big button that looks like an optical drive make em KB will now read the disk and then display a list of the different tracks contained on it this usually takes a minute or less to do but I have had a couple that have taken a little bit longer but once it's done you'll see a list of tracks similar to this now this part can be a bit of a guessing game I've used make MKV to copy over a hundred and fifty movies so far and the vast majority of them gave me no information about which track was which like you see here typically the largest file is the one you're looking for since I'm copying a blu-ray that happens to be this 31 gigabyte track right here on a DVD it'll be that in the neighborhood of four to six gigabytes depending on the length of the movie on some discs you'll see multiple files of the same size and in my experience they're usually alternate language versions of the film unfortunately it's not usually clear which one is which so you just have to copy them all and delete the files you don't need once you're done the easiest way to select your file is to first right click in the window and choose unselect all then tick the box of the file you want to copy once it's selected you can choose where you want to output the digital copy to or you can simply use the default destination it gives you and then click the make MKV button here on the far right if the directory you have chosen doesn't yet exist it will ask if you want to create it click yes and make him kV we'll go to work on my i7 4790k system this process takes between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the length of the movie once making KB is completed its work you will have a perfect digital copy of your movie in the MKV format which Windows Media Player cannot play but can be played using a good video player such as VLC which if you've never heard of is an awesome open source media player that can play pretty much anything really I've placed a link for it in the video description there is a downside to this MKV copy of your movie however and that is that the file size remains more or less at its original size which in the case of a blu-ray is in the range of 20 to 30 gigabytes if you're one of those people that has nearly unlimited storage space on your computer or Nass and you want to keep your digital copy in its purest truest form then you don't have to go any further and can stop this tutorial right here if you're like me however and only have a limited amount of space to store your digital movie library then you'll want to continue on to our next step which is to transcode the movie to a smaller more storage friendly size using handbrake upon opening handbrake you will be prompted to drop a file or folder here we can then take our MKV file we just created with make MKV and drop it into handbrake like so handbrake will then quickly scan the file and you'll see this here there are all different kinds of options we can play with and customize to be honest I don't really mess with any of these because for my purposes I've found the presets on the far right here work fantastic my favorite one to use that I feel gives me a good quality digital copy and also significantly reduces storage space is the HQ 1080p 30 surround I understand simply using a preset that I like isn't for everyone so you are of course free to try out any of the presets you want as well as create your own custom presets I'd recommend taking a five-minute clip of some kind and trying out the presets you want to see as well as play around with the different settings and just see what you're most happy with once you have things to dialed in where you want them you'll want to come down to the save as field here at the bottom of the window give your file a name and then click browse to choose where you want to save it to once you've done that you can click the green button here at the top of the window to start encoding the encoding process takes quite a bit of time so at this point you'll most likely want to walk away from your computer and go watch a movie or work on another project of some kind or just go to bed I would often queue up three or four movies to be encoded go to bed and when I wake up in the morning they'd all be finished oh this reminds me if you want to encode more than one movie at a time you can click on open source in the upper left of the window and then repeat the same process of dropping your MKV file into the window selecting your encoding options where and what to save your file as and then simply click the add to queue button here and once handbrake is finished encoding the first video it will automatically begin encoding the next video in the queue with your movie file now transcoded let's do a quick comparison of our file sizes the original MKV container file we started with was twenty three point nine gigabytes after handbrake has worked it's magic we now have a much more storage space friendly for point two three gigabyte mp4 container file we can copy to our phone tablet nas or whatever other device we want and for a quick comparison of the video quality on the left side of the screen is playback of the 23.9 a gigabyte MKV file and on the right is the four point two three gigabyte mp4 as you can see the video quality of our much smaller mp4 movie is still really good

