Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Birdcage Lantern Home Decor or Wedding Centerpiece

by: LifeAt50&Beyond

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you'll see here from level 15 beyond thanks for joining me here in my channel I have another Dollar Tree DIY for you in a farmhouse style as promised and if you want this style and you want to achieve the one on the photos here please stay tuned so you will need one of this fence garden fence that you can buy at the garden section of the Dollar Tree a box cutter wire cutter 6000 you'll also need zip ties paint of your choice and so powers decorate so I'm flipping the fence and the back there are four sections here and what I'm gonna do is I am going to be cutting a small portion probably one or two inches from the bottom using either my wire cutter or my sharp scissors you can also use a box cutter but I advise probably for ease just use a pair of scissors I am using my scissors snipping this portion here around an inch and inch and a half no longer than two inches because you don't want to rip it open you just need it so that you can actually bend this section here if you have a flat or bull nose plier you can also use that in order for you to bend this really much easier I'm just trying to guide this with my hand because I don't want to break this section that I'm working on so as you can see I'm slowly doing it even the scroll there or the curved portion I am also bending it inwards trying to work as gently as I can here because look at here I accidentally snapped this portion I'm still gonna use this although I have three extra ones because I don't think that's a huge damage I can glue that portion with either my a6000 or my hot glue but this is how I'm working it now more gently because I wasn't controlling my hands earlier now I am working a little bit more gently so that I don't add any further damage so I am just gonna continue with each section to bend it including the scroll or the curve until I reach the desired shape now I'm connecting both ends as you can see I am already almost getting there the indication would be it's more square now at the bottom and I have the bent that I need next I am going to be cutting the bottom part here the one that you insert in the soil when you're using it as a fence I'm just used I'm using my exacto or box cutter and I'm just kind of slicing it in one direction and then multiple times until I can bend it and then snap it just like so I'm setting that aside and I'm going to be using all three later on in the project so I'm going to continue and cut the rest

that's it see next I'm gonna go ahead and connect again both ends using the kind of locking mechanism that they have put in place to connect the fences together and just kind of lock it in place and then I am going to be applying hot glue or my a 6000 on that portion that I broke accidentally earlier

but we okay so I think it's starting to take some shape and this one is just with the hot glue and I'm gonna put some e6000 later keep it there overnight okay continue to train them until they're - straight as much as possible next I'll be using this zip ties that I got from the Dollar Tree as well to help in connecting and bending the top of this Lantern slash bird cage so she can see first I'm going to try to bend it towards the inside all four sections but I am going to be connecting them I think two at a time would be perfect as two sections they're on each edge I will try to connect them that way okay using my zip tie a lot of times they may not be enough to hold especially if what you're holding is kind of trying to fight back like this one so I will also be using glue my hot glue in order to keep the zip ties in place


okay so what I'm trying to do here is I'm trying to pull up the zip tie as high as possible so that the top will be a little bit more domed or bent and I am putting or applying some of the hot glue here underneath this zip tie and I'll do that in all four sections here four corners if you prefer you can double up on the zip ties as well because you're gonna be able to come off latch that later with your decorations or with paint so what I'm doing here is just tightening it up and then I am going to be trimming each of the zip tie using my wire cutter I prefer the wire cutter because it is sharper than my scissors but you can use the scissors as well so I am just doing some of the finishing touches here making sure that this portion here is tight and secure and I have the dome effect that I am satisfied with so here it is now with a little bit more dome on the top and it has taken the shape that I like do recall the three sharp things that I cut that's here on my table I will be putting them on top later on next I'll be using my craft or acrylic paint and I'm gonna be adding some kind of a distressed finish here like it's a weathered look I don't know if you've seen it out there the real iron grills sometimes they look like they're weathered and they have peeling paint so that's what I'm trying to do here to make it a little bit more rustic make it a little bit more farmhouse now it's up to you if you don't want to paint it you can with with brush or sponge which i'm gonna be using that's the technique that I'm gonna be using you can use spray paint if you want to but for me I'd rather keep the cost down I'll be using my craft paint using my sponge and my small brush to paint both the inside and outside I'm just applying the paint in one direction so I go downwards and this portion here and then sometimes I just dab it kind of like punching it that's why I'm using a sponge brush here that I am just dipping on my acrylic or craft paint and I am just going to just do this all around on all of the parts of this lantern slash birdcage I'm doing outside first and then I'm drying it up for pot and I'm gonna be also painting the inside as you can see here I'm also using the same sponge brush to paint in inner part of the birdcage slash lantern and then on the narrower portion because there is an indentation inside I use my brush with smaller bristles so that I can reach every nook and cranny there so just brush brush brush and I also use the same thing outside to touch up any space or spots that I want covered so it doesn't have to be perfect you want to be as rustic as possible like I said this is gonna be kind of like a weathered look I'm also painting those three pieces that I cut from the bottom the fence yes I'm using all the parts here and then I will be putting them on act like an enclosure on the top to finish it off so I've been placing them in alternate direction so that they will look a little bit more even so it's kind of dirty when you're working with paint and then hot glue but then once this is done you will be so amazing so here it is all dried up and now I'm gonna be decorating it with some of the SIP flowers from the Dollar Tree I like this one because it has some spindle or long stems and I want it to look like it's climbing from the left side or one side cascading down from the top so I'm gonna be just flying hot glue here I'm not a short in this one by about a couple of inches so that I can have this a little bit more flushed at the bottom and it's not gonna be too high so I'm just adding the flowers where I think they can fill the space so that that bottom part of that long stem there won't show so I'm grouping them into three peonies and then three hydrangeas and then filling the spaces in between I'm also adding this full bird that I got also from the Dollar Tree all of these are optional if you don't want to add any embellishments you can just use this structure on its own and just put probably an LED candle in the middle but I want to embellish it and you know the good part about this I can change it through the season and here it is here's the finished project it's now as a centerpiece of our dining table you can use this as a centerpiece you can put this on top of a mantel yeah and you can change the flowers to whatever you like whatever if you don't like this type of flowers you can choose whatever flowers you want to add my daughter was saying that you know cuz she's engaged right now she wants this on her wedding tables you know for her reception and she is really liking this so that's really nice of her and if you notice I didn't put any bottom on this one but you can certainly add one if you prefer I just wanted to just be kind of like a clothes that you can just put on top and here it is with just a charger to be honest you can replace the color of the charger for the season this gold charger is from the Dollar Tree they come in different colors silver also pearly wise and I think they also come in red and green during the holidays or Christmas season so yeah in that LED candle you can add that too just to add you know kind of like a dramatic effect and this is beautiful especially at night when you turn off the lights so we have I really love this a lot so I hope you enjoy this video if you did please give it a thumbs up please share with anyone who may like this style if you want more farmhouse style type of projects like I've shown here please give me a thumbs up so that I know that you are interested in it and also let me know in the comments down below also if you haven't subscribed yet please do subscribe and you can follow me on Instagram as well as my Facebook page and if you have been a subscriber thanks again for your support always being here in my channel wishing you all a wonderful day poppy again on my next video bye bye


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