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by: Flambass

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after that after what filo yang yang is also very nice okay let's do it alike oops like this oh fucking us oh you hate this thing Oh oh yeah everybody hates this thing people you don't want to get it to do the same raping that I've been doing or they just fucking hate it completely oh they're like me they hate it but they're gonna get it just so they can have their loss nope this is its final form no VIP needed

as I see now my second most favorite ship Wow you have no shame dictator you have no shame do they have a carrier no do they have a radar yes to hide your DD not actually three radar and a Hydra DD l point it is I lick lick that thing is aids hope you're good by the way yeah I'm good hope the same mr. target welcome back

no dog is gonna be something you do not expect it's gonna be something you did not expect this is number one

though dd-na dding be nothing in seed would seem up the later

okay Missouri are you gonna go on radar or not hope that your mother is turning in as well oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy hello pop - mmm here comes some more it comes more that was lucky oh my god it was lucky but I do month it's not gonna be as lucky oh that it was like oh no no no this is not very honorable no plunk plunk

why is Missouri not ray during I will never know fuck


and now we just yeah do that set him on fire how's my idea damn it am I getting detected by hmm oh the key yeah okay wait still detected Oh double fire Jesus fuck you all radar now okay okay

yes 16 km 16 km torpedos 70-something knots


oh shit

nice orangey Jesus well I got the cab which is the only cab these repeaters I'm not oh he's coming back oh my god gonna take him all Oh all that felt good oh yes damn straight son got a tea too cold for it was dodging them all and then he took off or goddamn okay okay is that if that's how you want to do it bomb bomb me Sonny Boy bomb bomb me yeah she does do we or do we yeah we'll send some regards to look towards that guy and then the next one's for this good afternoon Adi don't one fine nice turning in Nick even with all this my team is heavily heavily heavily losing now you see why I just enjoy playing this thing it's just like I don't give a shit anymore it's like yep yeah I don't care

[Music] is he gonna turn there ya go

our table space 20 or 16 20 km 67 knots and then I upgraded them with speed boost to 60 knots 73 16 km 72 knots and then he turned son-of-a-bitch did you repair the flood mr. Yamato I do believe you have aa to believe you have Chow your later alligator and even with all this even with all this I'm still gonna get fucked even with all this it's impossible to fucking carry but at least I can have fun 200 thousand damage in seven and a half minutes and I cannot carry hard enough as hard as my team can lose and oh shit that guy's cutting me off pretty damn good I got cut with my pants down here I did not expect that a guy dare down Shh there's nothing here for you now just turn away go some other way come on now go there go north yes yes yes yes yes yes I'll be a boy I'll be in between all of you Oh y'all come on turn turn turn is he turning in kind of not asking for many hits one or two torps would be do would be doing he did okay Thomas welcome troll Frazee welcome some Asian signs welcome he was gonna catch me he was gonna catch me I'm not our peer so he doesn't know where exactly I am but 100 more meters and he's gonna know yeah here we go

why did I fire I didn't need to fire could have dodged that Freddie easily

there we go there we go there we go detection go down awesome fucking thing I need to throw his search on a complete way where he's not gonna expect it these two fast Kiev is way too fast for me to dodge him even if my detection is 5.4 the logical thing for him to do is enter the smoke drives through the smoke exit here and then search for me and he's gonna do that before I actually managed to put 5.4 yeah Wow he's catching me like a madman fuck you know that's one thing the key is good at here comes punishment from the Freddie and not only that we have lost this game we have gotten completely fuckin annihilated destroyed butchered how absolutely retarded do you have to be to lose by a country mile in a game like this two hundred and twenty eight thousand damage and a kill and a single cap which is the only cap that we had in and it's like wow wow it is remarkable I went for the cap I scouted I baited the radar I scouted the cave I torpedoed the living bejesus out of all of their babies her first Missouri Iowa Freddy I don't even know in such a short time I totally butchered all of them and not even close not even close to carrying this game how bad do you have to be even in a ship like a Sashi oh absolutely ruffle stomping enemy team just butchering them on one side and they had like half of the team it's not even more ma it's just it boggles my mind how is this possible just how is this possible how many ships were on that side let's count one two three four five I think six half of the fucking team if not even more half of their fucking team was here and they just barely managed to pass through because we got our mid just destroyed our mid just got annihilated that the Freddie went through and I could not no longer focus on these guys I had to now deal with the mid and the key Evan and ace well it took them 13 minutes to win it 12 11 whatever but there's there's nothing left there's just nothing fucking left it is just remarkable it is just absolutely fucking remarkable how bad how bad some teams are I just can't bear it I just can't understand how can you lose a game and get lose again by a country mile in a game where look at this GG easy unbelievable

just unbelievable unbelievable let's just let's just wait for this thing to fucking finish so we can see the experience there we go well let's let's take a look at the experience yeah that's weak in the for you that's fucking weakened for you so that lion that lion was the one who was doing a good job and the breasts no comments no omens 114,000 damage to your motto 62,000 damage to Cerf is forty six and a half thousand damage to Missouri so three of their battleships were absolutely getting murdered by me I literally neutralized to tier 10 battleships well this should have been an easy neutralization to tier 10 battleships in a tier nine battleship completely out of basically completely out of the game superfast it should have been 12 versus nine straight from the get-go and this guy was potted and this is the only damage that he take took from me absolutely hilarious absolutely fucking hilarious disgusting

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