Elf on the Shelf Huge Indoor Scavenger Hunt! Trinity vs Madison!!

by: Trinity and Beyond

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girls what are we doing we're trying to plan what plan unicorn dinosaur joint time it is out of time actually mom before we do that my feet are kind of cold so let's go open sandwich you ready to go look for your elevator socks Percy [Music] found it so we open one two so now it's like right here are you good and open three or four four four kisses for all right guys mess who's gonna pick number four since she's four years old all right that means trigger to get some for three

hi guys what their place a mess of that the bigger socks that go up higher whoa are you sir either tonight alright girls let's see him woo nothing says Georgia yeah come together let's see him cute you both got stars on them are you ready to find your elves you minerals okay let me get us upstairs okay [Music] lights are on [Music]

yeah what half yeah okay not even close girl trends you want to try it okay what is this word well who will pay me finish alright so what's this a tuna pillow finished first who will finish first and look there's two scavenger hunts Matson was right we did these last year with her outside BPD is it PC halo socks and we got some right here I think you have to find socks that aren't on your feet oh man oh man oh man only so okay girls do you remember last year we were on teams and we had a race mom this time grandma what does that mean I have to go get a camera - all right guys I'm gonna go in camera and then we'll start scavenger hunt so let's go downstairs girls all right guys we're ready to go that's it you ready what's rules so we can only find one item at a time what is it when you get to socks you cannot pull soft iron fearful and game except right here okay don't cheat and we have to go in order oh we have to go in order hmm I don't think we had to be that awesome did we okay okay so one item at a time you have to bring it back here before you can find your next one all right guys just so that we're not following each other around the house the entire time we are actually gonna do our map in Reverse and Trinity and mom are gonna go forward so I think that's gonna make it a little bit more exciting for us and for you guys so are you girls ready alright let is that go first woman is candy [Music]


we're not really teddy bear teddy bear go get Hey [Music] next one next one is

Hey ready for next thing that's alright

[Music] where you going are you going girl come on get it together anything in here son look this blanket is soft this blanket okay go ahead very present okay Center right here and something soft I kiss you kiss you kiss you kiss you what they stole them Mattson hold this yes put us for the sweeter both does tissue all right next thing on your list is yourself something real in your room probably come here [Music]

that's right let's go [Music] all right go go go go put it up here which well alright that's it next thing is it Oh teddy bear teddy bear sticker [Music] we got sticker something bouncy I knew we were bouncing ball bus come here where's the teddy bear oh man they took our Kenny very mat so we need to check you better quick [Music]

[Music] seriously we got all these stuffed animals I know teddy bears you're a check let's go

[Music] I'm just taking this bag okay okay okay hopefully there's teddy bear in there okay next thing that is we need a crane

and then Madison the Knicks were on the list is a spoon and that's the last one we need yes Big Momma let's go last thing Trinity [Music]

don't run too fast [Music] all right so me Matt for the first time we just don't know if we have our one thing which is hopefully in that bag so let's make sure Trinity and Mom got everything so you guys got a spoon spoon okay a crayon crayon crayon okay go it's right there up grand like a teddy bear there's a teddy bear just you stole the whole roll puzzle piece piece lower something soft which was this this guy okay something round this that thing yeah okay a sticker right here something bouncy a sock like their candy right there okay so they got everything now we got to see if me and that's about everything and if we did we win hi Leslie all right guys let's make sure they have everything okay all right so first thing is candy which we got right here and then socks we got a whole bunch of those bouncy stickers good something rounds [Music] [Applause] something soft yeah a flower right there puzzle piece you're back here God you better be careful there is a cactus all right and then we got a tissue which we think is in here all right okay there's one all right you guys you're gross you may like to use your white window marker to draw some snowflakes on your window burn no it's cold outside yeah they must not live in California so I'm absent you ready yeah you in dressed up like so these are their drawings from last well okay copy that one you know anything you want girl if it make it bigger and I can barely see that make a giant one all right there's medicine snowflake trim let's see your snowflake actually where X damn oh wait a minute I look like invisible and then it brightens up that's so cool well you guys we're gonna keep car so thanks for watching make sure you're on foot fetish go away Sharon on occasion tomorrow's forget about come to next cut color in the snowflakes

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Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt! The girls always head straight upstairs to find their elves and today they found them hiding around the corner with a fun scavenger hunt game. The race was on and both girls teamed up, Trinity with mom and Madison with dad! Of course we finished with our Crayola advent calendar and got some fun new window markers! We can't wait for Christmas! Christmas is our favorite time of year. We love the holiday music and the girls helped decorate our new candy themed Christmas Tree this year. We can't wait for Santa Claus to visit from the North Pole and see what Surprises he has for us! GET TO KNOW OUR ELVES!!! Sparkles: This was our 1st Elf on the Shelf. She is Trinity's magical purple friend, and she comes to visit very day! Bubblegum: Our 2nd Elf. Madison loves her pink elf so much and gets so happy when she returns every day. Buddy: Our Gift Elf! Every time our Blue Elf Buddy shows up, he always is so nice to bring the girls a gift to play and have fun with. Jinx: Our trickster or prankster elf. He's the green elf and he love to prank us or sometimes we catch him pranking the other elves. Chippy: The red original Elf on the Shelf from the movie. He only visits a few times a year, but he's always so happy. Chucky: Last year's evil elf! He's dark almost black elf, but he's not too bad. He pranks us too, but not as playfully as Jinx does. (Update: He;s now working for the newest Game Master called the Gingerbread Man! What will this new gm do?) Jingles: Our newest 'baby' elf. She's yellow and still a mystery so we don't know too much about her yet. Elf Rules: Don't touch the Elf on the Shelf! Subscribe to all our Channels!!! Beyond Family: https://tinyurl.com/beyondfamily

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