1 Vs 1 Against A RAID BOSS! The Best Majin Vegeta Raid Moment!

by: Steedoj

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insert some generic Wakita like before like he completely destroyed I didn't even let me use my sensor because being fern around I don't know if the margin vegetative raid boss is just hyped for baby because why is it taking so long to start you know someone's gonna disconnect a second like because you still see the you still see the thing right yeah okay okay so someone's gonna disconnect I feel like this is just building hype for baby because this is the only evil Vegeta variation that they have as a I guess boss in this game so okay let's see the sore neck disability or no one disconnected whether so someone just might have really slow connection maybe the gamers have being silly penis oh he's already surely on that very important let's see who gets look let's see who gets locked in here learning I think is random but I've heard that he also picks the person of the lowest health not not just Vegeta like every skater boss but I'm just gonna assume it's random because this game is random in itself sir [Music] these cops and someone quit I don't know if that's a disconnecting a quick freezer a stamina break so consistent

you can't see that bunch of Allen TV [Music] where is this guy Super Saiyan [Music] it's an AI limits that didn't like that is a super sale yeah but they normally power down yeah they always power down a is the life-transforming unless if they start off transformed which is why the game has to do cutscenes when AI transform in parallel quests you know it's weird when a Saiyan is a Super Saiyan in xenoverse that's how weird is universal fast saiyan is a Super Saiyan this is the only dragon ball game where you are shocked by a Saiyan is a super sword you sure you want to do against me you know modern Vegeta you have nowhere tortured in a guaranteed marbling drop that will happen no I okay here it's not like super 17 where he has a no gimmick start threatening you did a crap ton of support but we all know what mattered you do also did the most damage so I guess I should just shut my mouth but it's not like super 17 because this is Vegeta he can scatter you to other places and as Cybermen you will lose to every puts you up against he can keep you on his own with just him and you're guaranteed also lose he has marbling drop which will kill you even if you block it because you're a Cyberman the problem with vitamins are you need an interpreter and then enough kids immediately thought about nonsensical battery [Music] Oh or his stamina broken let's see he literally just fell out that divine ran away I mean he took a full final try an attack by look so awesome I'm going to start in the final attack [Applause]

the Scots Rose mouth here we go this is what yeah this is why you don't do something that was rude I'm in the clouds fighting about you can't even see his face from his crotch [Music] in just completely destroyed snow chests but in meditation like three times talked about someone did sledgehammer mother that's why that would through him the sledgehammers are such a friendly move really [Music] Delp what ways to sign someone bidding system accessibility help us so that we don't another one

yeah plains of judgement is a literally like the most DJ kalamoon efforts just hold you down little bit it's just hold you down the super attack xenoverse is is dead

according to everyone duh come on the game just has more active players and fighters even after like two years that's all just because one person doesn't play the game doesn't mean it's dead like I think it you know so I just touch it if you say it's dead and then I see me touching fighters and I say that game is stillborn it's dead released veto goes free now because one game is that doesn't mean they need to release its sequel straight away you wanted to be a broken buggy much like this one is so we can cool die fuck off and he gave his people oh he should have been in the game I'll launch yes he should have when he's here now so why he fucking company ok the selling game to us in the DLC you are aware it's not it's not some destiny shit with a ripped content from the game mentality latest DLC they did more work to create more content so they deserves more money that's why I'm that's why it doesn't bother me asshole if a cactus that should have been in the game I launched on so to us DLC in this game because they've made the characters as this DLC know they made them our launch ripped them from the game and show them to you later as you'll see like a destiny yeah and another point that I'm I think is justifiable for why baby his DLC and not just um he should have been a gamer launched is the main factor if baby was in the game at launch do you think anyone would play him now he's good if he was a launch character let's say he was a new launch character in this game to Doria Zhou born nail first to him cell 16 weight was six I don't even know if 16 I don't give it a 16 but you know what I mean right I love these new characters that they did add in at launch you don't see anyone playing them why because they're boring or their place all is just almost worthless compared to over new day I mean the new DLC characters or at least playable 17 at least needs a decent ish connection to work but you can make him work and if baby was uh yeah baby was available at the start of the game no one would even touch him and his moves would probably be worse than they are now you see why I mean like he's probably yeah he will just have a revenge therefore and maybe like one new super attack and then they just throw another like a bunch of you did this guy make all my I won't really have topic ran but yeah I do think it's justifiable that baby is being sold to us rather than because he is new content and if it was available at started the game you would just no one would even talk about him exactly

