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hi so I'm gonna ask the Holy Spirit to speak first of all if you click this video and you're a Christian you have made not because I'm great but because God has a big message for you today God will refer to this message for the Christian people as the most important message you will ever hear in your entire life on earth this is the most important thing God has for Christians to know whoa so let's do it and remember it's not because I'm the best messenger and to start off I now have to give credit to where it's due I'm learning myself I am trying myself to whatever God teaches me to in the best way possible try my best to share it so tonight today where this message was given to me through God but he used an elder a traveler a guy who was from a far away place and he came to do a Bible study and this is his sermon taught to me and I know God wants me to tell you guys because God spoke to this man and said this is the most important he said here's how it even went he said if you knew you were never gonna speak to these people again and you would never see these people again for the rest of your life and this was your last message to them he said what would you preach on tonight now I got your attention okay I gotta get into the message but the man of course God was leading him to choose this message so Jesus is gonna do it and he's gonna speak through me the Holy Spirit is gonna speak through me he's gonna deliver this message to you today

so let's start off with the world Christians being at this point you guys have to know John 3:16 and I'd like everybody to pause the video get their Bible yeah this is this is we have to get through two verses in the beginning in order to continue through this because without these two verses we are not going to be able to get through the rest this is so important grab your Bible and yes I'm making you go to John 3:16 yeah but hold on there is a reason this is the most misunderstood verses in the Bible and is flooding the churches is flooding the nation's and there are people who are not making it into heaven today because of this miss representation of the verse now that you got your Bibles move let's go over it okay so John 3:16 follow me now for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believeth in him stopped this is the part right now right here we know who Jesus is we know he came to earth from God and we know that we have to believe in him correct now this is the part that is the misunderstood part right now what does it say next that whosoever believeth in him check should not perish

he didn't say shall not perish he said should not perish you understand that's a huge different he didn't say whoever believes in Jesus shall not perish that is saying they will not he said whoever believes in Jesus should not perish but have everlasting life so he gave us a might not perish a maybe I could I should not perish now let's dig a little deeper but if we believe in Jesus and we're Christians and we're saved and we're boarding in and we got the baptism we got our baptism as adults we got the Holy Spirit in us what what do you mean we should like what I'm talking to Christian people right now I'm not talking to unbelievers people who you know I'm talking to people who are serious about God they're following their Bibles they are going but there's something that is missing

we're gonna get into that today what does that all about no I'm gonna this is the second bris because now I go your attention Christians people who are supposed to be God's children getting into heaven second verse another one that is a famous verse okay this is like you're gonna be like are you seriously bringing me of these verses today yes I am because these very verses are the very verses that we must grasp and these are huge verses in the Bible everyone cool some everyone knows them pretty much a fair Christian it's like so ready for it our Father which are in heaven yes go with the Lord's Prayer okay if you guys where is that that's like Matthew I think six or something Matthew 6 I didn't write down I'm sorry my brains not gonna show you check hold on okay I got in my form make sure you are walking at the King James Version by the way so uh Matthew six something

thank you guys for waiting and being patient but I forgot to write this part down that's me okay okay sweet so it's even easier 69 you've heard that one around Matthew 6:9 right okay our Father so go to the verse

