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plan this your plan I hope it will not give the Equis an opportunity to send us out of the scandal anyway what is a plan it will disable mustard you know there's only one person this whole kingdom dr. Karen DeSalvo blue mustard we also know that any clearer sharper image could enter no radical Stan I do what I still don't understand where you are going I know you a great stevia yes you have power with nobody knows


[Music] yes [Music]









you [Music]


[Music] arrrr imagine you are dressed with this kingdom a great disappointment yada murugu karate Sabu four years before God you only know where Maggie you know

everything you did isn't worthy to fear from people no G Campbell one I am sorry to tell you that your mask you must better knock the granite Rudy what are we waiting for we know the penalty for the offensive conduct head oh he must be stoned to death at the village square yes that is the law of the land it is aware traditional traditional Chinese culture we must do what we have to do k mo most carefully you might be stoned to death that is my judgment and that are spoken socially do problem I will try but don't look it [Music]







damião around Asha busy Christmas customers [Music]


I am [Music] is dead [Music]

[Music] while dumb man Ilan said to be used like that she can move but something is pretty much your thought I do hope them is telling you again you are factored I don't want to get into any trouble you after all is the only one in this for Philadelphia that if they become a fool anybody I'll go there he died immediately American I don't know what to believe anymore or anything I mean there is conspiracy I don't want you to go out this train a little I'll you know anything what a dog table saw one lady came around just easily you can't do oh I know [Music]

that is why I will show them tennis career move gain fre marriage innocency what is it why you following me up and down I've warned you several to stop disturbing me aqua daddy is let's take off my design cover you Juliana no Priya why I'll give you everything I will give you everything are you I'll give you money any other conventional method a narrow canal decision on our du Midi field OpenGL redressing you did not ask questions about me you give me money let me ask you we are doing the same work Finn you're messing in a locum wallow a plug-in econ one less you think you can give me money I'm you have my money the mescal Maria humanities to attach me I a Kimmy this what you see yeah double can sing you think I don't know you are doing it it'll get la divas August a pepper Davy don't know Jeju a second Oh ROG in ammo okay too busy boomer adapt italiana Patwari Naveed village it's an honor beneath my and let me warn you for the very last time they were for me there where for me because men apart in you imagine he can wanna stay away from me oh yah oh yah oh yah oh yah oh yah photographer okay you do de las ocho Quanah you can oth own subbu Hou Oh God geladas Otto charges who is my one infamous tall my MA 84 o Abu Muaz are very much on solution a gimme your meat and your house linearity until Kingdom what I bring here by this time of the night Oh chica to Michigan Elizabeth I've told you that I am NOT your friend a broken website in Aria I think I'm gonna get the word papa don't conclude you know completion in my degree must go but welcome [Music] damn you possible in its lacking papa hey you think or you know would you join my dependence zero one any good I'm Irish they'll given up you later we're home I'm sorry you can go back I don't know your this room and I'll give you


tell me they license wanted to be different I thought if I will walk if I thought he's not my sight oh my beginning when I came up this is the beginning in what watch me strong lad or department shop justice when I once again in your work on hmm I called you here today to remind you that our politics table is coming up in two weeks I want you to be aware Cory my number again that you have to get your secretary you said your family friends you need - even when my name is incacha god DJ kappa movie for gakushin it is going to be historic I'm so Carrie Underwood you are the change of we all are looking forward and as a dad of this kingdom will promise you our new support your education I thank you very much each angel I trust a lot me like I said is going to be historic and I want to remind you that on that same day the new to new is going to be selected you can tell you know what you know but even because we open you go ahead I want to ask you now that educated who will carry do is a bubble under falender [Music] No [Music] when I told you I'm a wise man signal you to expand our little king of this kingdom but now I know that you are very wise man and please when you eventually become the king of this land anything he doesn't know he doesn't know me when I will forgive him the humiliation of his life in front of his own children on the d-day it with and that time I will be walking with my shoulders very high time you did your job to teach our unique a pizza concededly allowed when I am King and when I'm King I will build a cathedral you see the curtains are you won't be cutted off or that will be verified but making would I be the Oh No the same time running the crime oh why not why not be under my reign as king baby not only a cathedral you also build not less municipal movie is yes yes [Music]

I have farad night you train I have found my kinsmen [Music] I have 30 attacking them [Music]

hmm hey woody can hock on a quiz that your idk Hey oh I was too fast to compliment

