How I Make $1,000s EVERY DAY Trading Crypto Coins - 3 Step Guide For 2018

by: Crypto Oracle

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I was going guys it's the crypto Oracle here and today I'm gonna show everybody how to trade crypto coins just like I do I do it basically for a living it's not my full-time job because I do a lot of self-employed stuff however I could absolutely sustain myself with just trading crypto currency I've been trading for like eight plus years however I've been you know seriously trading probably the last like three or four so I do have a lot of experience as young as I am but I want to show you guys how to do it even if you haven't even bought crypto before however this isn't a 100% beginners video because if you haven't bought crypto before you're gonna go ahead and go to one of my older videos I'll throw a link down in the description and that will show you guys how to buy crypto on coinbase comm transfer it to bit tracks or finance and trade from there and actually buy the alt coins that I'm talking about however this video is gonna start from there it's gonna start from already knowing how to buy the alt coins because that's kind of a extremely beginner thing that I don't want to waste my time with in this video so that's why there was a separate video only for you know people that just haven't done it but I'm gonna show you guys how to do it today in just three simple steps and I know it's really kind of arbitrary to shorten things down into like three steps because yeah there's you can say there's three steps but there's really a lot more however what I have to say really is broken up into three sections and this will help you guys in simplifying your actual trading strategies so my number one step is which coins to invest in so this is going to I'd be able to teach you guys to identify which actual alt coins are looking good to invest in number two or my second point there my second step is identifying and trading market cycles and my number three step is taking profit and using all of those points you can absolutely make a ridiculous amount of profit in crypto and I can guarantee that check out my older videos if you want to check out something that cool toys cars watches and stuff that I bought using my crypto money so let's go ahead and get into it first I'm just gonna show you guys how to identify coins that you're gonna want to start cycle trading now you can do this a couple different ways there's a couple different websites that are great for identifying coins my number one website for identifying coins from the very start is coin market Capcom I have it up right here you just go to coin market capcom and that will be a full list of all the market caps for all the major crypto coins tokens etc it's gonna start with Bitcoin the major ones aetherium Rick bull Bitcoin cash but really what we're looking for is pretty much any coin that's gonna be trading on a cycle with enough volume to be able to day trade now you can also use this strategy to trade not only in like the day trading short term but also medium term and long term because there's plenty of coins that act on medium and long term cycles so let's go ahead and get into it let's find some good coins I actually went over and looked through this list and I went to bid trucks calm which is mostly where I trade I mostly trade on bit trucks and Finance and I've already identified a cycle on this coin it might have been a new listing yeah it was a new listing but it's been trading in a pretty decent cycle over the past like three days or so so the coin is BC PT block Maison credit protocol and I actually talked about this coin in a video like two days ago and I write in my top 10 low market cap coins so I'm gonna show you guys first how I found this coin which all I did to find this coin was I went on this button up here which is I gonna identify or is gonna be a list or a searchable list of all the coins on bitch racks and I'm sorting by volume usually because I like kind of trading coins that have a high daily volume it means no matter what amount of money you're trading with you're gonna be able to fill your buy and sell orders pretty quickly and things are gonna move pretty quickly so that's always advantageous to any type of trader that's trading with any amount money and all I did was look through a few of them you can look at Z classic you can take a look at it and I'm let's look at the volume we've got all this volume 6800 and Bitcoin and daily volume you can look at neo let's take a look at neo we've got plenty of volume there and as you can see once it loads that we got 1800 Bitcoin and daily volume so really anything my absolute minimum and daily volume I'd say for any type of trading is at least like 10 to 20 Bitcoin you really don't want to don't want to tread and territory below that just because things are gonna move super slow they're gonna be super volatile and unexpected you're gonna see like pumping dumps happening it's a market manipulation and it's really not going to help out any type of stability or kind of expectations that you have when you're trading it's really just gonna kind of screw you up so let's look at you know our top volume coins because there's no reason not to trade top volume coins if they're acting on cycles so that was our number one we've identified a coin that you know has volume that looks good that you know I I've looked into it before and I don't have any problems with it so let's take a look at it let's try to identify that cycle and start trading it so we could use any