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damn but I got a gift but this is this is the biggest gift I've ever got in my life what's good y'all welcome back to my channel man is pootie in his holiday season right now everyone is in good spirits and no holidays is all about giving sight man y'all know what's going on man Hey look man so this chart right and I'm kidding but look holidays is all about giving man and as y'all can see from the title you already know what I have in my man I'm planning on buying chart MacBook Pro Chuck right now his laptop he uses an old PC something that is not even made for video editing like I remember prior to me buying my computer I have now when I used to edit a video it would take like 2 hours to render a regular video whether it's 4 minutes 6 minutes 10 minutes or 15 minutes and then the longer the video is sometimes it will probably go up to like 3 hours max his computer takes 5 hours to render of video I've never seen nothing that bad and I feel his his his frustration with it now let's say for example you wake up you film a video at 2 o'clock and then you start editing at 5 it takes you 2 to 3 hours to edit and then now it's like 7 8 o'clock right now you've done editing him is 8 o'clock the average person will have that video of that night but if char finished at 8 o'clock and he just start regular time it takes 5 hours to render that's 9 10 11 it's now 1 a.m. not not including you also gotta upload it to YouTube that's just unnecessary struggle that that he shouldn't have to go through and then plus even his computer is so slow that why he's editing he can't watch the video because it lags so much I have a friend ty he uses a MacBook and I know Charlie really likes mac books he's been talking about he wants a MacBook for a long long time and y'all I know I know this he's not expecting this from me he's not expecting anything from me as a present so I know this is gonna throw him off so much but yeah man so y'all I'm so excited to get this for him I know he's always wanted a MacBook Tarkus someone who's always down for videos and always you know always down to do these crazy ideas and everything so to repay him with the laptop that's something that I feel happy on my part to do and also y'all shark computer is so slow I know how I'm motivating it can be to edit on computer that slow y'all I know it was so unmotivated because my okay used to lag you should take 4 hours to render I want to see charcoal put out more content I know y'all want to see him put up more content to I want all y'all to make sure I want y'all to look everybody right now charge the link to his channel is gonna be the first link down in the description actually it's gonna be the only link other than my Instagram down in the description I want all y'all to go over there and follow him spam him and his comments a post more videos or something like that man I want him to post more videos and I'm just really excited to see what he asked for 2018 man sharks a funny dude and I think the main thing that was holding him back was his equipment so for me to get him this like I feel I feel like a good friend but man enough talking y'all and let's head over the best bar right now and let's get him this MacBook Pro yah so it's goodie

see only known about MacBook so I have no idea which one he's looking for which one he want I know MacBook Airs probably not the best one to get either - so all right let's see MacBook Pro have some help over here with the MacBook are these the only MacBooks y'all have right damn this one that's the air see I don't want to air see I'm in between this one here and then this one is this like a newer one because it doesn't come without an extra this one's better this one is how much

13 right the unbiased as a gift you know you know chart my homie I make videos well I watched that yeah I Barney's for him as a gift is this good for like video editing and everything better now and this can run me about 13 all right yeah I think I'm gonna get this char about to be the final cut stuff man really see I don't use final cut I use Sony Vegas but one of my friends because I make videos that he he likes editing or final cut so I'm thinking I can get this book this for final cut is just optimization through our app right you edit videos and stuff - yeah I'll know the environment yeah we have space gray and silver all right and is this paste ring here and this silver which it sprays great might be harder doing good yo check me out bro I'm on a laptop or sorry you know chuckling hey I'm on the bottom this laptop here yeah good idea hey man hey but let me ask both you almost color the other thing is better Space Gray or the classic silver space grey alright sharks oh and you got a space plate just knows because these two right here shows the four you died yo his computer so slow it takes like five hours to render yo five hours he uses some type of old PC cheap want to surrender and care just 10 a regular a regular have an Easter predator it's like 2k I'll pay for it it still takes my forty minutes to render a regular video I don't even I don't know something wrong with it but I want to get him this tiny like a Mac so hopefully just gonna do them better optimize all right yeah man charge about to be a good laptop for you man when you watch this video I know you laughing right now man let's get straight to alright awesome best ball right now I told him to get the laptop they Wayne to bring it back about a cash out man and I'm saying it's always gonna have support oh speaking of right here man at the laptop every consider gets free Webroot to go with it worth if you got this right here I know he never gonna plug this in but the bright side we got it man worse case scenario use it as a coaster or a new frisbee for your bouquet not what

three years including accidental damage credit it comes with one year free warranty 1 year manufacturer's warranty only covers manufacture defects does not cover accidental and it's not on our internationally or as the applicant protection plan gives international how much is up for this one it's going to be 269 oh that's so to know we could donate thank you it's okay how is it recording right now he is recording now follow AJ under smile okay all done new back book new back book you new MacBook y'all this not even gonna lie this is actually the first MacBook I bought of my life dog man no I have not like I'm keeping a buck I don't know if it's because I'm in a car but I have no idea how to rap again right right I think I was asleep at that section during class mom can you help me wrap a gift

Oh yo come to my car light real real quick alright y'all so yeah charge crib right now a tunnel come outside to the car but I know he gonna take forever and brought it's 5:30 Gallivan at east coast y'all know there's like 20 seconds left for daylight bro but you better be on plans do you like these love the commercials yeah dang this light low-key bustin out y'all you know I'm saying y'all shocking a building look you need a blanket but I need a heater you my boy and I want to gain some Christmas I'm so good hold on bro stay here can I look back

damn row what does bottle beat I just open it up bro open it row they like scarce hey bro I got a juice box big boy Oh what is it what's this side what's this side wait what is it never got another one what another bug I'll hold another box of the cover oh no it sounded taking there look what is it wait wait another box but that she walks like a little too big feel foot yeah that's big bro but hopefully okay that's huge bro I'm gonna say and when you find a nike bugs in the way it says what size what 13 you were 13 oh yeah I made it bro what is that we got another box general another one we're decal it bro oh hold on what is that sir there's another box about the bog this was heavy though it's all a little heavy

[Music] [Applause] I'm serious bro keep it talking about you need a laptop with so long bro that your computer takes how long to render like eight hours bright rah rah rah bro damn dude this is Sigma yo that's crazy dude appreciate it bro bro I got you this is this is the biggest gift I've ever gotten in my life yo or I appreciate that front bonus crazy bro you bet I wasn't expecting this no you was I was telling him - damn bro that's crazy wrong this yours bro bro it's like no prank or nothing that's yours bro damn bro yeah I'm doing it would you get when I saw boxes bars I was like man is me about a crane you don't know bro yo feel free shit bro the father your buddy my dog we're in the video yet you gotta open it real quick this yours bro Space Gray Brook yo this is C yo part is all I've been talking about - brah is yours bro dang bro you got a rag book red Wow [Applause] come on bro one more time put a coach yo appreciated boat started up - hey man are you man I just got blasted of them yo this is sick do your dog - got a bag come on buddy get straight to it gonna get straight to it Ronnie get straight to it burn down this is crazy dude booty this is crazy bro it's yours bro fuckin Crocker car bro bro why hey man dang dude you know what else is crazy would I just drop my I spilled like water on my laptop so it's not even turning over crazy bro you got you a whole mag book now about Mac bro you got to you a whole module bro I thought I was calling outside I even call no problem bro hey man that's the postman you know a chart closer walk loose walk

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