I did not have Larry stone [Music] I felt that highway stop [Music] got some ancestors million worried [Music] that Jim Bowers who become the king of this land gimme house why it's obvious because the English of allies coming in two weeks and by the tradition it is a Bahamas great well sloppy the true will be shipped out to another village and I would remove a village and of course EGM bathhouse and sell myself angry me boo damn listen a person carries now amid opposition carried you must reject another person so carried a masquerade here any other person does is not a sadist or not until after six months of the death of a cheeky suppose she's muscle been so good you okay you wish to change your balance we can take you from Alabama data center who carry a particular they're very very impossible you know why I've never in the history of this life we change of elephants on SP cabinet media mahalo Kanaka is to Margie maybe next think of this children Emma nobody mogensen mother perfectly book and just want independence

[Music] III hope you must have had yes I've had good news otineru anubian a newbie air canada an apolog wine aerco great wonderful mommy together reaching device to waffle-cone marketable looks rock pop up because impaired okay me do you know that he came by domestic of this king before you've also heard so you are where true I said it not long ago sister hit you of course it is also agree to dream now okay by gamma you know this one never like hi so what are we hate house I'm going to do until normal [Music] cubicles all over la casa oh the last time you wore or get you a token I hope I don't see each other Oh da da da will give my all my boy is that how you greet huh do don't you know me yes uhm ah that was before that was before so you can rock or you've not heard a car borrowed it that I will be the future king of this kingdom don't ask how think of what you will gain by the way you look like somebody will make a nice queen [Music] three what if I make you my queen won't you like that you old my like you don't look don't you like what you see under bloody King huh over my dead body if you like beauty president of America you are too old and ugly to be my man social media can be a come here come here come come come come you're not in business don't talk to me your future King like that don't worry when I become the king of this kingdom I will know who give you that impetus I don't like when I become the king of this kingdom whip will allow public people will be allowed if kwame ago me me Sony pebble Buddha Ramos guamazo Watoto

karate power to click over on one side [Music]


wanted to understand that this is not the end of the world it not come to our mind it happened in a flash please your highness take heart under statute in good faith where our children come back we'll explain to them how everything Harlan [Music] why do they do this to me why [Music] if educated money so badly why didn't our common axle money why did he do this to me [Music] I love you [Music] ugh years hola

and your eyelid is okay okay um what has happened has happened there is not an American gravity it is not just that it simple for people it will to take over from rain stops but my see is what is going to stop this kinda meet you we all know who it is and what you can do but we will live our street in the house of our Asada's if it is a wish it could be done huh okay all right my fellow elders was Hospital very well my question now is what are we going to do neck will not be a philosophy that is fast approaching and as we know it can never be shifted [Music] your highness you like to send your gas to go and bring back so that we formally informed you about this crow nation are the new king so that we will get the part on that day

come smacking the wrong [Music]

and another box Karina bye-bye I hope you're buying time we [Music]

level of mind what did you call me well I forgive you for one thing very soon I will don't have to teach you what to call me out the corn will teach yourself what I'll do in my house it will also come and bring it in a palace of Correction nobody in this whole kingdom have devised to send you to ask you to come and bring me now have you come to call me or to bring me which one to call

I said go I'm coming

[Music] he came like we called you here to let you know that in that I'm true communication degree very vulnerable mentioning ha ha forever looking when it with us tomorrow it when it is dead now god forbid this is so will be the next king by you Supriya rather first women obukhov in the chamber like you don't know educate dead under tradition demands if you say what refers to occur on any holiday twinkling losses turn to the next family on the same now educated and holidays approaching automatically [Applause] to let you know whether it repaired I'm Andy Hazuki mmm but what kind of life is this why did we kill the educated flash please well please dad why did we kill you with our clean please what




[Music] don't walk this kingdom we all know haven't behaved now what would the athlete if you can't evoke this kingdom eg bees are asking me question asking me who asked it William jr. in Arjuna come to the onion what you want or know of the kingdom he dreads blenny how as we like now with you he will shut off it's a slippery I didn't know if I'd been woken you can feel how can't be happened I'm telling you hey how can I beat you all that people also become the king of this kingdom I'm surprised but it is something no one can change according to my father it is not right to become the king see the ego is resigning you mean nothing can be George to stop you nothing Hey there is problem how can go when I become the king of this kingdom that means young girls the widow's how let me understand the other day he asked me out and I repeat he was very angry you needed to see the look on his face and if he becomes the king of this kingdom in Crete I mean sure it is only God I would say was in the slum only God but it lets go before you missiles here talking about him I'm not liking the idea of him becoming big changed the Amanda we're working at his site came to town without an ID site manager hey that is didn't is not way faster this building is not very far so so one of us immediately saw the man he carried his own conscience I was running like

janeshia you what are you doing here who invited you to this place on this list have I not clean a shabby gym so now you can talk to me anyhow you like that no problem keep on running your mouth keep running your mouth go on I will tell you anything now but when I become king when I become the king of this place I will put you where you belong yes I'll put you where you belong we start from now looking for where you will move on to because under my reign kidnapping will be tightly she'd nothing is allowed so start to look for where you want you are not in your humor house this house well when I become clean this year in Tuesday or for my this will be my death house yes it will be my guest house Eden mana you know it does him away my I do I dunno Buddha Avenger need to defer I do not ashamed of yourself here are our genome look at this see now you're vomited from your mouth it's not what I see you become the king man is up counting the hell did you say from people is not people's life I'll sleep with people and I use the purpose of young we should ask you then let me tell you for your information you're just a memoir fabric funny Mario game is imaginary chamber you're not God and they are not scared of you you cannot do anything you take it as your guesthouse is it your own so I put the America kawaru balls my cuckoo God will grant okok it's any now this is really my like you alright

