Rise of Apostasy

by: Abdullah Sameer

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the size of apostasy people are leaving Islam at unprecedented rates the narrative of Islam being the fastest-growing religion is no longer true the Muslim community is now in damage control from this new threat dr. bilal philips in a recent friday sermon openly has warned the muslim community that apostasy will come like a tsunami and if we don't take constructive steps to deal with this it is going to become an avalanche a tsunami that is going to hit our community in such a way that we will have very difficult time standing it will knock us over the tides are turning in real life I know many people who have left Islam but the majority cannot come out publicly due to family pressure social pressure and community pressure the number of X Muslims was out is still a really small number I personally know many individuals we admit it to me that they left Islam but cannot come out in their open they cannot even tell their own brother or sister they cannot tell their mom and dad some of them can't even tell the wife recently an online conference was organized by 10 leading Islamic preachers to discuss the problem and tackle it this is something I've never seen before going up as a Muslim courses like this was unheard of this just is six as well to black to back up these claims machine Mohammed senior researcher at Pew has stated that 23 percent of American Muslims no longer identify as Muslim this means that as many people are leaving Islam as converting to it right now for Christianity which has gone through the form long ago it's a net loss with more people leaving it than converting to it according to a post in National Geographic the fastest-growing religion is no religion there's religiously unaffiliated called nuns are growing significantly the second largest religious group in North America and most of Europe in the United States nuns make up almost a quarter of the population now even though this isn't unusually advertised Muslim scholars and Imams know this to be the case Muslim scholars are usually at the forefront of seeing this happen because parents will come and complain that the child is not religious or even doesn't believe any longer some trusted scholarly individual you will usually be contacted by someone in the community seeking help for the family member let's listen to Bilal Philips talk about this major issue brothers and sisters in today's foot bar I would like to stress two main points which I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the consequence of failing to achieve

the Muslim community here in a minority circumstance is a high-risk community

back home in our countries where people grow up practicing Islam as a culture as tradition everybody conforms because of the pressure of the community the relatives etc it is rare that you would find back home a young man or a young woman addressing their parents their family and telling them I don't believe in Allah I don't believe that Muhammad sallallaahu seldom was a Messenger of Allah I don't believe that the Quran is a book of Revelation that is unthinkable that is the unthinkable back home but here in Canada it is happening it is happening continuously you may not find it coming from small children young children but it is happening at different stages of adulthood early adulthood teenage it is happening because our young ones our children are at risk their faith is being challenged in the society and particularly in the schools in the institutions of Education this is where their faith is challenged we cannot afford to be complacent back home yes we could be complacent because the society is there as a safety net to catch those that may slip doubt etc and help them back but here there is no safety net there is a family but the family is not enough so basically Islam can survive criticism and doubt when everyone around you is Muslim the reality though is even in the heart of Muslim countries people are quietly leaving Islam while I was in Doha Qatar one sister called me from here from a religious practicing family Islamic Lee active she said my son memorized the Quran at the age of 10 hamton he memorized the Quran at the age of 10

he went for ombres we took him for had praise fast everything but at the age of 15 five years later she's calling she said he came home and told us that he doesn't believe in Allah what should we do we have other young children in the house should you kick him out because he could possibly affect the rest of the family members the younger ones he could infect them this is a disease what should I do I advised her to take him to the local Imam or some knowledgeable individuals from the community here to discuss with him try to help him find his way back

