Travelogue - We Are Blood | Part 1: China

by: The Berrics

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China was crazy it was the first real trip for this film up until that point I just kind of been filming around here in LA figuring out how to use all these cameras Mountain Dew green Lambo finally came in gave us the funding and was like alright let's do a trip boom on our way to China I remember waking up to Thai ovens calling me saying yo what's up cookie it's Thai it's like yo you want to go to China so instantly I'm like yeah he's like alright we're gonna leave in three weeks me and cookie known each other since we're at 10 years old and like grew up skating together so for both of us to have our first experience outside of the country right first triplet i+ at me in another country that I don't know so it's like you'd feel a little awkward but it's like I have my best friend there with me the whole time so we're experiencing all this stuff together so tight I now know how foreigners feel when they come to America I felt a little lost cuz I hadn't been there before and it's just like a whole new world it's amazing I

felt like I did as a little kid coming to Cali for the first time that you get off the airplane you let's do flat ground at the airport do it like let's get it this is tight like we're just gonna first kickflip in China like you know like stuff like that he's just like you feel like a little kid again inside I remember we were sitting there packing for China and it was just like Pelican case Pelican case Pelican case Pelican case it was like I think we travel with like 20 Pelican cases or 30 Pelican cases and it was like how do we get all this stuff into China some of our equipment is ultra high-end you're not talking about an HIV X you're talking about something that costs you know a half million dollars the rest of your camera package is another couple million dollars you know it's high-stakes I don't know how but David Garcia is the best producer in the world and Garcia somehow got all the gear ins so thank you guys here looks like I'm driving in China the one thing about China you get there they love skateboarding you can be doing flat ground and you'll have a crowd of like a hundred people around you a couple of tries in the crowds are clapping with you it was motivating there was one spot specifically I can think of with a marble bank ramp up to a metal bar and he was like messing around with the rail and stuff and he started trying like ollie up 50 stall and then 50 down the rail he was getting into it he like didn't have enough speed I remember just looking around like dude you need to get a moped and I just seen some guy like sitting there like lounging on his moped watching and I said hey he's like that's it we've got the moped and he started doing it and he he wasn't really matching the speed that I needed I think maybe he tried tone cookie in a couple times and I don't think since he didn't skate didn't really understand how fast it went and you just see Jay Brock like let me get on here I got this and then boom Jay Brock good old boy getting cookie in with the tow so before I knew it I was getting the perfect speed because I had a pro skateboarder pulling me in Walker you getting him psyched and he turned the radio on there was like Tokyo pop music playing about 100 Chinese people around cheering me on longwood like six angles all my homies there so there wasn't much holding me back I mean Clint pounders just standing around all right so we're skating this spot is crazy spot because it just looked too good to be true is it three stare and they had a rail going out and then ones like wow this thing's perfect I remember like Shane was super stoked on it like oh my god things amazing like cookie Fifty's it you know guys are warming up on it and then Shane has a big spin frontside board and we're buying it and the whole flat bar just goes boom and then breaks the legs break like it just Falls straight to the ground like imagine you're just sitting there in like these guys come up speaking some other language and just like jump on this rail break it it's like oh man Security's not happy and then I'm sitting there I'm trying to like put the put the rail back up like I bend it up and it just breaks off on a psychology thing done I reached in my pocket pulled out a bunch of cash how do I say sorry Butchie we walked out of there and then I asked like our guide who is with us like how much money was that I just gave him he was like I think was maybe like $60 so it's not bad 60 bucks for a broken rail 74 actually I'll take that dude that dragon that was really cool the footage looks great but that was horrible that was a horrible experience filming and we hate it like that dragon I hope they burned it yeah man I got the bright idea of let's get one of those big Chinese dragons that they use in those parades and see if you can skate around with this thing holding that pole under that dragon was the worst we were just doing loops at this marble Plaza where we should have been filming tricks if you're a skateboarder if you've ever pushed down the street with someone in front of you they're pushing and their foot might kick underneath your board or just you know so we're all trying to push full-speed and like we're all kicking each other's boards and we have to be moving this thing and if one person goes down everyone goes down because we're in single-file line so we're eating I got a really good shin ER in the midst of all that I'm trying to make a corner and just hit a crack and like my board just came up and got me and everyone's like still moving so I was just like yelling at the top of my lungs but kept going and like Ty's like making us push through major traffic there's like cars going like 40 miles an hour and we're like stuck to the side of the road police are following us yelling at us to pull over and we're just this giant skateboard dragging going in there for no reason and Ty's time keep going keep going we're like we listen to tie it all the times all right let's just keep it going the dragon was fun sorry guys thanks for

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