you got it our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done ready ready thy will be done in earth we are Earth we are part of Earth right we are from it our bodies are from Earth look he didn't say on earth he said in Earth so what's happening in earth thy kingdom come Thy will be done in earth in us as it is in heaven that's his spirit not ours give us this day which is right here right now people today this moment now give us our daily bread he said I am the bread of life okay he said you cannot live off bread alone but out of every word that preceded up proceedeth out of the mouth of God the Bible so we get spiritually fed - don't look physical in this verse you have to see past the physical at this point and I'm gonna have to force you guys to today give us this day our daily bread our wisdom from God our knowledge from God the truths from God this is the next part and forgive us our debts as we forgive others there's two parts then it goes on to say and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil but thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen so there's a lot in there but I'm not gonna focus on everything because neither did Jesus pay attention to this at the end of that entire spiel about how to pray to God and what to seek out for yourselves and for his kingdom section the only comment that Jesus God in the flesh had to comment on that prayer was this this is the next part okay follow down a little further he want to touch base on the part about forgiveness that was his main concern his main commentary now listen for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly Father will forgive you but if you forgive but if ye forgive not men their trespasses neither will your heavenly Father forgive your trespasses I want to read that like trying to read a word for words I didn't mess it up okay the point is you see what I'm saying there's a two part piece here he's saying and I've talked about forgiveness before but not in this manner this is the next level because God has shown it to the elder of the church he has given it to a man who's been preaching from for for so long and he put it in my lap because I could tell you and you could tell others it doesn't matter who this message is from it's from the Holy Spirit himself God is here today with us and he has a powerful message for all of us so stay tuned there's a two-piece part in forgiveness yes I don't want to jump ahead okay so next God is love and God expects us as we've seen that your coming kingdom come in us he expects us to be as his children to be as he is now let's get a little bit worldly here let's talk about human to human okay shall we let's we understand what God expects of us we just read the Bible and this is our commands and remember if for just to put a little bit of fear in there cuz if we don't fear Him why do we care about yeah he said that in the Bible but so what yeah so what so what I'll tell you what so what so what is if you want to get into heaven and you want you need your sins forgiven correct you can't get into heaven if you're not forgiving it and as it says yes Jesus died on the cross for your sins and they will be forgiven but forgiveness is not I'm gonna come to Jesus and I'm gonna let him forgive me all my sins and I'm safe now he said we just went over it he said you must forgive men their trespasses if you want God to forgive yours now forgiveness didn't really just become a receiving thing but it became a giving as well it's like the circle life you give you receive God gave us forgiveness and in order to keep that forgiveness that he's given us we have to give it back and then we have completed the circle of true forgiveness we have completed the circle that is going to be the beam of light that we go into directly into heaven and that's gonna be through forgiveness you're not going to get into heaven if it's a half a circle if he's only forgiving you he can't he needs you to forgive others to complete that channel to go straight up into heaven John 3:16 [Laughter] so let's go to the next thing because this we got it oh I talked about being humans right you're saying

you're saying you don't even know what happened to me in my life you don't know what this person did to me you don't know what I've been through there's no way I'm gonna be able to forgive

okay let's just set the Bible aside for a minute let's just say okay God thank you for the knowledge but we're just gonna put you aside for a little minute here and let's talk human-to-human shall we let's talk let's talk about that let's talk logic because it's all fun and dandy to love right and they'll just love be like little children like the Bible instructs but doing it that's another thing

let's talk logic that's fun I'm gonna bring you in if you want to take notes for this I don't know we're like totally note-takers right now if you want to take notes for this let's do it like let's let's let's get into this I'm going to talk about something called the four R's like the color red are four R's and these are the four R's of unforgiveness so in order to understand what forgiveness truly is we're gonna have to investigate it a little bit and we're gonna have to see for ourselves in a logical state of mind not because what the Bible says right now I trust me I'm all for the Bible but I want to talk to people who are saying but how and why should I even obviously I know why cuz I'm supposed into heaven but how and why let's understand let's break forgiveness down and I'm forgiveness

number one and if I'm saying big words here I'm sorry but some people are smarter than others and I'm not really a big word type of person I like to talk in words that are basic and simple so everyone can understand it and I just not interested in learning like large words to impress people but if you are a person who understands large words okay you'll get this right away if you're not I'm gonna make it easy for those people who you know they're like oh man that's kind of a confusing word so I'm gonna break it down first of all retaliation are number one retaliation what's that mean retaliate oh yeah oh yeah you want to do that to me oh I'm gonna show you you think that was bad watch what I'm gonna do next watch I mean Getty and then your life's in there and you whoever seen there thinking I'm gonna get even I just show him how it feels I'm gonna get back at them you're in a state of anger you're in a state of you know this is hostility this is I will make them pay you understand that's unforgiveness number one is totally not forgiving them that is I am still mad at you you understand so that is retaliation get them second one we're gonna go over like what happens if we maintain in this state of mind of unforgiveness so one retaliation to restitution