this is a tragic situation kicking out a 15 year old because he left Islam Wow and a few days ago I met with another young man from our community who completed his bachelor's degree University of Toronto doing his master's science subject etc and he reached the same point he said I don't believe in Allah his family members brought him for me to talk to him and I spoke with him it didn't believe in Omaha I spoke something of Yahoo no I do believe in God but in the end when I pinned him down he didn't believe in the existence of God the Quran was not a miracle Muhammad SAW Allah was not a prophet of God yes he's a good man he was a good man he was known as a good man but as he said good people like good people can lie just like anybody else that's where he reached the issue is this could happen to any of you this could happen to any one of you that brother who I spoke to a few days back his family is a practicing Muslim activist Lama CLE and the one who called me from here same thing so it's not just a matter of those people were not good Muslims they weren't really practicing so and so and so so it's not surprising no this is really serious this is something that we all face all of us who have children who are going to these institutions and you never know when it can happen I remember when I was here in 2012 the same thing another family told me you know here our daughter she doesn't want to pray she's going to university now she wants to take off her hijab but you know this was an active practicing family when I spoke to the young lady she said actually I had stopped praying from way back mom didn't realize it she would pray on some occasions but as establishing the prayer it was gone belief was gone she was just maintaining a front for her mother these stories are typical everybody knows someone was left Islam now at least one person in the circle of friends or family even from religious families nobody is safe now the next issue preachers even go out of the way to one Muslims that studying Islam in West in academia can cause one to lose their faith let's listen to what no man Ali Khan has to say about what happened to his friend for example I I know brothers that you know their intention was they're gonna study Islam in the Muslim world and then they're gonna come here and they're gonna do PhDs in Islamic studies and different universities things like that and they got into the you know one such program for example I have a friend who's in Harvard at the Islamic Studies program and I met him he was getting his master's then he was gonna get into his PhD again Islamic studies he's not even done with his master's I just I went to Boston and I was hanging out with him and what does he tell me he says men after the two semesters I lost my faith and the only way I can actually continue my studies is that I I stopped thinking about it because if I think about it I can't I can't keep my mind anymore it's gone Yasir Qadhi talks about how he personally got super hot doubts that he wasn't able to dissolve studying Islamic Yale doubts related to the history of Islam I was one of the first people that was doing a PhD from an Ivy League now I have 10 years of Modena and I still no know anybody who's done something like this I mean and I'm being honest with you you're all to nominate men and said it to some Sciences well I'll be honest with you the shoe Mohawks that I was exposed to idea some of them I still don't have answers for the reason why many of our dilemma are so scared to go into these fields is because they are not qualified to answer every solution so there's an element of truth like you don't throw your son or daughter in the water where they don't know to swim when my teachers are budino found that are going to you they express their concerns to me you're gonna go there they're gonna do this are gonna do that many of them and of course I I realized this is the way forward for me personally and happened I wanted to very forward minding very open-minded of my mentors they've appreciated this they they they wanted me to go come to them but honestly it was not easy because I jumped into the deep end and I did Islamic Studies and early Islamic Studies and when you do that type of stuff your brain really is scrambled to complete and you can the type of top you just heard me give I would never have given into the medina face it's not going to come because you like what the Western education does is it his story slices contextualizes it forces you to rethink you know medina has had malicious trauma bond will build the building for you when you go to Harvard Princeton Yale they will deconstruct the entire building throw it all the way back down is gonna be all blocks back to Lego blocks then you have to figure out how am I gonna be constructed myself they're not even into it for you right this is the reality of the education that you are forced to think and you realize that that building I inherited from Oscar Medina is not a building that are not revealed it's a building that is constructed over centuries did you hear what he said constructed over the several centuries watch the latest video by Sheriff GABA called what you don't know about the Quran to see the type of arguments that are studied in these universities and so what has happened in I've seen this myself many not Medina as a artist but many practicing Muslims have gone into these programs and come out either agnostic or preaching a version of Islam that I find very unpalatable if you understand what I'm saying okay why is that they didn't go in wanting to become like this but they felt they have enough tools to be able to deal with the should why and they didn't some scholars purposely avoid talking about controversy in doubtful incidents no emphasis is placed on issues like how the Quran was not written until long after Muhammad's death or how they were huge disagreements over would rule next a lot of the Arab tribes that was supposedly united under Mohammed a pasta sighs at his death and the litter was were fought to bring them back in line the vast majority of Muslims are unaware of the holes in the religion not only that even most Muslim scholars are unaware of these holes the reality that we have in our times demonstrates this you have the most intelligent people in the world by and large denying God's existence most scientists in the world are agnostic and atheist because it's not purely there's an element in fact of trick dominant element it's something that is fifthly I feel naughty shucks that's really what it was down to I mean how can you do not have love it's something a lot so John put it in us Yasir Qadhi is arguing that belief in God is primarily not oculi meaning based on reason but is Fitri meaning something we are predisposed to this is actually true scientifically for example we have plead is supposed to find patterns we find patterns in the sky for example we see patterns in a prayer mats when we pray in the dark we sometimes fear something hiding in the closet because thousands of years of evolution meant that those who erred on the side of caution would have survived and thus passed on these tendencies and so I think that we evolved there was a natural selection for the propensity for our belief engines are pattern-seeking brain processes to always find meaningful patterns and infuse them with these sort of predatory or intentional agencies that I'll come back to so for example what do you see here it's a horse head that's right it looks like a horse must be a horse that's a pattern and is it really a horse or is it more like a frog see our pattern detection device which is appears to be located in the anterior cingulate cortex it's our little sort of detection device there can be easily fooled and this is the problem for example what do you see here yes of course it's a cow once I primed the brain it's called cognitive priming once I prime the brain to see it it pops back out again even without the pattern that I've imposed on it and what do you see here some people see a Dalmatian dog yes there it is and there's the prime so when I go back without the prime your brain already has the model so you can see it again what do you see here planet Saturn yes that's good how about here just shout out anything see that's a good audience for us because there's nothing in this well allegedly there's nothing we may also be predisposed to believe in God I completely agree with yasser the Katya where they disagree is that this was placed in us by God the perfectly good naturalistic explanations we can use in the book sapiens by ul Hardy he explains that belief in a common cause a common power would have helped tribes survive for example the Great Spirit or whatever there may be this might be why we had pleaded supposed to believe in God because it had survival benefit at some point it doesn't make it right really there is no good reason to believe in Allah the God was above the seven heavens will sent a revelation to Muhammad whether there is a God isn't there's another discussion altogether I personally don't think so regardless I'm sure that Allah is a fictional character

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