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by: Bokoen1

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you guys want to hear the hear about the time I actually gassed my entire chemistry class okay it's ridiculous he doesn't even have many Street promos it's just 100 yeah I just tell you fucking people to get fighters up no build an airfield in Thailand Pechaluk okay okay it's being bombed business rat that has been used for two months in a row now every single Japanese players found a way to counter it on the go they just like said to themselves all right i'ma start building a a in the meantime and I'ma build off the airfield all I know is that I'm being pushed right now in Beijing because I have no sir cause I've had excess supply hundred hundred ball it's not one far isn't it son would still get you ready to push in grinds oh not ranked so okay you ready yeah I'm ready second phase second phase parachute the ports oh my god I see that oh my god you have Okinawa oh my god wait you get the fucking land on like okay guys I could build these I can build the visions to hold it doesn't put a tee in them like a boss French Army's getting curb-stomp I shall just be like yeah the axes have lost guys Boy Advance I said I have lost actually did say you did say the axes

and the French is lost all the missions they're gone the French Army's gone oh my god get me fighters over oh yeah we have a thousand fighters everything looks good just wait I'm bombing the fort's the coastal thoughts so they won't actually do anything oh he's been upgrading them they're gone now oh my god they're cheering is everybody ready go full power satellite frosters go go go up in the paratroopers sir Oh d-day I'm uh oh goodness what's up a bad out though Hungarian tanks coming in run oh my god they're not getting instantly slaughtered kill them kill that fucking thing right now get that port repair right now is that those are the Hungarian voice I need these tanks over here to fight them we'll be up on good good capture a good capture broad there we go all right I've got the port repairs at the top of my skull this is one hell of a d-day right now boys roll man here we go this is it hoorah yeah I'm trying to move around the Brawn look at this I'm gonna suckle them come on come on Exley's Walter Kreuger oh and circle MIT that's a big one we got him Ron the pockets over are you able to push back Joe yeah Aereo that I was thinking of making a circle can you see these yeah I can do that that would be a really good answer I push them out Ron Ron if you get that I'm gonna help from the other side are we gonna push Ron this hold it Ron we got a hold the jobs are coated with the South Broad not a will hold hold it all do well here punch into them punching on all sides both open that combat with we

got this we got this fun like a WWE match right now is this good stop them now we are circled almost Battle of the boat 1941 colorized I'm going in I know they got it Oh No who's gonna tanks the south johanna tanks in the south fuck am i reinforcements I got two more heavy tanks coming and they're gonna be able to reinforce that take two problems is britain Fitz push here oh no the Hungarians are coming up north brother gonna try and cut me off now oh I just lost those divisions down there that's that's entire fronts cut off now well back to the river fall back to the river that's a lot of damage to us there I want to see if I can pull them out that's that's almost all my heavy tanks cut off there by the way though that pocket is done that pocket is done we're not gonna win this now it's gone it's gone they all got overrun bran get out of there god damn it that's way too many divisions d-day is got is jeopardized now ok you have to push fully back now like d-day is ridiculously jeopardize right now wait the German tanks are not are they here oh they did they go to the I don't see them anywhere oh yes you know what it's time for then autumn kill those battalion divisions please the German tanks are gone so it's time to move boys it's not over yet he oh my god he pulled in they'll retreated the wrong direction fraud oh we gotta gotta broaden help me out here if France if you want to do one thing for me you fill out the gap when I do this and we blow up the southern front as well I got 12 I got Hungarian tanks everywhere right now bronze the German tanks are back the German tanks back pop help me out here Franz just move with me yeah yeah that's good that's good Franz just keep them in place southern front is completely obliterated Alan it's gone if it oh my god look at it that it's that is a hell of a encirclement for the Italians they have such a tiny amount of divisions on the Rhine that was a really intense battle up front so that was a point there's goes Vichy what the fuck is that box equipment that we can support equipment dogshit they actually did do something fraud you can't take that away from like the ants from Indiana Jones is what they are say those tanks come on no well I'm afraid there's no saving power use those battleships to shell those bitch boys to death I just don't understand why Poland's in this peace deal they're on our side Fitz you ready to high-five I got a high-five we got a high-five Fitz five five Oh looks like we caught them in the middle of their evacuation I'm afraid these communities are coming save you just say the word how about this I send a battleship I can't break out with just battles you know what they'll help you I thought you expected like the bow just Graham onsens I see your drawing I'm trying to buy I'm afraid your defensive line will not hold chief was shit there's a mountain there let me just remove the mountain Oh everything's falling apart Batman's coming in no please believe I have found a target before the new yeah let's it would be an immediate test the remaining Axis powers will be reined in no I did nothing

it was a peaceful City

gonna be my ally now so you're so screwed Phoenix are you sabot are you deliberately sabotaging my operation I like our phone does runs away with everything you've got Japan shut up Dressel you're Japan no yeah you owe me I owe you yeah you owe me now I'm going against you we're going in we're almost there boys great job guarding there's been a strawberry deployed I discovered that like one day too late otherwise I would have been in bed rib yeah that took three days to cross the river with the tank I'll sweating my bowels all rather

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