was that me

oh yeah okay press attention so this at this point they did some to you okay you're mad at them and you're saying you know what they won't pay I'm gonna make them pay I'm gonna take them to court I'm gonna assume for everything they have I will get what I lost back and even if I don't the point is they will pay I don't even care what your payment is on the other end of this video if you're taking on the court and taking them and sucking them down the drain making them pay back every penny plus interest you are getting restitution you are in a state of mind that they will pay some people they even want them to pay with their words you will give me an apology you will respect me now number three

resentment the our number three you resent them was I'm stating here you hold on to a grudge you stay hard in your heart the heart that was once read pumping with blood and love and peace and someone did some to you like pierce that heart and you've hardened it you understand and you feel like you feel good you feel good that you've harden your heart on that person you feel like justice has been served I deserve to have my heart hardened upon that person the amount of disrespect that person gave me the amount of unloved rejection just pure how could they do that I resent them for that whatever it was now sometimes you guys this is something that hurt hurt me personally sometimes you got to understand to its people will say things about you that are not true okay and it hurts kenner especially people you love and people say things that aren't real all the time and sometimes it really goes deep sometimes you don't even see it coming you're like you didn't expect that one at all you're like what Oh like are you serious so that is horizontal rest resentment next next for reservation oh this one's familiar to me I've done this like I've done in my past on manga talk about me but this one is some people some people they're not like I'm gonna get you back because they're not they choose their weapons you know based on the type of person you are if someone's very young maybe aggressive in nature they might you know try to take people to court take them down make them pay pay back or you want to do this to my car watch what I'm gonna do to yours you know I'm gonna you know they have all these things that they are they're trying to make me paint you know make them feel the same pain there's another sides of that coin if you're not that type of person and you're not like oh well maybe not always that type of person there's another way you can unforgive and make them pay the price I believe this one kind of comes through pride it comes through a little bit of a mob mentality they will pay this one here comes through a little bit of uh you're not worthy of me pride I'll talk to you after I'm in the middle of a video this is something Cena doesn't want to get out to the people and I won't let him interruptive through anybody Mel listen pride Jesus is worth more than me more than everybody and you people's souls are too we guys stay focused on Jesus a lot of distractions out there back to pride the mob mentality cut him off get him back this one a particular reservation the fourth one the last one of the ARS block them block them on your phone there's a block button now block them cut them off ignore them you know matter of fact pretend that they don't even live on planet Earth matter of fact pretend they were just someone from past you didn't even you don't have to know them and you know the world here will teach you therapists the worldly people not Jesus but those people they will teach you you deserve to be treated a certain way and if anyone treats you a different way they are unhealthy toxic people cut them off you understand oh you might have heard some of this before okay that's the world now my question to you guys you guys are a little payback or since alright my question to you maybe you know you even have somebody right now the year not forgiving and you're watching this video and you're saying wow I didn't even know I didn't forget them I thought I did but I didn't now let's talk about something this is important we have to realize God's Way is always smarter than ours whether you just are learning that now today or you know you actually have understood the Bible and you've tested it tried it and you've tried this in and you realize sin is always dead end and you actually come to the point where you're saying God is smarter than me and I should listen to him because he's smart okay so let's assess now we've understood what weighs unforgiveness comes forth before ours now let's assess what happens if you continue in your unforgiveness if you continue in those four R's is there truly a benefit for your forget for your unforgiveness what's gonna happen if you continue in that path logically not what the bylaws is logically ready let's go against why expose myself to hurt later but for now remember this I know I'm not there yet I lost my paper in my original paper where is the paper yeah this is the one retaliation hey I'm gonna get him back so what does that do and are you truly getting them back are you truly winning when you retaliate and you go to basically their level it brings you down to their level that is the very level you didn't like from the beginning so now at this point you've become the very thing you hated and you are now a hypocrite so it's a lose-lose situation next you know restitution

