Building an Automatic Flying Target! (Scrap Mechanic Live Stream)

by: kAN Gaming

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[Music] everyone open the mic not too loud I got like a new a new mic stand now so I can like move it properly it's pretty sick but like now it's of course different spots so I gotta adjust it what's up everyone it's probably really yellow we're really loud sorry rich people businesses songs fell Donuts pretty awesome I'm not gonna lie [Music] what's up everyone how are you guys I'm good and be good notice me what's up zombie outbreak survivor okay I'm going to turn this down a little bit now so I can actually hear myself alright alright alright alright hey Khan sorry okay chats going so quick I haven't seen the flak cannon yet a flak cannon yeah this is a flat cannon I did a video on it with the flat cannon and the Jeep that pulls it it's not bad but I wanted to make a target to shoot at and I want the target to like kind of fly like not really do anything crazy when it flies just do like big lazy circles but you know just have it like kind of float around up top and then that way I can you know shoot it down so just gonna put like a gyro on it and then make it so I can fly around make their two cardboard make it so when you shoot it it falls apart and then eventually they'll fall back to the ground right let's that's the plan not actually making a flat cannon on it we're gonna shoot it with this with this flat cannon because I have flat cannons and I'm sure a ton of other people have like flak cannons on the workshop and I want to be able to shoot something with it I don't just want to sit here with this flat cannon you know I'm saying cosmo in the chat cosmo tow what's up buddy welcome to the stream I haven't been here stream in a while it's some good buddy of mine really I'm doing good Brian what's up Nicholas you should make a certain height limit for different buttons I mean maybe I was just gonna put it at 250 blocks cuz like it's got to be tall and 250 is like I can keep it I can put a tuner 50 blueprint edited sensor and just have it hover 250 up and I think that's what we were gonna do the target is it's not gonna be too quick it's gonna it's gonna do some like I don't know some stuff but ya know I'm doing good how are you guys good ya know good shout out please what's up to Jack welcome to the stream tishell Damian 15th stream what's up Roland Lucas I have a racing mower with your color scheme that's awesome like a lawn mower that's the best yeah Cosmo toe is on Kos MOT oh I spawned Glacius here what's up murder mystery love for spud guns yes spud guns are the best who notice me oh my cat okay hold on my cat I got a the cat's trying to hold on [Music]

all right hopefully that's not too bad the cat the cat likes to jump up on the window and she's getting caught up in the blinds because the blinds were closed so I just had to open the blinds anyways let's build some stuff because I want to build and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make the holding out of cardboard but it's an automatic like stabilizing thing so what I want to do is I want to have thrusters around like the four sides of the it's just gonna be like a big circle like I literally want to make it look like a target like paint a target on it so it's like a flying target cuz it'll be like the best thing ever and so what I want to do is just make this big flat circle target right and have all these thrusters in it individually that I'll allow it to lift and each trusters going to be super super weak so as you shoot thrusters out of it it should fall like maybe hopefully I don't know that's the goal and then and then it'll have some stabilizing thrusters on the outsides to keep it level but the stabilizing thrusters will be attached to metal so that they don't break or like wood or something wood block so that they don't break but the cardboard will be the majority of it that's the plan hopefully that made sense to everybody Serena so we're gonna we're gonna pull up pixels circle generator here and we're gonna get on that because we need a pixel circle so we're gonna I don't know like 19 how big is 19 19 I'm is that is that big enough if you guys think nineteen blocks across is backing up holy cow chat you guys are like chats going so fast my screen is black try refreshing your screen should be fine I'll come watch again when the vid is over so I can see the end result no problem what are you building I'm building a target please do a railgun with the magnet mod I will but not in this stream do you know we're gonna do the next RAF video no idea it froze okay well that's that's okay alright pixel circles on route 19 let's do it one two three four five six seven

okay and then sorry I'm just I'm just looking at my secondary monitor cuz I gotta I gotta make sure I get this one - I hate drawing pixel circles it's really it's so is that right no that's too many isn't it goes one two three it's such a pain to figure out what you're doing okay one two three one two one two one two one two three yeah and then like this two three four five six seven that right

