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by: Northernlion

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everybody and welcome to Northern Line plays enter the gungeon this is a game I've been waiting for basically since it was announced which was like a year and a half ago if I remember correctly if you're not familiar with what this is think of it as Isaac meets nuclear throne The Binding of Isaac meets nuclear throne so it's a rogue light but it's a shooter and the guns have the kind of randomness or variety that you would expect from Isaac items so instead of just like hey this is a shotgun this is a pistol blah blah blah not that I'm crapping on nuclear throne this is like hey you have a gun that shoots water you have a gun that shoots lightning bolts you have a gun that shoots smaller guns you have a gun that shoots Nerf darts you have a gun that you get the idea basically there's a huge variety of weapons in this game and it looks to kind of scratch that nuclear throne itch and the Isaac itch at the same time if that makes sense but I'm not going to belabor the point let's just get started and we'll play as the pilot for our first game here I wanted to wait until I actually had access to release content to play the game on the channel and I'm glad I did because I'm excited to go in pretty much I don't want to say sight unseen but I've only played about four or five hours of this and I've had access one way or the other - that sounds slightly suspicious I've had access through dodge roll for like beta testing reasons for quite some time now oh god but I haven't really kind of od'd on it because I wanted to make sure that I had the that I had the opportunity to discover almost everything like while playing it through with you guys so basically so there will be a link in the description below to pick it up on Steam uh this is not a sponsored video or anything like that but I am a big fan of this game you should know that going in so very very basics of controls you know the game is made by a company called dodge roll games the dodge roll is super important because it gives you invincibility frames so when an enemy shoots we actually have a little bit of invincibility built into our roll that we can use in order to in order to avoid getting hit and really a lot of the time it's going to be so bullet heli that we are going to have to avoid getting hit not simply you know dodge the bullets or avoid the bullets or hide behind cover or something like that but rather we're going to have to actively kind of like aggressively pursue the enemy while also trying to avoid taking damage ourselves so if you look at the top left I'll explain to you what's go with our interface here I believe that the barrels and stuff never have items in them they're just there for like amis furyk effect but there are some an atmospheric or environmental elements that we can use for cover for example we can throw up that table right there and block some enemy bullets which will become more oh I didn't know that could happen I've become more relevant on on boss fights for example um top left we got three hearts we've got two lines and what blinds are are basically room clearing bombs that we can throw down and in using a blind we actually destroy all enemy bullets that are on the screen oh that was bad at any given moment so we use that when things get a little bit too intense for us to deal with I popped one there just so you can see what's up with it the blinds are a limited resource but you get more back at the end of every single floor so we want to make sure we're using them otherwise if we take damage we could have reasonably used a blind there and not take a damage okay kill the shotgun guys watch out for the super mario world wizards here we can also roll explosive barrels to set up traps for enemies it's almost like the enemy aggro'd on the barrel there which was interesting we also have two keys which you use to open chests what's going on back here might be a separate entrance to that room or something I haven't seen yet we get keys that we can use to open chests chest give you new items and that's the way that progression happens in the game it's a little bit different than a game like Isaac or nuclear throne where you while nuclear throne you level up and then get new stuff in Isaac you pick up new items and that gives you synergies in this you kind of you can get things that are passive abilities and you can give you active abilities but the real variety comes in just the sheer absurdity of weapons that you can pick up which is what I'm hoping to get here and our goal is to basically just make it to the end of enter the gungeon I've never seen past the I think I've beaten the boss that shows up on the second floor a few times but that's about it oh god that was really poor on my part probably should use the blind there beyond that I've never actually made it further so we're going to discover a lot of this stuff together so this is our shop we can't afford a sawed-off shotgun we can't afford a potion of lead skin we can't afford some armor but that's kind of boring so I don't really want to do that just look at our map here you do want to explore the want to explore the entirety of the fluor for sure I will say that