all the games now

I mean yeah if you if you rush out xenoverse free without yeah exactly where is the sense of making an entirely different game with probably maybe like a few more mechanics just because people said this one is dead and people are saying we want to see is universe because we want to see the story expanded we want to see Besim back because if they want a new characters they will just keep asking for more universe to DLC you know like they are now so it's just really it's just a it's just not helping mindset that's why what's the whole mindset of this game is dead we needed something to or something free is how games like destiny get made and that that game is not good right cuz we've good jitta at least he's like would ridiculously quick so you can obviously see why he'd be another podcast yeah not to mention baby is Vegeta and Vegeta as a character in Dragon Ball and in xenoverse sucks so he actually he'd probably be a Vegeta clone if you released at the star of the game just think about that is that what you want is that what you want are you sure cuz neh was basically a piccolo clone he's just a ton of Piccolo's combos but he's just a lot worse [Music] how there is Mary's I saw time to do this other pub and then I love Guv'nor [Music]

I thought fire girls are lying around she'll be shielded you from working 90% of it oh sorry mate there's a most of what he stops your monsters from going through [Applause] [Music] all yes atomic blast exactly margin for details attacked everyone was so excited about becoming xenoverse to to place him because he plays exactly like Vegeta and Vegeta I mean Vegeta needs to be a Super Saiyan balloon to be useful stamina breaking with reason I'm telling you was actually way easier I'm telling you it's way easier to actually like piss straight up into the air and not get wet then to actually stamina break over freezer

the tracking properties on our ridiculous movie can like it can how did I get the most support I didn't do anything


actually hold on you can flash [Music] and gave you money that scatter hope small favorite let's say your guest knows it definitely has to be the bus ability self because you never keep anything and that's because I was helpful I'm cool like that Oh aha I see really Becca my wife black belly smoking just got yeah this guy was in London for zucchini pizza so he has at least huh so he keeps the ones with the least healthy for nine just as I hypothesize wait did I get it hey your people are content yet you have you been to the Euro Coliseum yeah it's a freak show place in it you know I'd black itself at the one year

hmm the bustling the least oh I have the least helpful does that count it is what about having max help we'll see oh I see what he did he wanted he wants to fight he literally knocked everyone back at me to Rebecca well watch this Sorry Sorry For Ever Pizza I'm the real weight bossy I'm not you I think you need to get that free or fixed or I have to fight this [Music]

my role or no more regeneration for me come on Vegeta come on Vegeta you don't have another body don't have super armor so you're basically just nothing

[Music] oxidized ever done boy [Music] I for had regular instance efforts on

[Music] whoo Jesus man he knows I just so love him when his hands up most he was at his limits this is ex baby [Music] oh yeah [Applause]

you have to love how it just destroys I'm mad I think we should definitely have more than enough points and you might need a second half who knows I might rain one day I'll fuck off okay I thought bradley was gonna come charging at me because that's legit the scariest ring in this game like unmanageable sow in the bricks I sleep really charging at you when you're trying to get the red boss

I feel like they're men from Redskins in PvP they're too overpowered like actually the most broken thing in PvP I'm sure if you have people actually assists on in the game anymore you know the thing that makes ultimate stronger if your team W the mentor of the ultimate I got it because I feel like they're supposed to be in this game because they didn't because if you check a female say in the description when you're making a race it still says then they do more z assist the damage but z assists aren't even in the game anymore so they just didn't even change the description for also namekians still don't have faster stamina regen I don't know people actually think that's a thing just because they don't know what to test out the Mehcad don't have faster stamina region that's a xenoverse one field hey it's me Steve OH are butting in at the last second didn't actually properly I didn't give this video a proper Archer so it's me saying if you like more random commentary ask stuff with me playing with pearl FC or maybe anyone else let me know in the comments below and I will see you all in

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