that doesn't what that seems so small that seems like that seems is really small hold on a minute I'll check chat in a second guys I'm just I just want to see how big this is first and then we'll deal with all your demands because I know there are many of them that looks tiny there's gonna be way too small it needs to be it needs to be massive compared to that alright we're gonna we're gonna eat that needs to be like 40 40 across or something like that let's go 41 across there we go this is gonna take forever to build as well build a quarter of it and then weld it a bunch of times holy cow Chad's just like exploding you doubt that many youtubers will use your tool I I gotta do a video on your tool Brent I gotta figure out how it works first but it looks cool because you can just do that what makes it cool to me is the fact that you can do all sorts of like repetitive like things like big big I'm gonna say we're petter big patterned things like mirrored things and stuff stuff that you need to repeat it'll be easier to make like big mirrored objects like just when you're doing like the shape of stuff or if you have to like if you know you have to copy/paste like giant chunks for creation that'll be kind of cool rather than having to rebuild them or do it on your lift but yeah the myriad of stuff will be kind of nice you missed your message ah yeah probably I don't have I have still have my pixel circle open here guys chats the Kate I got I want to I'm gonna get this circle done so let's just let's just do a core of this circle real quick here and then we'll be good okay so one two three four right and then this will be the end piece that we'll have to delete okay and then 1 2 3 4 and then 1 2 1 2 3 and then 1 2 3 and 1 2 2 3 4 5 3 4 5 set right 1 2 3 4 5 and then another one and then this goes 3 and then 3 and then 1 2 3 4 and then 1 2 3 4 and then that's the black corner yeah that's good we'll save a quarter target okay this will be sick I hate this by the way you notice how the scrap mechanic Deb's now they've made it so that when you you you next guys and I don't even know how you can change default creation or circle right and then we'll make we'll make this our flying thing and put a lot of put a lot of stuff on it so we'll just well completely cover in the bottom because I wanted you to have to at least shoot through one layer of stuff before you speaking Spanish okay I subscribe okay well guys why is chat moving so quick today Norfolk slow it's been like three months yeah I know ever

I know that's that's been the number one complaint of everyone in chat so everyone just everyone just relax okay just relax about the logic challenge I've been getting really excited about all the scrap mechanic stuff that's been around lately so that's why I've been sort of not doing that stuff I will get back to it I promise I know everyone's tired of not having a logic challenge

