Cobble Zombie Challenge (Call of Duty Custom Zombies)

by: YouAlwaysWin

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what's up you know look at your font dude what my foot Oh down on the bottom your head no oh we're fancy I'm fancy gun guys what's up welcome to a map called gobble-gobble a one-room map oh yeah not only did they change the font they made it larger everything is bigger and better one thousand fancy dollars what's this honors honors is that some kind of reward or something I don't know maybe it's for the best youtubers ever I hope we make it can't we get on the board please bless man boom and he evaporated I'm letting them in do it case there's some honors to be had do you like look at six employees use an explosive personality thank you that's just my but I see no I that did not work I'm gonna pick it up and tell myself like this you should that will work out fantastically there's none down here now oh shit where are they haha you found the active hole I found the community hole there's literally not none of them spawning down that hold it I grabbed this un I'll open this what's in you cobble another door for 2500 2500 that way in an L car Oh when in the hallway here groans Barney's that thing looks like it's like highlighted you know like there's something gonna happen to that little board thingy baby oh you're on Machoke they're institute dudes wait what wait wait do I hear I hear zombies over here on this other side Leslie they must be spawning here the spawners must be messed up a little bit there's like on the outside over here yeah they're gonna die out there spawners are messed up that's okay friend maybe it's its first map it happens getting the spawning right on zombie maps can be a bit tricky when you're first learning wow it sounds like a big area out there we might go outside maybe it sounds like they're all outside twenty-five hundred like it the internet that hallway right here baby there's some of them are dying so they're respawning out somewhere

nothing whoa watch out max ammo got max ammo come on die die zombies won't shoot come on zombies let's go cobble bear with us guys we'll get those doors open here pretty quick that you just gotta wait for these once those doors are open then we should be good we definitely should open up that 2500 then door not this other one because I think it sounds like that the long hand hallway right yeah yeah yep user well you got it cool I know you're gonna be strapped for cash now but whoa we were in here there's 2,500 door upstairs oh I saw jug jug is up there but it's through this 2500 door and it there's some other stuff pretty big area up here once we get this door okay ready dude oh shoot eyes on me already these are unbearable went on oh I can Bordeaux we need an L car or something run out of ammo yeah it's around the corner there yeah I got zero bullets I know I'm almost we gotta get it alright well I almost had it but I've got to get ammo so let me I might have enough then yep yeah we got 2500 you want me open that top one yeah it's not up here this one up here come on give us a look been a gun or something dude give them a gun do blaze another other door Wow okay and no no one know their weapon though dude this is not good I'm gonna Chuck grenades what that

did you grab the elk are at all or no I got the own heart okay good you might be needing that I can hear them spawns spawning constantly on the wrong side of the walls are salmon anyway there

I'm keeping this guy here you had we have had a breather dude a little breather time I'm gonna need to get the L part cuz this thing's gonna get me killed stop yelling dude this door here goes through two jug oh we gotta find the power dude it might be a doorway huh possibly oh we can see that door that door leads to a pretty big area it looks like if it is in fact that you know

[Applause] shoot it was a little door that 25 oh wow that was a I guess we got to open at some point but so that alex is right below this room here is that possibly that other 2500 door downstairs maybe maybe I got don't kill this guy there cuz I gotta get a gun this thing's gonna get me killed go ahead Oh surely go ahead I gotta get the lker then yeah I thought that box is in there I saw it I was like oh thank goodness we know I said the Box must be down below that room I was thought you were just talking to the people Oh if what do you want to do that I want to go down they'll go to that other 2500 door real quick okay I just want to see where your character is is the offense this guy's coming through I can't boy though yeah but kill them then or come here down here we got a long hallway it's at right there yeah there's no there's no spawner at this end of one window and they all come down the hallway so if you concentrate fire we might be okay I opened that other 2,500 was nothing whoo yeah I know it was nothing our grenades or something in there dude okay yeah oh shoot is that my own grenade as many points as you can friend that's your Dodger [Applause] what is that what is that nice nice

trying to shoot trying to shoot getting low on ammo here yeah yep ah shoot I didn't kill that guy damn dude that was close that was close seventeen bullets left let me open this up ah kuda on the wall dude oh hey that's good here you in that one CUDA box box hey what do we got these guys are pretty active barricade barricade jug this way crisscross and crisscross hose you down my side I'll shit down your throne agent bouncing yeah that one dude cute a shooter wouldn't know [Applause] - clear day Bri alligator I'm a crawler do bless got a couple of crawlers - I do it's what I do friend get out of here oh oh maybe leave one okay just one dude there another dude over here no other pieces or anything like that okay he's a runner so I can walk him a little bit dagger there 3,000 open - jug o ever found the power yet 6,000 debris here 6,000 to get inside their little box no we found another one up all there's pack a bunch up above us okay I got captain douche nozzle with me we must have to go all the way back around that other we're gonna go I'm gonna go to this door you see it oh it's on this side cuz there's my side to right is that the other side yeah yeah you know where you opened up there's that side as well how much was it to clear that well there's a 6,000 here I cleared the 3000 - jug and then this side is 3000 3000 dude I say we get another good weapon because that was getting a little dicey for me okay I'm gonna roll the box I don't have any grenades for him

