Fnatic Bugzy - Grandmaster Drogoz WYRM JETS

by: Bugzy

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you try to go over what's and then it was a complete shit there and I expect apologies oh gee oh yeah yeah it's complete for king widow and before this gotta go is legendary probably will the actually the residue late oh my god there's no idea to play this game

there the house fire look let's use its holder

don't got it yeah you know a Spanish bit first one mother this is custom yeah fucked up idea expect her to be there no I don't we won

get out of here

father - what a goth my fucking bullets a ruckus went through the cracks in a wooden floor PS am I using disciplinary yeah I'm a precise

I'm going to connect

at the object

Oh 250 you died I'm falling back waiting for Biloxi Dyson s 0 into a she missed her give me here cock cock please give me to buy a region

number low on the left of it you know the connector

good the filter pillow

oh please hahaha ways it possible then whatever just boom faster this fish 3 yeah fish just started streaming it just got this new proceed now chutney mo doesn't affect your speed while apply what it does is it decreases the movement speed finality when you go from flying to being on the ground but therefore I never move into your percent anymore one corner

going up you thank you at in our house is like some credit

Wow it'll live kind of shit it's a few place up got three at least I don't get why none of our tanks goes point I will go garden next time


this off potential [Music]

of the so long water two of them Inara tea

yeah our non-biased 11.4 CGI has no clue how to play this game so far we fine




for wheelman four-wheeler you know try it so hard - main do the heck

I don't either way we're gonna have a blast you know okay this our water

I should have posted mom

I don't Jana's kinda good my child is telling me to stop my toes

gugus teaching him how to play a non DeWitt scourge lifted two men it's a happy honeymoon

Wow that was a pro job job pick owners what a fucking dick

it's table

chuckle it is spray chuckle a spray

oh my god so much over that let's go there I go go girl it doesn't matter just go so they know

oh okay I'm back in time what is the look rather like out of range how much one hit

didi he finally did it

how are they gonna miss her why because you were naming a parrot that you flicked towards it I didn't see someone else like me I'll get you then

you see the team can win when both to a

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Hey guys This is the first ranked game that you will see with me being a part of FNATIC organisation. I hope you guys enjoy the drogoz gameplay and no nimble doesn't stack with wyrm jets :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- legendary: wyrm jets build: masterfull 3/survival 3/propel 4/lung capacity 1/altitude 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- twitch: http://twitch.tv/bugzyTV

twitter: http://twitter.com/bugzyTV

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