before I conclude this video I need to go back to make MKV for a little bit I have nothing but good things to say about make MKV it's a fantastic simple to use program that does its job excellently I copied over a hundred and fifty movies using it without any issues at all however there was one movie that for reasons I was unable to figure out make MKV failed the copy I tried all the troubleshooting steps that they offer on their website and that they have in their forums but it just wouldn't work the funny thing is this particular movie had the original theatrical version as well as an extended version of the film on the same disk make MKV can copy the theatrical version without any issue however when I try to copy the extended version it always fails but where there's a will there's a way and after a few hours of googling I learned another way to get it done but it required that I download a program called any DVD from redfox I know the name says DVD in it but don't worry it can copy blu-ray discs as well I'm like make MKV any DVD is not a free program but is available to download and evaluate for free for a period of 21 days a one-year subscription costs 59 euros or around $70 u.s. or you can purchase a lifetime subscription for a hundred and nine euros or around a hundred and thirty US dollars once you have any DVD installed you can load your DVD or blu-ray into your optical drive and double click the any DVD icon and any DVD will begin to scan your disc once it's completed its scan all you'll see is your desktop so to copy hard disk we need to click the up arrow icon here in our system tray then right-click on the any DVD box logo guy which brings up this little menu here we want to select rip video disc to hard disk which will bring up the any DVD ripper window in the source directory drop-down you'll want to select your optical drive with your movie in it and in the destination directory field you can click on the little file folder icon to choose where you want to save your movie to with those things taken care of all that's left is to click copy disc and you're off to the races once any DVD has finished ripping the disc you're going to end up with a folder that looks something like this when you open it up it has the exact same file structure as you'd find on the disc itself because what you now have is a decrypted digital copy of your movie that you can then burn on to another disc if you want or import into handbrake which is what we're going to do and transcode into another file format like an mp4 which can be copied to and played on all your electronic devices the transcoding process and handbrake this time around is pretty much the same we just have a couple of small differences the first thing that's different is rather than dragging the single MKV file into handbrake we need to drop in this entire folder handbrake will then scan the titles just like before and drop us into the main interface the other thing that's different here then when transcoding in MKV is we need to select the track we want to transcode in the title drop-down we have a list of the different tracks to the right of the track name is a timecode indicating the length of each track in this case I want to copy the extended version of this movie which happens to be the longest track here at two hours 54 minutes and 24 seconds and from there the rest of this should all be very familiar I select my transcoding options the name of the file where I - save it - and then start the encoding process encoding this movie took about three hours to complete but now here we have the extended version of the film in a nice slim 6.18 gigabyte mp4 and makes a wonderful addition to my digital movie library and with that it's time to wrap up this video thank you so much for hanging out with me and watching the video I hope that it has been a great help to you and I wish you the very best as you get to work backing up your movie collection and creating your very own digital movie library if you've enjoyed this video please share with your friends and hit the like button before you head out if you have a question or comment for me go ahead and leave it in the comments section below and I'll do my best to respond to you there if you like what I do on my channel and would like to help me continue to make more content like this I invite you to check out my Amazon store where you can purchase items I feature in my videos again thank you so much for watching I hope you have a great day and I look forward to hanging out with you again in

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Have you ever wanted to make a backup copy of your DVD or Blu-ray movies just in case your kids destroy them? Or are you looking to turn your disc based movie collection into a digital collection which you can load to your home media server? Well there is a way to do this. You'll just need a computer with an optical drive in it (Blu-ray/DVD drive) and a couple pieces of free to use software; namely MakeMKV and HandBrake. And if you happen to run into a disc that MakeMKV just doesn't like there is an alternate way to rip the movie using a program called AnyDVD HD. In this tutorial I walk you though how to copy your disc based movies and create digital copies you can then load onto your smart phone, tablet, computer or use with Plex, Kodi or other media servers of your choice. So enough blabbin' let's get this road on the show! XD Like my videos? Want to help support the channel? Click the like button, subscribe and share my videos with your friends. You can also purchase items I feature in my videos by shopping at my Amazon store here -

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