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hey everybody its custom back again I'm here today to make a video about how to get thick blocks I'm making this video in response to a question I got from the young man who goes by the name of brick swinger - I see you out there slinging them bricks and now you want to know how to get your locks thick honestly bricks on your - your username concerns me a little bit well I'm here to give some information honestly when I read your question my heart sank a little bit because you use the six borders that a person with locks should never use which is I want mine exactly like XYZ and you said you want yours exactly like mine the reason I said personal action never say this because nobody's Lobster ever the same your hair is different from my hair and sticking from the next person's hair and when they locked in to be just a different put the idea of having your hair exactly like mine I love the picture and I'm not saying that Andy Williams are saying that in like a truthful way but besides that there are ways that you can possibly get your locs to thicker than they already are the best way obviously would have been to start them thicker in the first place which would mean starting with a lower number of them the left locks you have the thicker they're going to be the number one reason my locks of this thick is because they were started this way I've combined less than ten lakhs over this 4-year period so these when I artificially made this thick they've always been like this when I started my locs she didn't know she was studying my Lac she just thought she was putting two strand twists in my hair I never told her I was just going to leave them in if I had she probably would have done them smaller but I'm glad I didn't I'm glad she didn't because I like them just how they are yeah that's another one these are my life's of the street because they have always been this thing I've always had 80 or less locks but if you're already along in the gaming or trying to start over then there are other ways the next best way would be to stop twist your hair the number two reason my life to this big because I barely twist them talking like two to four times a year and four would be like a lot that would be a busy year wash my hair lied I rinsed it a hell of a lot in the summer and I keep it moisturize and condition and all that but actually twisting it hardly ever that is another reason why my hair has stayed respect because my roots have so much time to just grow and expand and do what they want to do when you don't twist your hair you find that you to thicken and if you continue to not twist your hair that's the important part continuing to not switch your hair then your locks will get thicker however much it twisted now twist less or you cannot twist it all and just throw it out and you'll definitely get some big locks but that's not your style then you need to twist a lot less I can you're getting some patience because the locks thickening process is just like everything else with blocks it's a waiting process don't say oh my locks aren't fake it's been two months I would do something else you have to have patience because if you're doing something different to your hair like every two months because you're not seeing the votes then your hair is now we're going to have break it so we're going to have a chance to actually show you some of those it's going to be tired it's not going to grow or thickened as much as you want when you have patience to allow your hair to show you that it's changing because hair takes a while to change now if the first two methods don't work for you if you're not trying to stop twisting your hair as often and you're not really trying to wait either then you might want to combine your locks now I don't know that much about combining I know there are different ways to do it I know you can like twist your locks together reach might take out one lock and wrap lose hair on another one you can braid I know there's a lot of ways to combine your hair you can sew them together my one investigate back and want them immediately thicker and I know there's a girl on here who has a lot of videos she combined her locks and she has feels like a vine likes her name is cocoa butter where it's like it's not spelled like cocoa butter it's like cocoa butter or something I'll figure it out and put her link in the bar but she has a lot of stuff on combined lock and also if your hair is already pretty long unless you combine them you're probably not going to see a huge change soon as you do stop twisting they will get bigger but they're not going to magically like double in size unless you do something drastic like combining so think about those options think about which one is right for you but remember this you always need to be cautious when trying to change your locks in some way you always need to consider the type of hair you have you have thick hair you have fine hair as your hair gonna be able to handle thick locks and don't idealize someone else's block don't say I want my life so fast you like this person because you don't really know what that person's locks are like so make sure you love your own hair and you know don't love someone else's hair more deem of your own so I'm not loved before you do anything consider your hair type are you is it fine is it thick can it handle thick locks or are they going to give you problems then try try stop twisting for a while and then make sure you wait it out long enough to see any real change and that's not working fast enough where you combine them and always take care of your hair and keep it moisturized keep it clean and find what works for you don't go off with everybody else's all the time including me so I hope this helps and good luck brick slinger - be careful out there with the bricks see you guys next time

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