so all right we're just gonna fill this in like so is Moomba windstream cons-stream is a bit laggy streams shouldn't be laggy like I'm watching it too it's fine for me try refreshing I can reboot it but like I'll check my bitrate highbury it's fine like it's been fine the whole time try refreshing your thing maybe you the YouTube did send out a thing saying they were having issues with streams like the other day so if that's the case like maybe that's the issue but yeah just try refreshing because I'm watching it too i'm not getting any lag on on i like the bit rate is like six-and-a-half thousand it should be fine it's like no issues with bitrate seven-and-a-half thousand you are better than scrap man thanks can you do a computer giveaway please mine sucks i mean i don't have a computer to give away stream is super light like i can reboot the string if you want guys but like it should be fine try refreshing browser youtube was having issues earlier because Moto's like i'm not getting like y'all need to get good yeah it happens well youtube was having issues earlier so i mean i don't know okay thrusters how big is a thruster this is all gonna be vanilla too so i just want to see how tall is a thruster thruster girls up here right just right it's just right but yeah that's the right height okay okay so these are gonna be like someone donated $5 and 49 is that pounds is that euros i don't know the symbols is it pounds or euros anyways 549 in one of those i love your vids keep up the great work PS maybe maybe a multiplayer friday thanks mr. Aiman Eamon's killer amos killer aim aim sun killer aim san kill iíve god I'm so bad with names guys I can't even read today but thank you so much for your donation really appreciate it yeah I know I don't know about multiplayer Friday we always record multiplayer Monday on Thursdays well or Fridays we used to record on Fridays now we record on Thursdays I'm just because it gives us time to edit it and stuff and and like we're usually busy for the weekends if we have plans or whatever we don't want to have to be stuck on the weekend trying to get stuff and now of course that all four of us don't have jobs like all four of us our jobs are YouTube so it's nice to record it during the week and get it out of the way so then all the weekends we can spend time with our family and friends alright this is a really exciting stream so far guys we're making cardboard circles don't worry about it it's gonna be good it's gonna be good a stream is lit it's fine everybody is really digging the cardboard circles it's cool though we're gonna have like the best target we're just gonna be able to shoot at it afterwards alright so this is yeah this is what we're doing and then this is gonna go across the middle so this cardboard frame won't hurt the cardboard will get wrecked this wooden frame won't so this way we'll be able right to do some stuff I don't know what stuff we're gonna we're gonna do something guys we're gonna do something here okay this is what we're gonna do we're gonna we're gonna make this go like this okay where do I live I live in Canada I love you to Parrs day me until you get paid for doing YouTube yes that's YouTube you can get paid through advertisements or through donations from streamers or from streams but I don't really stream that often most of most holy cow I just couldn't talk there for a second most of the revenue that I get comes from advertisements so whenever whenever advertisements appear on the channel or whatever you get you get paid a very small amount for every ad that's shown but it adds up so it's good that's how pretty much YouTube works okay perfect all right there we go and here we go all right so these four little platforms these are gonna be for the alignment thrusters like the stabilizing thrusters so no matter what you won't be able to shoot this thing to the point where it can't adjust itself you see what I'm saying so I want to make sure you shoot the target down but the target stays flying as long as possible and by doing this we're gonna allow it to fly as long as possible so those would be the thrusters that are just this thing to keep it always level with the ground and then we're gonna destroy this here in the middle and we'll put wood all the way up like that and then that'll be our height detection sensor right in the middle again so you can't shoot the sensor off it because I want it to always to always you know try to fly right you're gonna shoot down the thrusters that are holding it up and eventually the whole thing will fall down that's the plan we need a blueprint edited sensor here so we've got a sensor 250 do I not have a 250 I thought I had a 250 was this a hundred sensor oh I am different 250 sensor there we go okay so this is a blueprint edited sensor with 250 block range pretty standard stuff you know we're gonna indent that so that'll be like the dead center of the target all right so that will sense our height and then we need to do a bunch of stuff those should be enough to stabilize the whole thing and then we need it we need a gyro on top is really what we need to be honest question is how big I think I think we'll do it like this 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and again this will be invincible but this should be on top because we're gonna we're gonna shoot at the bottom so it doesn't matter all this top stuff I'm not even probably gonna fill the whole thing in with cardboard we'll see I know this is off the topic of sponge guns but can you build a zero-gravity room that you spawn at the top of the map the room gonna have lots of roof blocks that will float in midair you mean like a room where you as you fall they'll be cool the only thing that I hate about that is it's limited to how long you can fall right like you go up to the top of the map and then you fall I like that idea though let me think about that Kahn is best with a bunch of X's said feeling like God Cosmo $22.00 in a region curl or 22 Norwegian krone so you should consider making a calculator by maribo thank you so much for the donation I thought about it I know Brent batch is already made like the the crazy 16-bit calculator because you know he's a he's a crazy man I haven't really considered making my own because I figure you know if there's already calculator on the workshop I don't really need to make one I mean you get I could I just just a lot of wiring really and I don't know how I feel about that anyways we're gonna build this gyro we're gonna do it with pipe pieces too just to make it look different I don't know whatever thanks thank you so much I thought we were on the lift all right

okay perfect perfect perfect one two three all right we got we got this got that got that cut this one two three got this get that soon there will be a 64-bit calculator you may get a 64-bit calculator you're crazy man like I'm sorry I just I don't have the pay like doing a nygma making the Enigma machine with like only 30 mm combination dang machine the wiring just made me want to shoot myself it was like 6000 logic gates or something and then Brent comes along and goes on I'm gonna make a real enigma machine and then he does and it's like I don't know how you have the patience to build all these logic connections like seriously I just I don't have the patience to lay out a million like I like making logic stuff don't get me wrong but like stuff that doesn't have a billion bajillion connections is great all right so that's that that's that the weight should be even on this thing that's gonna be used for holding a sensor at some point time to sense the angle of the gyro probably gonna need oh I totally screwed this up didn't I cuz we're gonna need how maybe not actually I need no I need the sensors over there I'm an idiot yeah I did screw this up dang it told you guys I told you I'm like yeah the sensor the sensor has to go here here we go I just go above this one there we go and then we can just weld this up don't worry guys I promise I will figure out something here soon okay can we please thank you I mean I could just use an infinite stabilizer of course that would be the easier way to do all this but you know what what what fun is that I really want to put a gyro on it just because I don't know it's cool gives it something different and they fly cool