snipe okay well I'm not I'm not gonna roll it again we need points are you gonna hit that at all or I'll take this yeah I will oh come on come on there long after 1927 good four points oh nice okay so listen look around Chloe's life it makes any 500 door up here at the top but I think that one goes right around here to year 3000 thing here yeah and then there's a six thousand which is where pack-a-punch is but it might be in in that six thousand yeah do you owe me trying to open that twenty five hundred or yeah maybe dude cuz I mean if it's if you're thinking it's looping around I got him I got him I got him we gotta get them all open is there any honors yet on the board no honors where's the honor why you no honor come on hello a power switch anywhere power switch anywhere power our ultimate power tell me there's something not just another $2,500 that's exactly what I said it leads right to hear the so 40,000 oh I see the power switch it's in behind the 6000 point door okay did you find a good spot for us though is that like a good spot we can both gang up and aim down the same area cuz that's what we're looking for now so what kind of spawners are in here we're bored is blocked by this 3,000 debris you know what do you thinking then we can try it why not ain't scared I am I scared that makes one of us maybe we get that six thousand open we could sit up there by pack-a-punch yeah yeah if there is drill them okay I'll look for ground spawners that hopefully that if there's not there's not grounds punished here because you're gonna have to concentrate on that door if I can kill any if there's only one ground spawner we should be okay I'll handle that you just drill down that door Roger that I hear the ground spawner Oh are they gonna come for this is it no they can't jump over barriers yeah so don't think no ground spoilers here alright see where I'm standing just so you don't bump into me okay

this 19:27 is not good it's not good I don't my stand in front and see ya won't build a chute until the last second here no no no then you get in position don't worry about me on backup reloading for days reloading roger-dodger you know what I'm gonna switch to my coots kuda to the shooter wood

or promise that CUDA is all the way down at the bottom you know what I mean yeah it's this is a it was long as we have a mole two spots or eight yeah no na mean this one's got some cool writing on Thompson submachine-gun it's got all the writing on the side that it's pretty cool here they come here they come to save the day maybe we saved one if there's one left they might be jammed in there dude save one so we can get more ammo sounds like hey I'm somewhere they got jammed on this table I think it's very fair so that happened do you have any ammo or do we are we in shrubs Oh interrupts I have 50 I have one mag in this gun and then the kuda cooter cooter shooter would wow those guys really reach ammo light Wow dude they're just hitting the heck out of me yeah I'm red I gotta get recovered here they're like really Ricci I'll back you up I'll back you up you get you shoot in because chances are you're gonna have to get that so you're gonna want that plus plus plus points plus B unless you want me to open it unless the assault shoot in I'm killing some zombie faces come on 1927 build data points build them points

big god I hope I'm a glitch the door that's how they gotta get any come on follow me all right dang dude goo goo goo okay skip the ground spawner go makers these makers oldish makers holy where's the spawners in here none nope all right is there a bending I don't know there's a pack of Panchal there is some lion statues here oh I don't see you never have too many lion statues maybe we have to check that I'm done maybe we gotta check that board now maybe we get some honors on the board honor this one let's go hit some rocks or something yeah are you rid of this SVG piece of Garbo got her paws Oh I'll go don't say get someone I'll go check the log to you boo oh you're going nothing nothing nothing all right it's just a simple little survival map I guess survival time are you going around getting your thingamabob the limited amount of money after that six thousand door opening no mo [Music] yeah probably switch out this 1927 dude are you taking well no I was gonna oh it's gonna hit the box but the box is forward I know he was in the way I was trying to get out of the round him seven I have seven bullets bullets please eat it up if you like moving to that other room up top perfect so we need to recover points right good to go I'll back you up you shoot down oh my god it sucks so bad it's really good

[Music] [Applause] things gonna kill dude there that'll work that'll how is that not working what doc dude that looks like so slow like no penetration either for that that's that's like the main problem with it right yeah what do you have from a box besides the band see dude it just does not want me to recover boy no points for you cuz you smell like poo okay what the heck was that there was one behind me as you were going forward I was just saying there's a door there's a window right there oh shoot [Music] come on I can't get out of it there's a lot of zombies there one behind you one behind you dad's are too risky dude to risky proposition no and there you

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