Waluigis Amiibo (SMR short)

by: SuperMarioRichie

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oh we yeah pretty good book we kind of trapped in a boat whatever well uh well I would guess well I got in the mail today what we what we what could a party baby deez nutz what could it be we know what are they it's what we dreamed about getting for a long time I remember the day we made clay figures of ourselves but now that's actually a thing what could you be possibly talking about we I'm telling you for the final time where do we are not getting an amiibo of ourselves we it's stupid is that point this way you don't think we're good characters we they're gonna get freaking Mars and Robin amiibo Shazam for 60 damage Wayne but me and you were not worth anything we were not worth cramp well while I was a patient in ski I've been storing this up for my butt for about two hours now just assure you and patience is key while I watch it and when you wait things really happen and they're so cool yeah get that out there here it just one hour Jake there it is who are you me Bo it's so good look at it look at it man and it I let it hold you up edit but it's amazing well I'm we merely want ya where you got an amiibo me oh my god oh my god we I don't know it's official just take a look it's fascinating yes sure I'll take a look I'm wash my hands after that we somatic amiibo did you the fish away do you have a national now we final people don't take that you can't have your amiibo why you're stuck waiting this is outrageous Wayne I keep believing you have an amiibo wait you you have it in me you have your own imagining in dreaming but now you have one congratulations we I I dropped it but another good thing is the new mario party is set over me balls came out yeah but your Mario Party doesn't really matter me what what do you mean Janos it what do you mean you say well the news that came out and they released on me again are you triggered well of my day you okay whatever you do have been kidding you in we've been waiting two years we to 13 years for me mode we and you get all you get to you level you know my doing and you're dealing with your big friggin party I'm down in the family I got family that I've got this is not caring you get two amigos and I willing at one way I don't get an amiibo this is bullcrap we pull crap point what you think yourself what you're proud of your don't we you have to leave us and I don't and can't even get one hahahaha 100-day I adore me but I think you just broke him yeah I could sweet it for that you know I'm never dying you ever didn't wear any oh I don't have my um evil-ina Germany me know I have always been a sports game I'm only be Mary ocher we I've been racing and I've been waiting waiting and waiting for some appreciation week for being choked cooling but Italy I have my own spirit on the channel I am so cool we I'm really funny I'm really weak point I don't even get my own amino yeah you let me Jeannie we I I think I think I everyone I deserve one I think I have everyone like a freaking even bringing day they got one apparently and I'm Regina told me boys mine is like a median Luigi has like five I don't know how about dressed overhead you act over a doggie Gandhi Chong after yeah one we can at least have one forget me but whatever you pickled peaches has an Emmy moto we can I ever anymore we oh wow that's kind of harsh you were writing at me for about a minute now and you just like probably broke my only amiibo which I'm really proud of but oh well I guess I hope you so what are you how to tonight defines for me


here's way with what why don't we it's right over there oh don't feel don't feel it over the way I'm gonna fly it when I don't care I'm so freaking up some I got it on my own that's my cart on my dog really I am so cool this sounds gonna be on i-tunes you should buy it now hi I'm Joe cool yeah Oh me I cam so cool oh yeah we I got my people your ones outside we don't buy OE your sauce your stove I'm gonna go away goddamn go ask um what did that just happen yep yep that just happened we will not talk only when I talk about this again me I was inside yeah you're where to savage am we um nice for cleaning up the mess Paulie I didn't don't worry yeah your meat will find over and pick it up for you mean look you all do be so mean because you have your own amiibo now he's gonna be so happy about it you know you know whatever when you're stupid yeah whatever you know you should just get out here make me we I think I heard the door batting maybe the amiibo tonight aside oh my god me Oh actually worked Emily Emily okay I got open the door oh my package deliverer hey no nail we can I have my package wait that's not an evil oh just like yes I know me I'm not doing anything for you y-yeah no dibs either we got my fruit it's gonna cool though but not an amoeba it's now when I order to mean whatever huh what's that one oh I just love walking on the street so cold outside cuz it's November let us look like well Luigi leave oh wait what are you doing here oh geez and I'm gonna go inside movement boom say baby will Luigi man she's hit a guy you still between your deserve crap oh my god we my god we gotta pick it up with we finally unite Wayne yo yes what happened we oh no L I got my meme only fine wow so there are no shipping problems or anything no scams no debuffs nope finally we I got my anymore yeah sure happy we finally got my new meatball I'm sure happy for it but i have to--

what are you talking about we y'all have to-- oh well I guess I don't

oh yeah I'm so cool on you oh wait wait we got people I'm so freakin cool hey man I got my me bow that's my me oh yeah I got my evil really I got my me wait wait wait wait here we are you go

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