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what's your backstory is a serial killer uh let's just say my pass was actually really good it wasn't bad I didn't like learn dogs or cats or eat my parents I went to a private school and I learned lots of things oh so you wanted though is crazy yeah let's all be black women come on all right guys oh now he won't be able to sell whoo he's slicing up this whole experience is gonna be great for me I don't know but well maybe you can like a job shadowing a serial killer you gotta dig dawg all right oh god damn it I don't know why I like to kill so much it's just kind of my hobby dig dogs but it is for everyone Lyle where you go is miles Oh what do we have your Z Oh for fuck's sake hey what's that maybe do it what are we doing while daddy oh I know it sucks ding-dong all right hi what's up big dog bitches hey dog oh you've got bingo know what you're doing I like the way it sounds you know what you're doing what to do bitch's murder hit me no no I did why'd you let him kill you he's wearing a cape yeah I know dude I'm a superhero I like your booty hutch you do Pilates why you climbing on my face you're making this weird it's your baby now what I'm gonna get I'm not moaning not moaning I only like to kill sexuality is not my thing sexuality oh you are a crazy person I respect you stick in it get a life no keep waiting and masturbating you're evil go live your life you laughing you find something funny is there something funny something funny come on did you think you were gonna squirm did you think you were gonna score much again hutch Oh what you little tease you you little tease they're so intense I got bananas this is your conscience I don't do it don't do what don't do it okay well I think you mean put about a book it I got it he's right behind you Timmy hi how's it go Dee so you're gonna get you off don't worry I'll get that straight dead I'm gone god damn right all right Adam how you doing I see it oh you must okay one of us is gonna do something what is what are you gonna you will put that down you play that you think that you did these oh come on big dog big dog big dog stinging Oh very much gang not enough knowing doing it here god damn diesel smoke fuck so I guess this answers your question the question is does Adam know what he's doing yeah I think so GG gentlemen who's gonna be crazy is it Lyle is why I like this is my turn to be the slippery slaughter daddy okay I want that to be my new YouTube channel easily slaughter daddy my ding-dong has gotten me into too much trouble already goddamnit penis then I won't let it fuck this up for me to not another one Jesus Christ he won't stop following me good cuz he know with us that Paris Hill I really want me to kill you bro I'm all about Ely this lacks Ding Dongs over here no ding Dogg's here I checked it out I use one that I ever hear when I'm over here with hutch what but this ding da this is ding dong free zone goddamnit punch big oh god oh god being a noob dog-to-dog hero you'll never ask a like King Kong ding dong no sure I will I will doing it big dog hey Doc well I want nothing to do with your psychotic tendencies meymaneh we're doing what I'm stuck with them anyway I love tool generators do you need to physics tells you to to more you can fix generators all day but your relationship with your father is something you can only repair with a proper psychologist and I think that I might be qualified with mental issues so just come on oh no no no no it's good it's good I'll go without you Ram you fool Oh dad starting out enough proof I got the other one for us I got nothing we're down to the last one who is the asshat that just random passed me apparently bleeding my know I thought that being the serial killer would be more fun but it's actually kind of frustrating while you're gonna be real upset here in a second a real reason in particular generator like oh by the way if you see it alright don't worry I was guarding the exit don't currently that's not what I'm going with shit I'm sorry hutch do with the goddamn doors already open I know the only want heals body heals anyone want heals now we're good well my lunch pail everything's fine yeah I goddamn it you know maybe you are all the real monsters here have you ever considered diesel be gentle my insides are full of blood and stuff he's also no gentle you know - yeah easy come on ray be real struggle yeah his hands are too large for ya are you going for Donald Trump of confidence bigger small we rocket these are the largest hands that whoever says in my hands our luck lyin Ted the chef ISM is a joke panicked somebody come down here I think you would be incorrect with those statements that was hutch damn it I was definitely hutch he uh he loves ya not as much as I love you though I gotta go and they go down I didn't you yeah nanners is not getting out of there we mean I'm not getting out of here Oh God you definitely don't save me it looks like you got out anyway yeah oh well uh that was that was short-lived come with me and Anders just put me outside let me let me let me cut the grass with my teeth let me cut it with my own well decayed you Beast Booga I stepped in my own trap why I know I was I love the way you did it hello that's right can you stop throw me down the ground well then you're helping you uh you uh oh shit oh goody box touch I love that hutches like what happened what in Sam Hill has occurred your room for that there you are yeah yeah yeah believe me there are you you guys stay right there but you're doing great it's don't mention any more keyboard up nevermind now I have to just remember where I've left manners you didn't leave me anywhere Debbie ah damn it if al baiy paid off the trail of the face you understand I gotta go hell did you just go you can't move that back Falcon you were like you're all the strats the Strads star gym the strat this is fucking incest oh it's a good thing you suck at this game oh hello Oh goddammit ah good this is gonna say right here so uh when did you start being crazy I'm uh whatever your name is don't you dare put that don't you dare put that oh and I've gone oh it's a good thing I just disappeared you're actually moving pretty fast I died yeah well I consider that a victory punch I'm right behind you you don't even know it stream will you look tell me you looked

how come here not that's a flashlight it's not working how do I pick you up I'm not here I gotcha uh you may want to pay attention to that generator my friend may be there but I you know I don't want to I'm gonna double it distracted manager distracted I didn't run get ready to run I'm going to get away from you hutch look piece pooch look shit I'm running for me yep guys activate the generators I am I'm going Falls stupid with him while stupid with him I fucking hate you men if you were a biological component of a whale they'd call you the blowhole gizzard you're just blowing it left and right Oh hutch oh why did you fucking oh you owe you what just happened where did you go I don't know where the exit is where is that exit bad better get to it and trust you a little day bro yeah fuck you man no come on and I'm out of here oh I'll get back here ha ha ha look at me turn around stupid Wow no no no no no my motherfuckers back

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What is Dead By Daylight? "Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught and killed."

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