type of software I personally like using trading view which is this is a like one chart I use training view a lot because I like the indicators and drawing lines and stuff on it but you can absolutely use bit tricks to draw your lines and I'm actually going to show you guys excuse me how to do that today just because a lot of people aren't very familiar with training view and that's more of like an intermediate trader tool so let's go ahead and get into it on bitch racks so excuse me sorry I just woke up and I'm gonna drinking some caffeine so I'm going to show you guys first how to draw some lines and identify some cycles so this is going to kind of cover a lot of ground but I'm gonna try and simplify it and I'm not gonna really teach you guys the I said this is the advanced topics behind this but I'm gonna teach you guys how to do this simply and from there kind of once you start trading once you can start identifying it yourself then you guys can look into my other videos where I go a little bit more in depth and even check out on blockchain education which is my program check out our really in-depth stuff there that's all for advanced trader so obviously if you're beginning to stay with me and I'm gonna show you guys some lines first so all I'm doing is I'm going to tools this is on the pitch X graph and I'm gonna draw a line so first I'm gonna draw our support line so for our support line on this cycle I'm just gonna draw it like that that's really all you need to do I mean you can throw it a little bit lower if you want to be a little bit more conservative but this is pretty much where our support is I mean yeah it's a little bit higher up probably more like that that's where our support is that's where we're bouncing off that's where we're finding support again I say support and I understand a lot of you guys don't really understand what that means but just hang on here bear with me and I'm gonna try to and develop this all into one idea which will be a cycle so next I'm going to draw a resistance line which will be something like that most cycles are pretty much going to have parallel lines and if they're not parallel they're gonna be pretty much parallel now there are cycles that look more like wedges or triangles which is a technical analysis term that basically means instead of it being a block or a straight line it's going to look more like a wedge or a triangle but that obviously is a more intermediate technique that we're not going to cover right now we're just gonna cover this cycle right here and how to trade this cycle so you can easily identify cycles because you see can I draw with this sorry it's been a while since I've used bit tracks to actually you to actually draw on the chart however I'll just kind of used this crosshair since you guys can see that so as you can see right here we have our support line we have our line of resistance and our chart is kind of bouncing off of these lines up and down in a zigzag that is called a cycle a cycle is whenever we see full movement and then it hit a line of resistance and then some bear movement and then it hits or goes near a line of support and then we see the bull zone or a bull movement actually we saw a little too fast bull movement here and then we hit the top there and then it kind of cycled down and it went back up and we stopped bull movement and we start hit resistance and we saw it cycled down with the bear movement and we saw hit support and then we saw it cycle up with some bear movement or a bull movement excuse me and we saw it hit that resistance and we saw it cycled down with bear movement and we saw it hit that support and I would saw a cycle up a little bit and then it dropped back down and now we're back at support so what would we expect here and what do I expect here now this is non-trading advice obviously because I'm trying to teach you guys how to trade not just show you what works but if I was okay that's a rate if I was to predict where the price would go next I would absolutely say that block miss and predict credit protocol will be traveling up in this zone or in this cycle so as you can see and I really hope that this is kind of intuitive to a lot of you guys because you really gotta have some intuition if you're gonna be training Bitcoin and learning how to trade from a beginner stance you really got to just just kind of put some put some I say this put some of your some of your gut feeling into it if that makes sense without going a little too out left field I just explained to you guys how he bounced off that support we bounced off that resistance we bounced off the support bounced off the resistance now that we're down here at rapport or support what do you guys think is gonna happen comment down now I'm just kidding I'm not gonna do that what's gonna happen is it's most likely going to bounce off of the support and start traveling up towards the next line of resistance so what does that mean for you guys obviously in order to trade these cycles you're gonna want to buy at the bottom you're gonna want to buy at the troughs a trough is the bottom of a curve is the very tippy bottom so how do you identify that you identify that because of these drawn support lines so anytime our price or our candlesticks start to get closer to our lines of support or even start to ride along the line of support that's when you're gonna want to buy and as you can see we're currently riding along our line of support here for black mass and credit protocol so we would expect it to curve into that trough and start making its way back up all the