can can you make a car just made a barrows wheels bearings one seat in an engine barrels wheels bearings one seat in an engine barrels wheels bearings one seat and attention I mean you'd need to attach everything to the engine because you barrels you can't how do you get the 90 degree adapter out of the barrels that's tough I mean maybe cause motor using blackmail for those likes say what or you could use a gyro with an infinite stabilizer on it that's true to blue but we're not going to do that because you know whatever does yeah who cares another $1 99 donation from nice Narwhal thank you so much hi I just wanted to ask what's the target for this what do you mean what's the target this is the target we're gonna shoot it with that flat cannon over there you know we're gonna go grab we're gonna go over there this is the target we're gonna we're gonna paint a big target on the bottom of this eventually and we'll have a big target painted on this and then we'll have this thing float around up in the sky and we'll shoot it with this it'll be amazing that's the plan speaking of which we needed to have some thrusters for movement well let's finish the gyro first let's do one thing at a time here okay so this is that way and then this goes on the inside like this this isn't on a lift is it of course not why would why would I put it back on a lift all right where is the step where is mistype step step did i delete the step no there it is that was kind of stupid wasn't it you know what we're just gonna we're gonna do this really obvious because I don't have I don't know lose sight of where it is all right oh my god guys this is amazing I play I have a lot of hours in this game as you can tell by my excellent handling of the controls and the ability to jump where I intend to this one doesn't even this one needs to this one this one I screwed this up too it's fine guys it's fine

there one two one two

whoops here it'll be fine it'll be good click on the like button if Jesus as your Saviour 100% hum awake on I hurts wait what what did I say stream is a little laggy guys if you have lag just try it refreshing it should be fine I watched it - or maybe dumb down your quality but like or it could be YouTube I have no idea but I watched the stream - and I'm not getting any lag but I know YouTube was saying yesterday we're having issues with live streams so maybe they screwed something up wouldn't be surprised alright this is gonna be fine this is gonna be fine woops this should be it should be good I mean please please gonna be the ultimate spinning device alright and then we need to put an engine and actually we can just do this right here and then this will just help balance out the weight and then this will just automatically turn on right away and opposite directions and we can just crank this up to like I don't know that and then that should be like perfectly fine all right and then this is this is it this is it this is the let me just got to make the whole thing fly and we have to give it movement controls right all right how's that so if I if I tilt it does it stay amazing alright cool cool cool lag at 480p what I'm watching in 1080 while streaming I don't understand I can restart the stream if you guys want but I don't think it's gonna make any difference but I hold on I will restart the stream give me two seconds

all right I restarted the stream so you should have steam locomotive on the workshop called 800 Hudson it's based off the Lionel 700 us and ok so you guys should see like I restarted the stream so the bitrate didn't change though I'm not gonna lie so yeah I'm at 1080p no problem yeah hello mini how's it going welcome to the stream uh yeah I don't know guys I don't know what to tell you YouTube is having some issues might be depending on where you're living I could I'd love to tell you I'd love to fix it for you but I don't know what to tell you okay so we're just gonna we're gonna put this up a little more and then we're gonna make it with some movement stuff so the movement thrusters I'm just gonna put movement thrusters in all four directions like I don't think it needs to rotate at all I think the target you know just like slides around you know what I mean so we can just activate movement thrusters in one direction and then switch directions and then continue doing that but I think that's all we need to do I don't think we've got any issues with anything else and then we'll put some sensors on the gyro and deal with all that okay so then can we this this is so time consuming and then we'll put all the lift thrusters afterwards these thrusters on the outside they're just for stabilizing they'll do stuff you'll see guys I have a plan I have a plan I don't know how much longer it's gonna take to be honest it's probably not gonna be too bad actually alright so we got that we got that we need some just general moving and directional guys which might as well put under here because we can't do anything else with this anyways