what amount of money okay so memory restitution was like I'm gonna make them pay for what they did to me that hurt me and my heart you know blah blah blah so such and such happened you know they will pay let me ask you something what amount of money can restore a broken marriage okay and what can take the place of a couple being madly in love with one another how much money can pay for that well what amount of money or things paid to you could replace a loved one so you'll come to realize they can't pay that back so that doesn't work either number three resentment though when you're bitter you know you've met some people who are old and as they age they have seeds of unforgiveness in them and they're just bitter and you know they have hate in their heart they have anger they have seeds of unforgiveness inside of them and you see this hatred that's untrue this bitterness the bitter old person you saying man I feel bad for that person when you're a kid you just say you know those people like get off my lawn right these people these types of people you can see them in your if you could see them outside yourself but how they looking in the mirror the Bible says don't notice the log in your brother's eye but notice the speck that is in your own eyes so don't look at those old peoples that you are theater maybe you should take a look in the mirror and say have I become bitter

what happens if you're bitter anyways now let's go back to logic cuz that's are illogical nobody wants to be like a bitter cranky old person that sucks and you're no fun around any for it you're like no number but the other part about this is very important negative emotions what is negative emotions that is negative is what stressful it's stressful to always be in a negative state it is when you have peace love balance and you're doing good you're feeling good you know everything's good but when you're bitter and you're stressed out and you're stressing yourself out with negativity and problems guess what's coming up next illness illness comes from stress you can check that out in science so it's bitterness resentment is that the way through the world no let's go to number four okay reservation that was um which one was that that was like um we have pretending they don't exist you know bye-bye they're off plan Earth out of my life out of my mind I'm better than that I'm better than them you know see ya negativity person you've been there I've been there that's God the new-age thinking it's um you know right that one oh yeah why expose myself to hurt

this point you're saying I'm gonna make you pay even at the cost of losing me you want control over this situation you're gonna say oh yeah you want to treat me like that I'm not even gonna allow you to be in my presence that is a spirit of pride you are so good that you won't even allow somebody who treats you in a way that I'm sure you might have treated others in your past or you've seen other people you've send yourself we all have sinned and some people they have different desires inside on different sins that draw to them but we all they're sinners and you're saying you will not sin against me matter of fact I'm going to control it so much that I won't even give you my presence that's much like the

mob mentality they spoke up before you're gonna make them pay and they're gonna pay the price of losing you

No okay so that doesn't work either right like none of this stuff is working because well why didn't that one work that way because you're you're still doing what God didn't say you're not loving and the fact of the matter is that person still exists you understand they even though you've cast them out of your life they're still on earth and if you're saying to me right now you're a Christian and you're saying to me I'm a Christian let me tell you something Christians and Christianity is all about change that is the very thing about Christianity we all are changing we all are growing into better people if you're stubborn and you're stuck in your own ways maybe Christianity is not the very thing for you because Christianity asks us tells us matter of fact that we have to become something higher higher than our humanly flesh we have to become like the Most High God himself and he said I will help you this is possible for with God all things are possible matter of fact I'm gonna fill you with my spirit I'm gonna write in your minds and hearts my commands and today he is reminding you of the command that you already know that is in your heart forgiveness now we've realized that these things are not logical logically those four things are not working because it's theological