floors tend to be quite a bit longer than they worried or then they are in after birth as well I really like the environmental effect on the book that shows up there I'm excited to come across some weapons and then just see what the heck is going on with that because that's the real like sense of discovery that kind of drives the enjoyment here to start with I also need to get a lot better in order to have a good chance of succeeding and I think part and parcel of that is practicing that dodge role until it becomes basically second nature oh we got our first chest we got skull spitter hard-headed so you do have to manage your weapons because ammunition is uh is a resource that is not unlimited you can tell I'm jumping through hoops to say anything but limited resource not that I'm avoiding shouting out a Magic the Gathering podcast that is very useful for those of you looking to improve your drafts this is our boss fight so we don't want to do this quite yet let's come back here after you activate these teleporters you can get to them at any time after you've cleared a room so you can't just teleport out of combat to the best of my knowledge okay so that's how our skulls work it's it not every roguelike needs an item that shoots like Fester's quest okay we've already got one in Isaac the skull seemed to do a lot of damage at least and we might actually be able to get to thirty thirty money here I don't watch your thirty money and what is this Gunjan pepper the heat is on so that is um that's a new item for us that does something that I don't know about but I think if we press I we can open up our wiki here basically and look at it deals damage to nearby enemies this pepper is hot enough to damage unassuming bystanders so I think it's almost like um like an AoE aura that does damage to enemies that are around us I'm gonna try to avoid I was bad first off I'm gonna try to have avoid bullets but I'm gonna try to avoid um what always happens to me which is hey I really like this weapon but ammo is limited so I'm never gonna use it because you know I don't want to run out of ammo and then I end up dying and going off well that was stupid of me I think we're ready to fight the boss you've already gone to both of the rooms that can give us items so let's come up here open up the door and see how it goes I'm going to try to save this for the new thing the new weapon for tough bosses and in tough rooms alright so we're starting to fight the trigger twins here we have one blind remaining good good HP we shouldn't die here and we have a little bit of armor to go along with it as well but I do have a blind that I would really like to use so that we don't find our oh dammit I was going to say so we don't find ourselves getting hit if you beat the enemies or if you beat bosses flawlessly you actually get an HP upgrade which is super valuable and HP is really hard to come by so if you can actually like finagle HP upgrades out of bosses that seems like a really good way to get your to get your HP economy up there how are you not dead yet can we talk about there we go I'm blinded by accident but might have gotten the job done we only have one HP remaining now alright hopefully we get some HP drops at the end of this otherwise I may want to consider fighting the buff or going to the shop and buying some extra armor oh no on the first floor oh that's embarrassing so we'll do another one over the course of this video oh man that is actually horrifying for me on a personal level here let's restart there are a multitude of different characters in the game will do at least for the start here we'll do a different character each video as we're getting started and I am expecting that this is going to be at least a reasonably long-running series on the channel I've been banking on that for well I forget when we were playing it for the first time on the NL SS I think was like last spring and I was like this is going to be something that would what is this chaos amulet a mole it's what can we'll so what I'm getting at is expect a lot of videos in the near future blanks have a chance to poison freeze and ignite enemies this enchanted amulet is made of the most valuable metal of all lead there's an artificer x' engrave you're on the bottom but time has rendered it illegible okay so we're going to blank and that might do some AoE or not we but but status effect damaged all right that's not good damage let's start playing better I really want to at least get through the first and second floor over the course of this episode or I'll be pretty embarrassed in my own play here so we start with the rogue special which is actually like a pretty balanced weapon to start with there is co-op in the game by the way but if you play co-op you start with the nerf gun which is a little bit less powerful but I believe also has unlimited ammo but certainly whoa certainly we're going to be looking for some higher octane firepower if we're gonna feel super confident about succeeding here I have had some pretty dope weapons in my time here what is this table Tec rage flips of fury does damage to enemies when we flip over a table this ancient technique briefly increases damage whenever a table is flipped oh man okay I'm seeing my synergies already so we come into a room flip