actually we could we could make this all cardboard couldn't we we don't need all that floor space yeah you know what let's leave that like that because I do want to have cardboard over here have some lift thrusters in the middle especially cuz the center of the targets gonna be there you're gonna be shooting at the center of the target which is actually invincible so that's fine you should build everything using cardboard so you could example for example take down the stabilization system see I was thinking of that but I want you to be able to keep the stabilization system up I mean I guess we could take it down yeah okay okay okay you know what we'll do this we'll leave the gyro out of the stuff it is we'll make that out of cardboard and we'll make this whole beam out to here out of cardboard too right there we go then we'll do the same thing here we'll leave that out of wood just so I don't have to redo all those bearings that'll do this actually I don't know why I did that cuz I got to do this anyways all right there we go we'll leave I'll have to move the engine that's fine the sensor will still be invincible but that's whatever it is what it is we'll make this a core for sure all right it's a good idea I know what I think I think you're right just be able to shoot the whole thing apart who cares I mean just gonna you're just gonna destroy the target anyways and just spawn a new one regardless so okay this will do and then this one right and then just like this [Music]

all right and then this one take a bit and then this one I bought scrap mechanic like one month ago to do to you and scrap man and you to make it look like great fun and it is yeah it is it's a lot of fun when you get like when you get something when you get inspiration to build something you're just like man I want to do this and that and then it just I don't know that's when it gets really fun for me okay I don't I don't know if I want to put these movement ones here I kind of want the movement ones on the outside and they're probably maybe in the middle somewhere something like that

although hold on I got to move these angles oh guys you can just shoot that once to take a oh boy screwed that up and take out the whole stack okay hold on hold on

alright so we just do this put in some more I just want to make sure you've got lots of you know extra armor plating like these ones gonna be really hard to shoot out because they're attached on the top with cardboard so like you're not gonna shoot at the top blocks but ones that are attached to the side you're gonna be able to easily just shoot them so we got to make sure that you can you know have a chance of actually shooting this thing okay so that's good that's good and then this one the same deal okay sick and then yeah we'll put them not overlapping we'll just put them right next to them [Music] okay and those will be all the movement thruster guys and we're just gonna have a go in a sequence how does a gyro work on the gyro is really simple the there's two rotating discs and basically the two rotating discs counteract each other so it keeps that always level no matter what and then as you tilt the whole creation those discs stay level so you can measure the angle of the disc with respect to the creation right that makes sense knowing sm the movement thrusters will probably flip the aircraft and also if you're going to cover the gyro at the center of gravity be shifted you would have to move the what what you're my favorite multiplayer Monday person con thanks man even though I'm playing on a laptop is this for truck anti-air defense yeah this is just for well this is just for shooting ad this is just like if you want to shoot at something just shoot at this alright so we're gonna we're gonna do some stuff here guys we got a hold on this is cool we're gonna do this as a not gyro

I actually meant to turn this around

that's so that's gonna be a lot of tilt before it reacts a lot of tilt before it reacts as it won't be any more tilt than that you know let's just try like this to see what it does first okay so that's one in this one if it tilts this way it activates that gyro it means the gyro is this way and the whole creation is tilted that way right so see what see I'm saying so if the gyros like this and it picks up that sensor the creation has two ecliptic the creationist have gone down right so then that means this has to fire these two thrusters to bring it back up and then this one has to fire these two thrusters to bring it back up on this side I think we're gonna we're gonna drop these thrusters just in case because I don't really know what's gonna happen here and then we'll go lower on these movement guys as well I really don't know how this is gonna order to be honest Canada's we're Hanna's making stuff up as we go here okay perfect so and then on the other ones there on this side and they're sensing this side and this side which I totally screwed up because I should have put a thing yeah you know what it's fine okay and then same sense I think this should be wired in the same direction well I'll check I'll read all your guys chat complaints can you have a shout out what's up Kyle welcome to the stream how's it going I obviously hit the like button that's good the like button helps out a lot guys it's really good can I talk to you on discord I mean I'm on discord occasionally I don't usually go into voice chat though but I'm like I'm on discord like messaging and stuff if you're on the discord what is your idea on this it's gonna fly around and you're gonna shoot at it and eventually you will shoot it down and it will stop flying that is the that is the plan oh we need a motor cover to the electric the gas motor shoot you know what we're just gonna we're gonna put it up in here

okay like that

it's all welded together okay so like that should do something okay so we need it we need that you ever need to do stuff okay so we're gonna pocket all these guys we'll just do this so they're all they're all gonna be in little like pockets you'll see what I'm saying it's give me a lot of cardboard on this creation it's probably would have been easier also to build like one quarter of it and then duplicate it but anyways okay so there's a pocket and then this one same thing right do the same on these dude oh I should have made it so I can adjust those outside thrusters whatever it's fine I'll do it be able to get at them