so what does God even have to say like if we can't be like us humans that we've heard from other humans on the earth and and we've done what got like what now right I'll tell you what you ready let's go to the Bible and see how God does it he did it before I start let me say we got to become like God what did Jesus do you're not what would Jesus do well what did he do what did God do when he came down in the flesh for us did he sit there and say oh man look at these people oh look at them and their sin they're going further and further into sin and you know what a matter of fact sorry I'm not gonna help them this time I'm not gonna make a way out for them matter of fact I'm just gonna stay here I'm gonna watch it all take place I'm gonna watch them come to their own destruction and I'm gonna love it because they're gonna get what they deserve I'm gonna make them pay you understand I'm not gonna help them I'm not gonna forgive them I'm not gonna go to the cross but I'm I'm not going to go down from heaven onto planet Earth and I'm not gonna love them I'm gonna actually remove my himself I'm gonna cut them off I'm gonna have and I'm gonna feel like I can do that and I'm gonna feel good about it because they hurt me they hurt me they hurt me when they didn't follow my commands they hurt me when they rejected me there is that God know who is that sound like I'm gonna get him Satan and we're not supposed to be like Satan you we're supposed to be like the Most High God hears that what did God do what did God say he came down for us he died on the cross - for us and our sins he left heaven for us he forgave us he said I want you to be like me and I want you to forgive others as well he loved so much that's why I love him honestly yeah man I like sometimes it's just like I just think about I think like he's so much better than us people and everything this world has darling and that's what really makes me love Jesus it's like I don't know I never expected to feel these emotions right now and I'm like usually not a crier but I just thought about how much I loved them how good he is compared to us and how much we need him so I'm gonna continue before I start crying okay please so well so do you think he says love your enemies bless those who curse you

pray for those who despitefully use you

now this is the best part he's not asking us to harden our hearts he's asking them to be flush and loving and read and like him love your enemies bless those who curse you bless them love them okay somebody he said turn the other cheek somebody even said if somebody hits you on this side give them your other let them hit you on this side and love that person and pray for them and bless them ask God to bless them well I thought what does that even saying when he says when that person hits you what if you've never even got smacked in the face in your entire life how does this first apply to you look we need to see past sometimes the physical the hand the face we have to look at deeper God calls us to be deeper in that it is an offense that slap is an offense that could be anything that could be when somebody calls you a name that you know was not true says something about your character that you know he is not true you say why would you how would you say that boney do you know who I am do you know what I do every day do you know what I've been striving to be that's not me this is pain people we're talking about pain here we're talking about what somebody stole from you took from you give to you anything whatever they're doing it hurt and God said whatever that person did for you well you turn your cheek and let them do it again and on top of that I want you to forgive them for it I want you to pray for that person that they that God helps them I want you to bless that person and give them as much possible love as you can and he says that you may be the children of your father that is in heaven you see that verse right here right here right now that you may be the children of your father that is in heaven he called us to be separate he called us to be different that we must forgive sins that is why we are different than the world we forgive just like our Father forgives you guys ever notice your churchgoers the people stop showing up to church sometimes somebody somewhere along the line said something in that church it could have been even the pastor but they got offended and they decided I'm not gonna forgive that offense and they said I'm not going back to that place and that's when the devil who is a roaring lion seeking for whom he may devour comes in and says yeah you shouldn't go there God called us to gather the Saints God called us to forgive God called us to be his church a body his body matter fact in his ways it is important to forgive your pastors to forgive people in the church and to grow and strengthen one another and maybe that offense occurred just so you can learn about what true love is so you can truly learn what forgiveness is before you meet your maker face to face and you are asking him on that date to forgive you all things work out for the good of those who love the Lord so if I ever heard any of you guys by what I said ever please also forgive me okay I I don't mean I'm just a human but we're all really trying trying as hard as we can to serve God in the best ways we can sometimes all of us fall short of that can we screw up we see things we don't do it right because you know we're trying but God is always doing it right and that's why he is the best thing we have and we're so lucky we have him so let's keep going while we're getting to the end I think we're starting to realize though how important forgiveness is and matter of fact we're not only learning at this moment how to forgive we're also learning how to love and if you didn't know this this is really cool um the entire Bible in the Bible it says that the two most important commands are number one love the Lord with all your heart mind soul and strength okay that's God love them with everything you've got that's number one what is that related to love love love love God number one love who God love number two love thy neighbor as you love thyself

