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by: QuantiQ Technology

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hi I'm mark Headley Smith from Quantic and I'm here today to talk to you about Microsoft Dynamics 365 since its release in early November there's been a lot of buzz in the market about Dynamics 365 and I'm here to discuss a few salient points to help you understand what has changed and the benefits around that some people say that Dynamics 365 is just a merger of CRM and ERP well it's more than that its ERP times CRM it's a merger of all of its constituent parts and it's even bigger than that it's an explosion of business productivity if we first understand what has changed since Dynamics 365 was released first of all there was Dynamics CRM with the sales market and care functionality as well as the field service and project service automation and those are now the Dynamics 365 for sales for customer service field service project service Enterprise Edition Dynamics AX or the new AX is it was called is now Dynamics 365 for operations project Madeira a light version of done XM av is Dynamics 365 for financials and Dynamics GP nav and SLE still remain as they were called Dynamics GP nav there are two flavors of Dynamics 365 there's the Enterprise Edition and the Business Edition the Enterprise Edition takes the sales customer service field service project service automation marketing data from Dynamics CRM as well as the operations that was Dynamics AX and that is the Enterprise Edition which integrates with office 365 as expected as well as power bi intelligence suite and the Internet of Things and all these your stack that you have access to as well as also the new functionality released around the power apps and flow and also the common data service that ties all of that nicely together on this slide we can see all the functionality that we have access to related to the different modules from the sales all the way down to the ERP the operations side and accessing all of that the Business Edition houses the financials as well as sales inventory project management and purchasing however at the moment only the financials functionality is available with the sales and marketing being released in spring 2017 now if we look at the licensing for Dynamics 365 it's important to note that when you license Dynamics 365 it doesn't matter how you access it you can access it from a mobile device a desktop machine or anywhere that you have access to a web client with the Enterprise Edition we're concentrating on that there are team member licenses that are light users and they have the ability to read data anywhere in the dynamics 365 stack for full access there's the ability for a licensing on an application basis so just taking the sales or customer service or project service or just the operations element and you can license more than one application for a single user or mix and match but the true power comes from when you license a plan a plan comprises a number of these different applications so with plan one you have all of the applications apart from the operation side and if you need operations the plan 2 will give you all of that so you'll be able to access the full suite of functionality and if we look at just the plan one license the benefits there being that you don't need to have a minimum number of users you can have any number for that and the applications bundled together and not just the dynamics 365 elements but also the power apps and flow social engagement you have access to office online so Word and Excel and PowerPoint and also project online and the desktop client as well but also in dynamics 365 plan 1 you have access to a portal and a non-production environment if your license even just one user which used to be over 400 pounds a month so if you speak to Quantic or refer to the licensing guide via the link you'll be able to understand more about dynamics 365 thank

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