oops oh this one's okay this one's too too tall hold on there we go cut that back cut that back cut that all right here we go we're gonna get very good okay and then this one

about Wow Wow all right I think this is good okay now we need to make all the lift thrusters how do you have the music set up is it alive streamer music playlist it's just uh it's just a music playlist on YouTube that I just have my other window so it's not there's nothing too fancy I mean I guess I could do a playlist like download it on my computer too because I have a ton of like stuff downloaded on my computer but um yeah I mean it doesn't relie matter to me okay and then we're you know we're gonna corner these off whoops that was stupid okay just trying to just trying to make this whole thing kind of cardboard lots of stuff to shoot at

okay I think that's good right yeah so now we have to put the thrusters in so you know we're gonna do this we're gonna do this I want to do like an outer ring of thrusters so you'd have to shoot all these outer areas and then I want to do like more inner thrusters as well so you have to shoot them as well just to make it like so there's a lot of different places you have to shoot you can't just shoot it in one spot in particular to knock it down okay so we're gonna go towards the inside a bit so we're gonna just extend this out like this and extend that out like that I'm just doing all the sides at the same time because I want to make sure I don't screw something up symmetrically so it's all even this is where scrap mechanic needs a mirror mode bad for laying out stuff like this okay and then this should be cut like that there we go perfect and then we can put thrusters see in these grooves right

maybe we can't there we go okay good

all right there we go problems up make it a target yes it is going to be a target can you put this on the workshop when it's done sure do I play for tonight I have played for tonight I do not regularly play for tonight because like I'm like whatever about for tonight it's kind of my opinion on the subject okay there's gonna be a painting about to do here's how we're gonna do a thruster we're going to build one thruster here actually no we're not because this is gonna be even worse okay so here's how we're gonna do a thruster we're gonna take these guys these pipe pieces and we're gonna burn it up we're gonna take these pipe pieces and we're actually does it does it matter no I just think is it a cardboard next you'll just have to shoot like the size of it anyways never mind never mind we're not gonna do the pipe piece today we don't need to we're just gonna do this here you go okay and then like that I don't even know how powerful it's going to be you know what seemed a better idea we're gonna cut half of it there we go okay these are probably gonna be pretty weak but for now

others more thrusters too right yeah we're gonna have to definitely make these super weak

okay there we go there we go there we go

see I just want to make it like each thrusters gonna be very very minimal power but I want to make it so that you know you have a lot of thrusters you have to shoot down before you can really change how it flies because if you just if you have it so there's only like four thrusters on it or something then you shoot like one of the four and the whole thing's just gonna go nope see you later but if you have it where there's like a ton of them that I'm hoping it's gonna take a little bit more effort to shoot this thing down I mean really I just want to sit there and shoot it with a flat can and I really don't care what it does and perfectly honest alright so that's all good gonna do another load line over here oh nice I do have a water ball here okay on his discord there is an faq channel that has of my pc specs yes it does make it look like a UFO because there's another reason why it's being shut down I thought I well it's gonna be a giant circular disc I thought about painting it either to look like a UFO and like or just make a target on it but I kind of want to just put a giant target on because be funny to look up and see this floating target I made a tank due to your help I didn't do anything but thank you

who likes Sailor Moon my girlfriend does I donate but it isn't available here that's okay you know what I honestly do not expect anybody to donate I always appreciate it but I do not expect anybody to donate the reason I chose youtube over twitch when I first decided to become a content creator was number one I didn't want to have to stream all the time was the big thing I wanted to make sure I can upload videos but the second thing is I like the fact that I I can make an income on YouTube through ad revenue without having to rely on viewers donating I didn't want I didn't want people to have to pay to watch my content you know I I don't I don't mind people being able to watch for free we're gonna turn all these down to minimum because I'm assuming it's gonna be way too powerful with the amount of thrusters we're gonna put in it might even be still too powerful we might have to add some weight but we'll see and then we'll fill in all these other blocks and I want to put another set of thrusters in the middle like a ring around the middle of the target as well and then all this stuff here will this be cardboard