a table as soon as possible get a damage buff and then you give me a room with no freaking tables can you believe it there you go just keep yourself moving the money automatically like it's the principle benefit that you get when you kill enemies and need clear rooms but it will also warp to you as soon as you as soon as you kill all the enemies so you don't need to go actively seek out like every single coin yo can you stop with that a k47 there you can pick it up manually if you want to eat the money that is but I'm not that interested in doing that okay this room is going to have tables in it I can feel it the next room is going to have tables in it I can feel it alright what's your new year's resolution northernlion your new year's resolution is to flip over as many tables as possible and to actually use the dodge roll when you think you're gonna get hit the enemies all have like really nicely telegraphed kind of like attack animations like look at the pistol on this guy it kind of like gets bulbous towards the end when it's about to fire please don't make that into a into a sexual thing it wasn't it was meant to be friendly for all ages it's a lot of bullet hell action okay that was really close no I actually thought that that would have a growed when I was behind the wall and does made it tough to hit me but clearly I was mistaken there in contrast to a game like Isaac and even nuclear throne which has scarce HP drops as well there are really really scarce 8hp drops in in dungeon so I really feel like I'm not I'm not gonna say this is a game where skill is more important because I wouldn't know yet I haven't played enough but it definitely seems like not getting hit it's really valuable there's a half-hour thankfully to make me look like an idiot let me get a regular shotgun and at least for like the first I don't know two or 300 episodes we're gonna fire this regular shotgun or we're gonna fire whatever weapon we pick up a couple of times after we get it just to see what it actually does flip the table get a damage bubble yo that actually seems pretty good and it lasts for a little longer than I thought - okay where you at Dawg we do still have to reload this one on the regular wonder if you can stack it up - no I don't think so it's hard to tell but we didn't get any more red to the best of my knowledge so we got 28 cents here before we go to the shop I think we should oh I think we should get as much money as possible so how many shots are in our shotgun 165 there our ammo drops like as you might expect so I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea to be trying to pop this there we go we just wanted to get the damage above it's possible that for a player of my skill level aka zero this table flipping is a little bit more trouble than it's worth but I got to admit I'm looking at it right now and I'm liking it right now okay we're gonna really like the reason I said that skill might be a little bit more on will teleport ourselves two inches on too lazy to walk the reason I say skill might be a little bit more important for overall progress is just because if you flawless a boss you get an HP upgrade which at least for me as a pretty much 100% beginner is a it seems really conducive to your success to have as much HP as possible hopefully we can we can test that theory so we're going to come down here roll roll you can kill the shopkeeper by the way or you can try to at least but then he disappears I'm not sure if you can actually do lethal damage to him but you can definitely tick him off I'll tell you that much so we got Armour ammo a couple of blanks seventeen each it's a sign say use the map to walk to these teleport points I think maybe I'll buy armor for now I don't know if it works like red hearts in the sense that you know if you don't take red heart damage against the boss maybe you get an HP upgrade or if it's just not getting hit we'll see though ok so this is the bird from the demo version of the game I've fought this enemy so many times if I get hit I'm going to be very disappointed if I die I will be beyond inconsolable you can skip by that if you want by the way I think with the e key Gatling go with the e key or the spacebar key ok no tables to flip maybe step one oh my god that was close maybe step oh my god you idiot you blew up the you blew it up you did poison him know which I guess is part of the AoE effects of the of that amulet we picked up earlier or a moment there we go this is where we're gonna do our damage I mean he shouldn't have sweated bullets uh but we want to get a little further away we poison him again with the ammo later I don't know how useful that is but it was in like a chest that looked really demonic so I was all for it there we go good we're going to get him we're obviously not going to flawless him but we're at least gonna live to the next floor okay just keep it going you know what we got another blank let's pop that give ourselves some more time to be aggressive here it looks like blanks may be due to the ammo lit also give us like a little bit more they give us a chance for our bullets to have a status effect I'm not sure okay we got armor we got some credits here I'm not totally sure where those are used for yet we got HP this is actually great and shock