Huge abscess

by: Erock Stoenescu

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yeah it's gonna sting a little bit hey there's news a little poke

you're doing smart like a baby breathe don't look at Brad three breathe in through your nose out through your mouth breathe breathe boom don't slow it down nice and slow in your nose off your mouth there slow your breathing down buddy just feet to get deep breath and thanks enter your mouth just kind of playing and breathing nice and slow lips it cool it makes you slow down your ear exhale

I'm gonna use a 18 a drill pipe to see if I can't relieve a little this pressure so I don't have a shower guys

then will my head Wow because if you do that with the all right you got chugs and okay we're gonna clean you ever anything yep good you can [Music]

you get that on video yeah oh my god it stinks that's disgusting yeah Wow no it's no big sections are pretty fellow oh my god yeah I smell that yeah it's just like blowing all that passing blood that's that's not without even this wheezes yeah just all the pressure built up oh sorry

so the only time I actually was

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Sorry the nurse cut off the video before the Dr squeezed and cleaned all the puss out, which might be a good thing because of the loud crying that ensued lol please share!!
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