honestly I have no idea how long it would take to shoot this thing down I mean you could I guess just focus on one side if you took it like a chunk of one side I'm sure it would just fall in that direction because there wouldn't be any thrusters but any was okay so there we go so now we'll seal all these guys in we'll leave the tops open in case me to adjust it alright just like that you should make a mech with words that you should make a weight what you should make a mech with words that starts with com

you could put all the logic and controls in different parts so that they could disable certain parts that's true I mean obviously a gyro is gonna be in the middle the gyro has got a little bit of protection with that metal thing you could shoot out the two sides of the gyro I was thinking to put the logic and controls just right underneath the gyro on top of this metal because it'll be invincible because like really you're gonna try and target the thrusters in my mind that's the thing I was thinking but but we'll see what happens let's just let's get this thing flying first we need to get it hovering and then I'll worry about putting the controls on it making it move the movements gonna be planned like it's gonna be a timer and it's just gonna go through a timer and a loop and just like push it in each direction for a certain amount of time and then that way it'll do these big lazy circles that's the plan I'm not gonna do any crazy sort of you know Deeping maneuvers or anything like that because I just yeah I don't don't think we need to all right so here we go so this will be an inner ring of thrusters this is good nice nice nice and then we'll put another we'll put another one actually another stack coming out here you know what let's just do this easier

and then do this I'm so excited to shoot this down you have no idea like I'm literally trying to like rush through this as quick as I can and still do it properly because I want to make sure like I don't screw anything up but I'm trying to rush through it cuz I just want to sit here and start shooting at it I've been thinking about this build for a while and I wasn't sure if I wanted to build it in my own time or I wanted to stream it I was like you know what we're gonna stream it so I can just like shoot this target down these should actually be gapped there should be a line between them so you can shoot between the thrusters with potatoes all that actually should just be doing this yeah then this

and then if hopefully this is enough thrusters on minimum if it's not will add more and if it's too many will take away a few there we go and I'm going like this like this but cardboard is like wood it's light so we'll see

then of course oh the question is wait if it's hovering over 2d thrusters to control the hover a get thrusters that actually just make it go up so the questions which ones is it gonna turn off because you could just shoot it if you shoot the wrong thrusters out it'll just fly up forever yeah whatever it's a risk we take

some of these ones in the middle I think will be the ones that just push it up

all right there we go perfect perfect perfect so that's a ton more and then we'll just we'll cardboard up this whole thing after we put all these down you should play space engineers I have like 600 hours and space engineers and I don't mind the game except it's kind of like one of those games where it's like yeah you build something and then you don't really like you don't really care like Scrabble can I have more fun building Instagram mechanic than in space engineers the block scale is a lot better Instagram mechanic I find so you can do a lot more in space engineers there's not really as much you can do like it's it's decent survival game but really you can't do a whole lot like it's like okay you build a spaceship Space Station and you mine and you know you mind more resources in yadda yadda yadda and that's about all you do you don't really yeah I don't know there's just not as much to do in my opinion because you could do in Scrabble can't even without survival and then once crime mechanic a survival it's gonna be a whole new realm of oh my god what do we do play survival all the time it's gonna be fantastic I can't wait to have a Survival Series in scrap mechanic because we're just gonna be able to just be able to do so much cool stuff and automate all the resource collection when you're doing stuff really great can't wait all right I'm just gonna fill all this in and then we're gonna make this thing fly that's the plan

how long we been stupid for 49 minutes actually this is a pretty good pretty good time we might actually get this done relatively quickly I mean it's not moving yet but like moving it balancing it and tuning it I think it's gonna be minor compared to everything else all right here we go come on good go up seal perfect one two three four one two three okay this is this is slick so excited so excited I can't wait to shoot this thing I've seen so many like anti-aircraft guns or like scrap man's chain gun or whatever all these guns on the workshop and I'm like nobody's made targets for these guns like people have like you know yeah there's a destructible vehicle or every but it's like what are you gonna shoot out with an aircraft gun right like I mean okay get your buddy to join the game and shoot it as plain I guess but like what if you just want to sit there and shoot it something in your own game I was like I just really wanted like a target which is silly because like I mean you know obviously it's it's a target but whatever I just thought it'd be cool if you made it look like a UFO that you can let a hovering escape pod shoot out of it and let the original UFO fall down oh my god there'll be so much effort have like certain sensors that when they get tripped it decides to deploy the escape pod you can do it could just be much more difficult I just wanted this to be one of those things but it's like you shoot it until it doesn't fly anymore and it's got a lot of cardboard you're gonna be shooting it for a while I'm hoping we'll see like parts fall from it and and that would be just epic but I don't know