rounds electrified let's see excuse me stay away from me please shock rounds links bullets together with Chain Lightning the signature signature weapon of Alistair the Thunderbolt upon his second descent into the gungeon the Thunderbolt famously remarked lightning won't strike here again he wasn't wrong it's a passive oh my god that's really cool okay let's head down here I feel like we might stand a chance and actually doing some doing some damage to enemies now with the e with any gun I'm gonna try with our shotgun so got on 130 shots left in this bad boy ah you know what that looks awesome I wonder if that makes it so the spread of the shotgun is actually an advantage instead of a curse because it looks like it does damage to enemies they get caught in the lightning bolt in which case having a huge spread on it would actually be pretty valuable it's also one shotting these enemies at least when we have the damage buff from flipping a table so yo this seems really really good probably shouldn't have picked up that ammo yet is what you're gonna say but there actually are enemies that come around and they will they'll eat your soul soul now though oh good dodge roll they will eat your your items if you leave them on the ground so you might be able to get oh I was done with me you might be able to get away with with only leaving them on the ground for a minute but past that you're going to be in trouble okay we should really take advantage of the fact that we have a horrible right now you might as well call us Billy Blanks because we're rolling in that suppose another thing we may want to consider is actually tactically like flipping a table at the end of a room and then running into another one I imagine the buff probably does probably does carry over and honestly this is already one of the most powerful runs I've ever had that that like lightning bullet items seems fantastic by the way if you're watching this and you're looking for where you can actually pick it up for yourself of course oh that was perfect blank opportunity just got to practice enough that that becomes second nature um all this is bed yep that'd be okay those freaking snipers man but it comes out on Steam on April 5th which if I remember correctly is Tuesday which means that it shouldn't be too long past the posting of this video and if you're watching this like six months later which maybe you are you should be able to pick it up for yourself if you're interested I would encourage you to do so again four or five hours in there's still so much wonder for me to uncover now you can locomote with the dodge roll here to avoid getting caught in those traps thankfully we can teleport so we never have to go to that room again okay I felt like I had to use a blank there to get rid of this sniper and we actually froze him I think oh that's that must be what the blank did there was like freezing freezing damage send those Tomatoes scattered around the room here I hate all home furnishings I really like the idea that we get the the damage buff from the table flip and also the defensive bonus from the table flip as well like it heavily incentivizes me to flip these tables for cover if I wasn't doing so already all right oh we don't we have a lockpick that we can use and I think it broke the chest hahaha that you can shoot it and then it'll open sometimes but maybe no no you still can when we get out of it but it's gonna be shitty probably junk next time use a key does that even show up in our inventory of something junk just some junk next time use a key well that's what I get I guess let's come back here we do still have I believe a shop remaining on this floor so before we fight the boss it would really be in our best interest if possible to get as much of an advantage as we can well now we should Dodger all that if bullets are moving slowly I don't I don't see there being a good excuse to not dodge roll them I really like using the shotgun as a primary here and it seems like we've gotten enough oh my god you're gonna give me a golden key after all that sell key what could it unlock oh I think this might give us access to more characters heavy boots ghosts bullets prime primer well we can all lb 36 46 so that's 82 we might be able to get both let's start with heavy boots low center of mass and I want to see what this does I really like this feature we can just go here and see what it is allows the gungeon here to keep their footing even when great forces applied to them okay so we probably can't be knocked back as far ghost bullets I'm assuming are gonna be like the equivalent of spectral tears they're gonna like go through walls now we got to find the cell for the selkie believe that might give us a chance to unlock another character I just hope that ghost bullets actually would synergize with the shock bullets and allow us to get kind of the double synergy there enough enough 44 we need 46 there's got to be some coins available on this room wood chest we don't have a key let's look for a key before we do anything drastic here okay so here's our cell open this sub we got a new character I think Oh finally I knew it would be a while before someone came down but seriously it's been forever anyway we should get back to the shop it's been closed for way too long you