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[Music] alright hey guys so it's been a while since we bloggers we posted anything and that's just because when we got back from Grand Prairie we were just trying to get back our but get back to our routine and just try to digest everything that happened and to be honest like it was hard it was hard to get back into the routine getting back to work I felt like I was had a lot on my mind of course and I was really distracted and I think I was a little bit depressed but things are getting back to normal now and I'm feeling a lot better and I'm learning to accept what happened as well as preparing for our next cycle so I think slowly but surely it's all coming back together here so sorry that we took awhile to post but we're back now and I just wanted to update you guys on what's happening with our second IVF cycles so if you guys have watched our previous IVF updates you guys know that we are trying again with a different protocol or Flair protocol where we did the antagonists for our first one as well as I'm taking supplements for eye quality of course our prenatal Xin Co Q 10 I'm also eliminated alcohol which I have eliminated alcohol since my art trip isn't and again back in March but since our first IVF cycle I've also cut out testing which is really hard because I love coffee and I love coffee everything so I kind of switch to decaf for the first little bit and now I'm trying to get off decaf to kind of just transition and yeah a decaf I didn't really taste the difference but of course I felt the difference in the morning I didn't have that little jolt of energy that comes with your morning coffee but the decaf tasted really good and I'm also trying to cut down on my dairy and we haven't bought like real like cows and I was like in a long time we've always had almond milk but just like you know I used to eat a lot of yogurt so I'm just trying to cut down on that and I know those are kind of some of the things that can affect eye quality and infertility as well as them if you guys remember or if you may not remember one of our first ultrasounds from our first IVF cycle showed that I had a small polyp in my uterus and so even if we did had even if we did get embryos they would have been able to do a fresh transfer because of the polyp so before I left I never they did a hysteroscopy to see if there was a polyp or if it was something else and she said it was a very very minor raise of the lining so she tried to scuff it off with the camera during the hysteroscopy if you don't know what a hysteroscopy is basically a procedure where they insert a very thin camera into the uterus just to see how the lining looks like so I actually I'm going to vancouver today because I have another hysteroscopy on Monday just to make sure that the polyp is gone that it came out on my last cycle and hopefully my uterus looks healthy and is ready for a possible fresh transfer for our second cycles so that's where we are at I'm excited to be back to in Vancouver tonight with my family and friends colin is back to work so he's away right now and he unfortunately will be coming with me to Vancouver but he'll be home next week so yeah can't wait to be back and eat some yummy Vancouver food and spend time with my friends and family and just being beautiful British Columbia again anyway so I'm at home on my lunch break I packed all my clothes last night so I'm just packing up all my toiletries my flight tonight is at 6 p.m. and i got off work i think that 6:30 and I get off work at 5:00 so I have just enough time to drive there leave my car I never check in luggage just go faster and easier and I mean you don't have to get to the airport too early so just packing a couple outfit for the movie there for three nights and moving Monday evening after a hysteroscopy all right so I just got off work I already know my luggage with my hands and it was a good hold because my voice is actually is empowering class so I think about 40 minutes or so to get to the airport probably less big tensed cranberries pretty small only change in the car I'm going to see my body stood on some tracks as but I'm excited because I'm staying with my friend just being to Mary last time I was there we know you spend a lot of time together going to go for some species night tradition but I got and I hope the weather is going to be really good all weekend cause we got fun beach in planned and get up


once again let me Ken find the clock we got all these parking spots here were reserved because I was a car sales so was probably my cousin Harry and so far so far you guys help me remember seven detail I'm putting my ticket up here with my hair so when I forget I'm all changed up my pencil bands comfy byte company fight we're always I'm just mad for you this airport right now and I may be off but it's humid sticky right now I'm not complaining or I am complaining but yes it's better than being snowy fix my hair look guys for a little airport all the way over there may not even remember how to get to this parking a lot this part of the parking lot [Music]

humming a little Airport without my bags it's pretty ratty I have a bunch of extra one but since it grabs more and then finally my extra one so change that [Music]

you [Music] in Calgary alarms my gate here because so far away like an important in my family [Applause] [Music] here at Tim's I haven't eaten since like 11:00 a.m. and for now 8:00 p.m. drop very time I put onto the forgot line which even have enough time at home they're all like 20 about zero reason ridiculous that's how to get checked argue I'm tired i napped on the whole plane right anyways so hopefully as we care but it's super cold to get my jacket out of my luggage let it sweat I just leave a little edge we are in Richmond and I know which one you can smell okay as soon as I got off the plane it's not the Chinese food smell them so we are here with my uber driver Justine and they're going for sushi I'm messy on the happy hour you know I didn't sleep on the plane at all jizz edge because there's no one beside me you take it down into that place hard to make and snore it out my god son Jake he is a three major how old are you now Jake are you 13 seven look he's like a teenager already okay guys I'm in my godson's bedroom um you can sleep with mommy and I was trying got a good night's sleep so I'll see you guys tomorrow

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