Tina Goldstein being adorable for almost 8 minutes 💕

by: Rina Chuu

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witches live among us we have to fight together for the last time you put a pet paws off what doesn't belong to you nothing that need concern you how are you so you've got something on your plate taking you in was it you taking me away so you work from the coozer what are you some kind of investigator these tell me you took care of the nomad what they're no match no magic they're not on wizard

where is she ghosty ghosty did you just butt in on the investigative team again where have you been what wait she pick you up mean have you been tracking them sacrum Salem is again of course not sir this is mr. Scamander he has a crazy creature in that case and it got out and caused mayhem in a bank

[Music] what was that loss I think big loss look for it look it's max bleeding he's hurt oh nothing to worry about you can't obliviate him we need him as a witness I'm sorry you've just yelled at me the length of New York for not doing it in the first he's hurt he looks sale I'll be fine MATLAB bytes aren't serious oh that you're not meant to befriend them that you can't marry the puppy I never went to the bank this is all just some big nightmare right both of us mr. Kowalski yes mrs. Esposito are you always alone mrs. Esposito

mr. Scamander has lost something I'm going to help him find oh wow sit down mr. Scamander I'm not gonna poison you oakiness now our fence and this is what I do I'm I'm a cook and this is like it's the greatest meal I've ever had in my life I'm just saying don't go get an attached he's gonna have two people if he ate it okay you guys can bunk in here I thought you might like a hot drink two down one to go

he arrived yesterday don't panic what do you suggest I do instead I'll catch it I've got you Tina

[Music] sweeping evil I love it there's anyone still missing Dougal my dummy guys do golf site problem is that um he's invisible invisible yes most of the time he does some how do you catch some of the men's difficulty oh no relax excuse me he's interested in anything he can so I've arrested half of the people in here as so you hugging that second state employ


of course over morning for she was persecuted by common one miss man so she led from distant Ireland and so our school began Oh it'll be morning Massachusetts we to choose me to choose it

I figured somebody ought to keep an eye on this thing I'll miss you do

spitting on me hasn't

so sorry how would you feel if I if I gave you your copy in person I'd like that very much


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [EN] Happy birthday Teenie! 🎉 This video was inspired by spellbooked whose edits are amazing ✨ I love Tina, she's one of my fav characters within the Harry Potter world and i will fight anyone who hates on her (ง'̀-'́)ง [FR] Joyeux anniversaire à Tina ! 🎉 J'ai fait cette vidéo en m'inspirant du travail de spellbooked, dont les montages sont géniaux ✨ Désolée si vous ne parlez pas anglais lol.. J'aime énormément Tina, c'est un de mes personnages préférés dans le monde de Harry Potter ! 💕 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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