way back up to that line of resistance and when are you gonna want to sell you're gonna want to sell at the top of that line at the very peak you've got the trough at the bottom and you got the peak at the top of the curve when it starts going down it's kind of like a wave it's like I imagine a frequency wave if you're taking any type of physics class or a basic science class where you've learned about wave length your your wave length is gonna determine your cycle your weight height is gonna be your cycle height very very intuitive now that I've talked about identifying cycles and just where things are gonna turn up and where things are gonna turn down basically where you want to buy and where you want to sell let's talk about taking profits and actually getting some money out of these trades because really until you turn your altcoins into Bitcoin and your Bitcoin and you sell it back into US dollars you really don't know truly how much money you've made just because of the volatility to market so if you're a super conservative trainer as soon as you kill or end or finish your position or exit your position however you want to say it as soon as you're done trading basically or you bought here and you've sold here as soon as you sound there if you're a super conservative trader and you really don't trust the quick 10 market which I mean you should but if you don't trust to quick to market and you want to get straight back into US dollars you're gonna want to sell your all coins back in a Bitcoin which all you do is just click the sell button on and then your Bitcoin back into US dollar on something like coin base but how much profit do you take what percentages do you take everything like that now this is gonna be different for every trader but here are some simple guidelines basically if you buy something for say point one Bitcoin let's say you an altcoin cost point one Bitcoin and you buy two point one in it shoots all the way up it goes up 100% it super breaks out and now it's at point two what is the most or what is the safest thing to do the safest thing to do would be sell at all but what is the best strategy for taking profits the best strategy and what I recommend to even my closest personal friends is to just sell half of your position because if you sell half of your position you've taken your initial whatever you've your initial investment whatever you put in to Bitcoin or whatever you put into auckland's you've taken that and you've secured it you've secured it you've sold out you have that money the same money that you put in so you haven't lost anything and then the rest of your coin the rest of the 50% that you haven't sold you can absolutely do what we call letting that ride now letting that ride means that you're gonna stick or you're gonna keep that 50% of your block missing credit block made some credit protocols are it's a long names hard to say you're gonna keep the rest of that in there and just let it ride for as long as you want because crypto coins are pretty much gonna keep going up for a while now as long as the coin market or as long as the market cap overall and can it continues to soar so there's no reason not to let it ride because all you're gonna be doing is setting some faith in the crypto market and it's just pure profit that you're letting ride so your profit will fluctuate up and down but no matter what you'll never be in the negative because you've always got your initial investment pulled out and sold so or but crypto coins will not always go up immediately 100 percent say they go up 50 percent well that's directly relative so if they go up 50 percent all you've got to do is sell a relative or a proportional portion of your crypto coins so even if it goes up you know four hundred percent all you have to do is sell only twenty five percent however if it only you know 50% just sell like 75% of your coins and let the 25% ride and then and turn to another trade or entering into another cycle you can absolutely be trading multiple coins at one time because you can see like if you have one coin that's at the bottom of a cycle and one coins that's at the top of a cycle and they're two different coins you can be exiting the coin that's at the top of a cycle and entering your other favorite coin that's at the bottom of a cycle or at the trough and then as soon as the coin that's at the trough starts to go up and serves to hit resistance and starts to become at the top of the cycle at the peak you can sell that coin and get back into your other coin because your other coin is probably gonna be at the bottom of the cycle and that's what we call cyclical trading okay cyclical trading trading on a cycle so that's all I had to say those are my my three easy steps and they really are easy I'm making it sound a lot easier than it really is because I believe that it's not that hard to get into crypto trading things like trading commodities trading stock markets are a little bit more difficult just because they're so flooded with super intelligent traders but the thing about crypto is a lot of those super intelligent traders still don't believe in crypto they still don't really know how to trade crypto they think it's a little different but it's super simple and I really think that pretty much anybody that's willing to put some effort into it and put their mind to it can absolutely make some ridiculous profits trading crypto but there's one last thing and this is completely separate from the video however I always like to make this note if you're a completely serious trader if you have you know a