should come by we're on top of on the top level of the breach you can't miss it thank you for rescuing mistress cadence and this one I will escort her to the breach come on ox oh you're always so slow okay so this is um this might unlock like a rogue legacy esque shop that maybe we can buy stuff from from with maybe with those tokens that we got uh from from beating the boss oh that was I guess heavy boots probably saved me from getting knocked into the drink on that one so should be happy about it this is gonna be blank territory for sure remember just call me Billy Blanks oh I thought you were gonna actually shoot some bullets at me luckily I was apparently mistaken they're still 130 bullets in our in our shotgun which is absolutely fine and I think we've explored the entirety of the floor so let's come back here get ghost bullets could buy some health as well which might not be the worst idea shoot through again assuming these are spectral tears grants all bullets piercing even more so than spectral they actually go through enemies lovely okay then we're gonna go to the boss and I like our odds we don't have any keys I guess we should go back to the chest and just I mean if we're not gonna be able to open it regardless we might as well just try to crack in it oh the lockpick actually worked that time Oh what is this scope steady aim much less spread on our shots it look like looks like I might as well go take a look though a standard scope increases accuracy all right that might actually synergize poorly and and make our shotgun with shock bullets worse but I may be mistaken there I have never seen this enemy before okay a cursive gun which the Gorgon I thought she was going to be called like Medusa you know like with an Uzi well that seems bad okay so we have a poison meter like straight out of Dark Souls good to know who's gonna shoot my gun that has unlimited ammo when she's not on the screen for me okay good blank good blank it's only the second boss shouldn't be that bad you okay good blank that's fine man let's get out of there before the poison comes up well we're reloading I think that's a good time to drop a blank bro i freakin let myself get hit again probably want to avoid getting caught by that okay we're out of blanks good to know no longer could you call me Billy Blanks I think we got this one though as long as we're still aiming truly a couple more hits might be able to get this done there we go okay hopefully she drops a little bit of red HP for me it looks like there's a half heart on the ground what happens if you shoot it hell yeah that's what I was hoping for okay armored HP and a hexagon I don't know what it does looks like a rifle of some sort we're going to head down to the next level and try it out okay so far so good this is the dream run can't complain can't complain bordering on the best run i've ever had despite my terrible the terrible damage i've taken okay I'm assuming maybe it does like high damage seems pretty great so far seems like we probably want to save this that was a water barrel seems like we might want to save this for our oh I fell into the freaking spikes every time we take damage means we seem to impart of status effect I'm starting to learn more about that amoled and I'm I'm looking and I'm liking was that a quote from the 2003 film Meet the Fockers yes it was I will not apologize for Who I am if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best yo I hate these bullets that just hang around in the air okay there is a bullet on a mine cart that is shooting at us I think to be honest with you we probably want to roll shotgun main here just because it's we don't have a key lockpick will not work there shotgun main simply because it's a little bit more ammo efficient also our shots they can do a little bouncing off of enemies now which is actually really nice in conjunction with the shock ammo shock ghost is looking like totally acceptable right now okay our economy is still totally screwed but we can get there I've got faith oh I dodge right into that one nothing worse than having a having a dodge roll and then dodging right into an enemy uh okay let's fill up our are like super Opie weapon we should come in here cuz usually there's a teleporter in the shop and let's look at what we can purchase ballots is that a kazoo ballistic boots okay maybe they shoot behind us when we walk or something I thought this room was covered in gold apparently it is not covered in gold it's covered in spikes and lava ah watch out for the poison don't fall in the trap good stuff good stuff that's some good stuff right there don't get close to me I actually think that this is like prepare yourself for the fact that this might be the best run we have for a while here simply by virtue of the fact that our HP is so decent and RM our ammo types and weapons are so good like the shotgun might seem a little basic but it's it seems really good in conjunction with the other the other abilities we have so far like a piercing shocking now next ammo should go to our shotgun every go I think we got him all right so we're not really worried about our shop until we can actually see how much money we garner here how much money we can Jennifer Garner or James Garner I'm content with it either way both acclaimed