Bigga Rankin - New Artist don't want to work for it anymore, social media made them lazy [Part 1]

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they say patience but nothing come to a sleep about a motherfucking bigger Rankine when you get a ranking on your name being from Jamaica I mean even stepped up you got ranks of doing something you know no I started in the early days you know when I when I came from Jamaica I lived in Chicago I started out with my career you know just move on with the DJ thing until the record breaking this became something that I got deep into you know my first record that I really have put me on the map you know in Florida with JT money poison clan I broke that record the trick that has some good records I was just doing mostly Florida stuff and try move on to eyeliner stop messing with under treat that Outkast good and mob in other New York records of course the wu-tang and I'm saying my deep touch type of stuff so I mean I've been putting in work like breaking records and people you know for years I have generations and generation of fans like people who was coming to my club when they were like 18 years old now they probably and their fathers and their fifties and their kids coming their cousin coming and now I kept it the same way when I came in the game I always write for who go to prison till they're free and I ride for who died til I die so you know if I where I go to DJ at the parts of the street I'm actually what happened lately who fed speak to what's going on who got shot who warring against each other which at the pulse of the city so when I get on the mic I have substance to talk about so when I leave the people I love I mean that's kind of how I built my name with my brain you know and when I was starting Florida it was already at first and one night I played and gangster gangster the end of Lee and it just went crazy and to feel this goosebumps was coming up Miami feeling was different I met TD jakes at his club I'm the ghetto CNN you got to watch me I got a news for you but I'm going to say next it's going and I'm not a DJ like you would turn up in the club throw your hands up I say substance like Amen take care your kids man you know you're travelling blogger blogger take care kid you know I said stop with substance of people can always remember I was there it is so crazy because was in this club one night they had a big concert and the guy said the after party is in the basement I didn't know the club had a business so we went to the basement it's a whole nother club and they called it Cool Runnings I was like man and Jamaica Cool Runnings mean Irie everything good everything copacetic everything like you know if you're doing something whatever and someone how is everything cool runnings money returns everything Irie so I just took the name and I was like I just name everything I had a kind of Cool Runnings and then when I came to Florida he made my stuff cool and Sam and I it was good it was a good name and I don't have four DJs and then after a while I just stopped with cool indeed yes remember I know we got 50 we got 6 to 1 these days all over the United States and we like a family uncle al really shows me how to really play a murder music because I would just play under our like your now matching the VPNs you just put my hips putting on hips you're not gonna laugh so nice you know make sure you're going slowly and bring it up and take it down a little bit he show matter and we should just do these on black college reunions you know saying you know the artists that used to come they're like I remember the first time we brung ti down there I feel have these videos of all these events see I came and a guy from home from Houston let's flip remember the figures do their freestyling at 400 degrees by the plaza and it just seemed like back in those days the artist was more eager to work before they accept like I didn't pull up in buses in in sprinters there was in some cars like a two-seater sitting in the back like really struggled now you know they sign an artist you know he pull up in a Cadillac truck before he earned pulling up in a Cadillac truck he's like first class before he have a hit record before he get his first page or his first class he stayed in the Suites big-time hotel before he that and I think that's just that's just different I'm not saying it's bad cooking I can judge what you do for your hardest but I said like back in the days artists put in work and you see it you can see the work ethics you can see we had to go put out posters you got to put our tanks before ceilings are putting like a septate man put like that John I wanted to reek of the street team everybody want to have a street you might met Jan well you know you don't really see it no market you have you know this is the Internet age and these kids are a little bit lazy you know I'm saying like like take for instance somebody put something on my mixtape you put the tape up on any man out you tape on my mix it yeah man my tape on the front page but why don't you ever try - not on your page wait am i pushing it why all your friends are not pushing it this felt like they're entitled to something like everything is going to be done for them and they're going to move that's a difference between back then and now you know then social media making think is easy and you still gotta grow it's like one of office manner if you're going to run for president you need Florida new California any of these places - we with the hip hop is a lot different now because you could be in Texas and go goal in Texas you can be in California and go goal in California but I said like the guys from out here you know you know on the East Coast I feel like they don't give it that push like I used to you know I'm saying I feel like man there's people 70 miles from you we don't know who you is that mean you ain't doing that you feel me and if you gotta ask me to sign you that mean you know good can nobody else wanna sign you what I got to compete with the Sun I'm gonna sign you because I know you like people don't put the work in and let people discover them no more they want to call you and sit down with you and tell you the reason why you so sad when you can find a hundred and fifty reason why you should they got 151 while you should and in us it's strange my intro my my taste is like the Bible you're going to get content I'm going to read it out and then you listen to the rest of the tape and it tells you everything that I tell you in the intro that had the content to what you're going to hear and the reading readiness took off it broke and the biggest real my biggest one first big real nigga radio and replies 36 ounces I was huge then the next biggest one was the one with Gucci from zone 6 to Duval that I would just play I was on ponder and then I heard I was like Jesus I really thought I was a start in you know then when I heard them you know you're guided cocaine 5 and then many just go on and on and then you know you're Dolph Lucci and I spent time I watch I'll be watchin being here to watch a Washington see how many people that I've helped that really just get in the water it made me feel good cuz you know I I could see my work you know saying I could see my legacy it's something I could talk about I could go to youtube and see songs that I did intro for that that went Tec now of course you're not I was just doing it because I feel like that was my job I didn't know about no publishing anything I was doing my job my lawyer just let me know like hey you can get a few dollars of these things alright for real and that makes it so special because I didn't do it for the money at the time I did it because it was passion because anything you do and you didn't get paid for it you go back and do it again that's passion that's passion man your turn you gotta take it

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