decent amount of money that you want to spend or live not that you want to spend but you want to invest and you want to secure your investment by trading with other serious traders you want to be part of a trading community that's really gonna have your back check out blockchain Education blockchain education is our completely pried proprietary education software and calls groups you can check it out and it's the first link in the description it's a pixel main link and all you have to do is click on it and it'll take you to our page once you get to our page we little video that my partner made it's 24 minute video that takes you through a complete tour of our system and you can join as a monthly annual or even a lifetime member you join as a monthly member you get all of the access you get access to the complete chat room you get unlimited access to that there's no time limit you get professional training advice we have full time ta experts ta is what I was just doing I consider myself a TA expert and we've got some even better guys in the group that are doing this like 24/7 so if you guys ever have if you're ever trying to do like a cycle trade and you're a little curious on whether you're correct or not so let's say you see it's right here and you can ask one of our ta guys or one of our support desk guys hey is this looking like it's on the bottom of the cycle and somebody's gonna reply promptly and be able to double double check your charts and such we also provide calls so we provide we're not a calls group this isn't gonna be all for you but we have a completely automated call system and our TA experts will be telling you guys kind of which coins to get into so if you think you're not gonna be best at that number one step which is which is finding coins to invest in and identifying cycles we can actually do that for you so and I keep saying this is for serious investors and that's because of our monthly price our monthly price is actually 297 but there's a 33 percent discount so it's about $200 a month but obviously if you're trading with a few thousand dollars you can make that back in one trade so you make one successful trade and you've already made your money back and you made profits and everything else for the rest of the month so you make one or two trades a day or one try today or one trade every other day you're gonna be making your monthly fee or your monthly membership feed back every single day or every single trade as long as you're trading with at least like a couple grand so super easy stuff they're completely professional group other than that I don't want to get too much into it this isn't like a sales video I just want to make sure you guys know just because I did a video on how to trade crypto coins 2017 and that was before we had our group so I want to make sure that everybody gets to check that out because I'm really proud of the system and I'm really proud of the group and I think everybody in there has done super super well if you guys want proof I made a video a while back that showed a bunch of remember reviews but you know obviously I'm not trying to sell you guys on this too much I just want to make sure you guys are aware that if you guys need some extra help training or even if you just want to be part of a good trading community and be able to kind of like secure profits and maybe you're a little iffy about trades or you're not that great at Ta and you want to learn you can absolutely educate yourself in blocks and education so other than that good luck trading go to at Oracle of crypto on Twitter check out all the links in the description subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos like this like the video if you liked it or if it helped you out in any way if you've made any profit off of any of my videos please do me a favor and drop a like subscribe and check out blockchain education those things really helped me out and they really support the channel other than that I will update a slack link there's actually a slack link on Twitter for my free training slack which I say it's free here it is here's the tweet right here so just scroll back on my Twitter to February 14th and click on that if you'd like to join the free training slack that's not at all comparable to blocks and education we don't have employees there that's just kind of a free-for-all group read people can get news and talk with each other but obviously not as serious as box and education so again thank you guys for watching this has been the crypto Oracle drop down any comments in the description below or even send me a message on Twitter if you have any questions about my video hopefully is clarified a lot of things and it'll get a lot of people into crypto trading and trading crypto coins because I really think a lot of people can become very successful just by dedicating kind of a small amount of time but a decent amount of effort so good luck guys I really think that I I mean I've seen a lot of success in creating crypto so far I've seen so much success with people that really I didn't fact to do that well just because either they don't put a lot of time into it or they're not super dedicated but they're not even putting that much time into it and they're still making mad profits so yeah good luck trading this week guys this has been the crypto Oracle check out my videos check out my video that I'll probably drop like tomorrow or the next day I'm probably gonna do a TA update on Bitcoin next so again thank you guys for watching spin the crypto

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