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so what is it still offer Harriet and Megan's new baby boy here to tell us it's Britain's best-loved psychic Sally Morgan

we watching we watching I know unbelievable isn't it I think it's the first time I've ever looked at Megan and thought how nervous she looked you know she read and I think it was so obviously emotional we are we just had a baby what do you think the naming well I don't I mean I've got my own personal but I mean I'm not predicting the name but I do like Xander Alex I think that because you can get that's quite a nice sort of soviet-american well he's a little bit American but I think that they're they believe it or not she's quite traditional Megan and I think be that's they've got a lot in common Harry yeah and I think that he needs to maintain the tradition sure even though they've done things very differently so far but if it's Alexandra it might not be sonder it might be sandy sandy yes royal Joe this is the ID of grandfather was called ginger so you know I'm quite youthful and just a controversies you said sandy being with an S did you say Zonda or even with an A and X oh that would be modern do you think this baby is gonna riff and it's gonna what's the work you're not all the riff know what I was gonna say you don't think it will I don't think the baby will heal the rift I think that what really thought dad dad how long will it be before he gets to see the baby it must be something he's really hoping for I know but you see that the father has the her half-sister on his side and I think that they've got great difficulties there so I send a half-sister someone has already been shooting their mouths off today I don't know I'm not heard that so yeah you know it's interesting but I think that we we were the whole world is gonna wait a long time yeah you know his other grandfather not for that horrible style oh yeah darling Sally when I just don't think yeah I think a mill Clooney's gonna be Wow because I just think that she's she's a mill is a humanitarian but Harry and Megan are humanitarians and I think they've got a lot in common with their cherish but I also feel that the tennis player the one that was at the wedding is its most famous tennis yeah I think I think she could be a godmother yes because because Megan is very moving for her does that mean the Freak tennis lesson very nice yeah it's ER I think that we obviously we're gonna see photographs full face photographs of the baby but I do think that baby also personality-wise is gonna be like his dad when you look at Megan she she is she so wants Diana to be part of everything because he he talks about his mother continually yeah ain't she part of their life she is if she's still here which i think is wonderful Diane obviously broke protocol but in terms of how she decided to raise her children they had as normal a childhood as any kind of royal and heir to the throne could have do you think that Harry and Megan will take this one step further they will but we all have to remember I don't want to sound cynical here and you know I'm not gonna do a Janet but I do I do think that at the end of the day they are part of a system and that's the monarchy that's your oil tea and as much as they will say to you we want this baby to have a regular normal existence he's not going to but I think for us I think for us looking on you know it's gonna be more normal than perhaps Charles and Anne Anne but I think that you know a lot of people forget that you never really are you could say friends with royalty you know these very famous this baby will have a royal title because that would be a break of tradition and Princess Anne did not want her children to have titles so do you think this child will have a time I think this child will have a title I think Megan wants her child to have a type really she's very different to to the Princess Royal very very different [Applause]


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Sally Morgan joins the panel and after predicting a number of events about the royal family correct she is back to predict the royal baby's name. From series 22, broadcast on 08/05/19 Like, follow and subscribe to Loose Women! Website:




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