Quickest way to repair freon leak

by: David Jones

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okay folks what we want to talk about today is the Schrader valve core remover what is a Schrader valve Schrader valve is their little spring-loaded valves that are on the AC unit where you put your gauges okay sometimes they go bad they have a little rubber seat around those sometimes trash gets into the little stem parts at the end of it trash gets into those they get stuck sometimes other technicians or people might leave the caps off and you get dirt and debris inside of these things and they all need to be cleaned out here's the tool that actually does is for you okay comes into two pieces this here is actually just a CPS model but there's several different ones on the market this here is just the ball valve if you can see down inside of this just shuts it off seat see the little ball valve inside okay so what I'm going to do here I want you to come over here I actually change this and let me show you what happened here guys I'm going to show you this first once you look this route see this blue stuff this is a another company down here one of my competitors hey guys if you're a helper if you're a technician if you're an owner if you're homeowner do not use lock-tight on the AC systems read your instruction manual we'll never say nothing about using locked a lot of times that I'll use a little bottle a blue stuff that auto mechanics use to keep nuts from backing down and vibrating loose but you do not use this stuff on AC equipment I wish I had a bottle to show you if it doesn't come with the manufacturers spec sheet do not use it look this cap is plumb full stuff horrible horrible so what we're going to do I'm going to replace this valve okay I'm going to replace it with this a brand new one okay first thing you want to do

just put this I'm putting it all back together I'm sorry about that guys on the video okay just taking it screw down okay I've got the valve closed that's closed just take your time don't rush this okay it's kind of like surgery for a doctor you want a thumb tighten it okay then the valve still closer well now what I'm going to do is I'm going to open the valve up slowly now I want you to watch this watch this shoot up okay now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my thumb and I'm just gonna borrow it turn it you got to kind of put your thing that you got to rotate this until you know you're on the Schrader valve you you got to catch got to catch this hook this tool is designed to catch right here see how you got to the shoulders on these side somebody I found it so now I'm gonna do is I'm going to very gently I'm going to turn it

this thing's under pressure so you got to work with it okay okay now I've caught it again so now I'm just going to rotate it

and the way I look I look at the distance between my two pieces here my two pieces of brass

okay I think I've got it someone let it out very gently we'll shut my ball valve because you don't shut your valve when you take this off all the refrigerants in the cloud

voila I got it see how this tool capture decided this thing seen fits right in there perfectly so now we'll put it on put the new one back in the same way that's an old one this my new in so I'm going to load it back up let me show you what I'm talking about I'm going to just step aside here and if I open this valve you'll see the refrigerant start coming out that's why it's important to make sure this is shut now I'm going to put this back in very gently take your time guys this is not a procedure to Juris you're like a doctor here it's worth this money and time okay now I'm going to open up my ball valve very gently I'm going to push this back in very slow and easy and I'm just going to turn it turn it nice and slow once again you'll see the distance closed between these two gaps you just turn it till you can't turn it no more then all you want to do is to Snug it all right notice I can't return it no more I'm just going to kind of Snug it okay just just a smidge just to thumb turn don't get crazy because these things have got small threads then we'll let this out shove them a ball valve back off I'm going to take this off now what I'm going to do without me just thinking I'm all that I'm not going to release this out what I'm going to do is I'm actually open this up and make sure we have no refrigerant coming out all right my ball valve is open that means these the valve stem is seated

alright that was a successful extraction of the core valve and Arie said in a new core valve all I want to say guys is take your time think about what you're doing try not to contaminate your system if you have any questions go to Joan's air conditioning comm please subscribe to these videos please like these videos and for you experienced technicians and your honors please pay it forward to the young technicians our world needs better people in our industry ok thank you for

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