- I wanna oh I cannot do changsu

today is a great day in the history of this kingdom it is an holiday but it is proper fortunate that our cleaner who led us with wisdom and everything o our King we love you so much it came to Lucy's people I'll put into a physical says a king who knows we might not be people again but I don't know how to describe this man I don't know how to describe this man for a gk j gk only because no i it goes this way but for us human it is hard to comprehend the king will be handed over the leadership of this kingdom to another family as tradition demands because oh by favorable up work no one in this kingdom is capable to lift is available today this kingdom we have a new king [Music] in the person of jimba ral yay over the place

your highness please give your people your finest dish as the king of this kingdom the power precision


my beloved people of imago it is a period of great joy that we are alive to witness this great day once again I work on you all I think you are for the support you gave throughout my reign as the king you go Odom or do their fourteenth

it is unfortunate it will end this way [Music] very Kenda must move on yes the kingdom must move on I know how thrilled I have found my family especially my son our permit village guitar kingdom but I want you to note I repeat I want you to know it is not my fault the kingdom must move on duty chamber re supports I want you to support the chamber who become our new king after my speech [Music] give him Araneta the support he needs so that our kingdom will remain a strong as it has always be once again I think

[Music] [Applause]



[Music] this is the symbol of authority that makes you the king of this kingdom through your people with justice [Applause]

[Music] we [Music]

you are distressed to this window you are we getting hot I will be no state of people like Amy Morrison yes there will be not place for people like you in this gender I have I punish you never to set your booth on this man till Utah the God shall see both of you up to the boundary of this kingdom where before then remove the ADIZ and


Angela Thank You Roz I am in a very good mood today our audio and video bodies to the parent of the air God take the evil men away health projects are not difficult right watch me Oh de lado petraju pierogi you jus Gallardo at opana you're rockin OD urgency each oh oh oh god yahwah god haha Oh SVG my whoa - esto my god Nico photo a Bermuda lado edema Jeong Subin Benito moon super glue



my other bogum essence of this girl is the die hard I said my truth under darkness she was the one in the double a lot regardless what yes so that is why I brought new people here Sara she can tell us how she managed to carry the great economist variety so my dear how did it I don't know your highness I can't just ask me about my dear oh why did you get bathroom I'm totally travelling and it was Patrick this morning when my sister and I started to run out from the village because of achieve Astrid so on our way [Music]

you [Music]

[Music] [Applause]






not a party movement

that wasn't happened it's unbelievable no one what is your client my name is Jenna she didn't kill a deal be rewarded thank you - hey I wish you a she's my sister bro our band you did oh my god she's a widow right [Music] Arwen go any further from here but I want all of you in this palace tomorrow it is an invitation ha whoo ha tiene todo de las cuatro de lado de casa de la [Music]

[Music] good that I am working with Agnes [Music] and that is what I'll always call because you said our kingdom just like the Queen Mother said our child in the movie Lion King so that you also watch movies yes sir but not always you see running that phase of the kingdom it does not give me much time to watch movies back to why racial first I go on I thank you so much I think you so much for what you have done for me my family and they need the entire kingdom honestly I don't know how to thank you I don't even know what to think you would let me have that the first one

[Music] are gone this is a check for five million nine it is from my son this he broke it that I'm presenting it on behalf of my parents to say from the depth of our hearts thank you for what you have done for me thank you well if we got half a million people we're going are you gonna do to me this is a check for Tullio me away from my son this is to show appreciation for your contributions - ha ha ha -

opportunity we survived father told me that both of you are due diligence so you can [Music]


[Music] you [Music] do you have a leader and a mule dope [Music]

I feel much ocean my nature

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Agunwanyi(Rachael Okonkwo)is a young girl who is well endowed with the strength of a man which makes her a big opponent to her ruthless and evil uncle Mba(Zulu Adigwe).Events subsequently grow more treacherous with tensions as her wicked uncle goes further into involving more evil charms to destroy an innocent girl. Unknown to him that he has succeeded in digging a terrible grave which would eventually swallow him up with his family.Enjoy

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