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by: Danamuch

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[Music] hey guys how you doing so it's the first time I'm going to listen to Pentagon which is a group I wanted to listen to for a while and the reason I want to listen to them so bad is because there are two members who II and II tone which are on the group Triple H with my wife Fiona by the way if you don't know Triple H you must go on YouTube and type triple H so I know these two guys are super awesome and I want to see the rest of their group super super super excited I really wanted to listen to them for a long time and I was waiting for them to have a comeback so I could upload a reaction so I really hope I'm gonna like it because if not it's gonna be disappointing wish me luck cutie [Music] is it just me or it it's a little bit g-dragon vibes golden boy so pretty [Music]

[Music] number them it looks so fun like there's this type of dances that is so fun like BTS go-go and this one fun [Music] well I really like it so far the music is fun the bit is fun the colors in in kpop I don't know what they're doing there in Korea but every time they film something the colors are just perfect I don't know how they do that and they're so cute wonderful old are they I really want to learn this dance by the way [Music]


do you hear this vocals

[Music] but what is going on here did you say this rainbow and two guys I think they're trying to tell us something hmm I like it [Applause] [Music]

yes yes yes I was sorry he it was not disappointing at all on the contrary like I really liked it I really want to learn this dance but I know it what happened I really want to go and binge watch all of their music videos and all of their songs you know I don't try to fake my reactions to make fandoms like me I really don't care about that you can go watch my other reactions if I'm not really that excited you can see that I'm like okay that's nice and I'm not that excited this time I was excited for real and I'm not the type of person who tend to like overreact but damn II was good I think I'm gonna become their fan what is the name of their fandom can you tell me in the comments I want to know more about them more about the members I know that we and eat own are awesome I want to know about the rest I want to know who is the cute pretty guy that I saw and yeah I'm definitely gonna watch more of them so tell me which songs I should listen to you and I might upload more reactions to them anyways thank you for watching if you're new to the channel my name is Donna I make kpop videos not only reactions also other videos for now it's mostly reactions but I'm gonna upload more types of videos so make sure to stick around subscribe leave a like say hi in the comments and I'll see you in the next video hopefully goodbye oh no my to the camera 40 photos at a time when you look like

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