Hollywood actors and actresses no keys lockpick did work what is this ring with something ring of ethereal form get ethereal my favorite LCD Soundsystem song temporarily temporary incorp reality in corporate reality this mysterious ring briefly allows one to traverse ethereal planes in addition to incorporate this bestows flights take care to not fall upon return wonder if you have to click on it to make it our active or we hit like Zedd or something one side let me go to controls here I've never had two active items I am using keyboard controls so Edit keyboard bindings next item is left shift okay there we go so maybe this makes us invincible and maybe or I'm assuming not a maybe this is probably a certainty it allows us to also fly which could be useful for some rooms that have like nasty traps that's right can't phase through walls so there's one check there still this seems relatively solid it seems to last for a long time as well um the boots were really expensive right like they were in the 60s I wouldn't necessarily expect that we have the ability to buy those but I could be mistaken we're up to 39 already oh I tried the dodge roll over that with space which is not dodge roll that's actually my flying item which apparently I should not have tested because this room definitely warrants using it we got through it oh no we did not get through it there's still more great time for us to use some blanks probably should have used it a little earlier because I'm one hit away from death I was previously so confident oh god I thought the spikes were going to hit us there they're just they're just there for dramatic effects there you go don't risk anything here got to say it not a theory abut blanks that's a grand of some elemental effects are nice here do you see they hit like a switch which caused a little bit of a landslide in the center of a room let's watch out for that don't want to die to that a little bit demoralizing I'd rather die due to my own lack of skill than just having someone prank on me from above but okay flip the table don't forget about your table buff we are down to one hit and we continue to be down to one hit honestly I think we know we're not quite done but I think I'm gonna go to our shop try to buy some HP and extend what is probably a doomed run a little further oh my god there's no HP for sale buy armor and then I realized we're running out of shotgun but what we can use are I mean we can even use the rogue special for a while here if we have to of course I'd rather not but it's not like it does absolutely awful damage okay that's our last blank so get ready for you know welcome to die territory but maybe I'll get super lucky and I will just understand the boss immediately I wouldn't bank on it but stranger things have happened oh good yeah let's give us some more enemies that I've never seen on this room because uh it was just a little bit too easy for me what's my problem get out of your weird Bullitt goatee man I don't want to buy you just for men gel I don't know I don't want to buy anybody's man gel surely on my man gel those are them mad pics you want to you gotta admit the rogue specials not doing so badly here Oh Lord oh well if we have one-and-a-half HP for the boss I think it's completely reasonable that we could succeed getting an extra blank is actually really really valuable as well do we miss an item room maybe I mean there is a room that requires a key down here don't forget that you've got that in corporate reality - oh that doesn't require a key requires more than a key Oh God Oh pop it thank you this should not hurt me now I probably could have just walked there but I can't dodge roll I'm assuming the fact that I can't dodge roll means I'm invincible which is actually a huge advantage Oh oh my god we walked on top of an enemy there and lost our armor that's okay there's a half heart and some food that's that's not a fork that was a key you did dummy okay well we're still alive here still kicking it oh there's a we gotta open it quick what is this sod off sod off we can still hold all of our weapons so we got a variety now oh this don't get hit on this room this would be catastrophic all righty back here now we can oh no we can't open this because I used my key when I probably could have used my lockpick um I think I'm just gonna I'm gonna give it my all on this boss by man I imagine this is probably where this video ends yeah I've never seen this tank before the tread not okay remember you got a blank sawed-off seems to be doing just fine okay if that's what these do they work oh I'm extremely lucky to be alive tell you what that was maybe a sub-optimal usage there we're halfway through having our invincibility charged I can't wait I'm dead yeah I'm dead ah that's still I feel like I can be reasonably proud of the way that went down that is my best friend by far 24 minutes on that one 195 kills good money I'm pleased with that we're gonna come back and plays another character but for now thanks for watching if you enjoyed the episode click the like button helps out a great deal and of course subscribe if you want to see more enter the gungeon there's going to be a lot of it coming for now check out the game on Steam if you're

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