okay that is number two that's love and these two things the Bible says is the very purpose is what every single Bible command relates back to to love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength and to love your neighbor everything in the Bible is an instruction book on two things how to love God and how to love people and part of that today that piece a little piece of how to love starts with forgiveness so I ask you today to be like Jesus and remember that if you want him to forgive you you have to forgive others and you have to be like him who is willing to forgive you

okay I told you about the two part I actually I'm gonna write this back remember I told you you ligated to heaven

okay I'm reading something but it says there is a cost to following Jesus in the Bible there's like a price to pay a lot of people they come and they say yeah man Jesus sounds wicked like some huh we'll come and see ya man Jesus sounds wicked I want him to forgive me I want to get it to heaven and they hear about this gospel and they hear about you know the prosperity gospel God will make you prosperous this stuff they hear about God's blessings in your life God's forgiveness they hear about how great God is and they say they're instantly drawn oh I want to I want to have some of that you know I want to have all that but they fail to see the second part of it and at this point this is when many people fall short fail it's when the part in the Bible that says they have to follow Jesus even unto death it's the part that says they have to decrease themselves so he can increase his Spirit can be in you more than the lastly flesh that was before he came

there's a cost to following Jesus and today the cut one of the costs that we're talking about is you need to forgive other people and there is a place in hell that Christians go there's Christians under the bottom of your feet right now they got baptized in the name of Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit washed in the blood asked for forgiveness from God they've been choosing the path they went to church they told people about Jesus they matter of fact they spent their whole life serving the Lord singing and worshiping to him but on the day of judgment when they got face to face with their maker the very one they proclaimed and confessed through their mouth the Lord said to them I never knew you depart from me you worker of inequity that hurts God that hurts the person he says nothing no nothing will ever be able to take away the love I have from you no nothing God loves each and every person that is in Hell right now he loves her he's gone hell he stood next to them he's listening he's meet with them God will weep with you whether that's on earth or in hell he will stand there and weep with him but he called us to obey Him in all of his commands and one of them

he's forgiveness so I kind of want to close with this picture it is like so funny I drew it it's not very good it's not arrow to but okay you see this this is part 1 part 2 part 1 and the arrow the small part the bottom part that is disappear if I can but right here is where he forgives you you want to go up into heaven right you want to go up there yeah with the Saints and everything making finally okay well good he forgives you of your sins part 2 you got to get forgive other people now is your turn people well you've been watching this video you've probably heard the Holy Spirit say some things that you can say to yourself that resonated with me you might even thought about some people throughout this video that you haven't forgiven and the way you're treating them is going to be a very clear indication of your unforgiveness or forgiveness the way you speak to them if you speak to them

so I ask you today to whoever those people are that you were thinking of don't let the devil get the best of you don't let him try to use situations to keep you outside of him and I pray thee in Jesus name do you call each and every one of those people today you text them you do whatever you possibly can you reach out and you apologize even if you weren't even wrong

you love them you forget that

you try whatever you can so that you may make it into heaven and God will let you in okay so this is a video for Christians may God and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit it's there but the Holy Spirit be with you and help you and guide you through this process and just know that no matter what reason or whoever did what to you no matter how big or small the offense was pray to God now with me I'm going to lead you guys in prayer lord please lead me to show me who I have not forgiven and all of these people lead us all Lord whoever's listening to this audio tape audio tape this video whatever and help us find out in deep in our hearts if there is any seeds in us of unforgiveness and help us to identify who we need to forgive and help us to forgive those people and lord give us your spirit Lord teach us about love teach us your truths and make us like you make us separate as you called us to be from the world and guide us in all your ways and all your truths Lord in Jesus name I pray these blessings over every single person who has heard this today and that they may pass this video on pass these truths on to every single Christian that they know in Jesus name and your mighty name Lord I pray these things as the very most important thing a Christian should ever know in your name I pray these things in Jesus name I

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