would won't all the debris just crash the game that the player destroys a lot of Carver but doesn't it fall ah maybe but like maybe I don't know it might who cares if it does alright here we go so this is gonna do yeah I don't know if there's gonna fly or not we're gonna we're gonna try and make this thing fly okay so we need some logic to make it fly okay we need some logic to make it fly okay there we go and we're gonna do just a couple pieces in here really shouldn't matter too much if the weights off by just a little bit okay so this will be the always-on stuff so that's an or gate just hooked into this and then this will be the sensor activated stuff which will come from this sensor down here I'm just putting it on an or gate so that way if we have to move that sensor for whatever reason we can you know have it have it go okay so the sensor the always-on stuff is gonna be just everything on the outside no no not those ones those are forward little biddies I don't know if this is gonna be too much thrust it might

probably put a seat on this would be a good idea

all right just a spider web

yeah we just got to like really focus up when you do logic a lot of people ask like you know how do you do logic all the time and how do you like keep track of your connections since like you don't you keep track of the connections in the head in your head and you just think about you know what logic can you do okay so does that fly I guess that's the question is does the supply on its own so let's just put a seat down and then we'll put a switch I don't think this is strong enough to fly yet cuz now you just hook this switch into that and it'll kill it I mean it might be hold on let's see no not even not even close it's like a giant break it's probably not enough thrusters it probably needs more thrusters okay well let you know what let's hook up one of the inner rings as well the innermost ring

now I hooked up the wrong ones no not good not good these ones okay those ones are hooked up those two were hooked up those two are hooked up and those two hooked up does that does that fly I don't know if not even close right okay so let's increase all the thrusters by one power level and then we'll see if it flies I mean these are like the weakest possible thrusters so I can't say I'm surprised that they don't work just give me a little bit painful and I apologize for all you having to sit through this alright that one

okay okay can we still not moving which is kind of concerning I think it's gonna be even more it's good oh my god I came to talk it's going to need even more thrust wow that was a difficult sentence good job alright finally this should be it no literally okay we're gonna do another lap we're gonna just keep increasing it until we get movement this is actually probably not even gonna be enough it's a giant block like I mean it's got a lot of mass to it I guess I might have to just increase these even more this is actually ridiculous

are we moving removing No

Wow still nothing okay okay we'll just have to go up even more what does this say you what would you say is the most useful addition for Scrabble Kanak I mean it's a peds remember your giant hover blip would have made it a would right would occur board of both like you could use Brett's blueprint oh and just change the would ya ever changed car but that'd be true yeah I could use it and just change it to cardboard um most useful thing is ceramic Anik honestly like in my opinion i still think the best addition to sky mechanic was the logic block because before the logic block you could do logic with controllers and sensors but it was a real pain in the butt and it was really really bulky took up a lot of space logic blocks really changed the ability to make are we lifting we're moving I think we really changed your ability to make complicated creations in a very small area and then of course with all the blueprint editing that came along with that but yeah the day but logic blocks were good and then after logic blocks I'd say the second most useful addition to scrap mechanic was Pistons obviously bearings are like the most useful thing ever in the game but yeah the addition to some of the stuff really are we still not flying honestly just a giant just to pour just a brick are you serious like holy cow

[Music] well there we go there we go okay so that makes us fly okay that's good so we can drop all these by one in the middle and then we can put those on a sensor okay so that makes us fly that's good so we'll bring it down okay we're landing that's good and then these ones should be the difference makers and they'll all be activated by the sensor and then we should have a giant flying disk so these guys will go under this guy you-you-you

there we go [Music]

that's cool the thruster pattern almost makes a little bit of a target to okay so we should get up to 250 block height we're gonna need to adjust as gyro to

because it's not sensitive enough I want it I want it more sensitive we have to change that you're playing osoo on your second screen oh my god the switches off the switch is supposed to be off the switch is a kill switch that shuts the whole thing off while saving creations yeah that's useful too but I mean in terms of in terms of actually building stuff I would say the see look at how much tilt we get before it adjust its gonna adjust as soon as that sensor hits or it's gonna kill us it's gonna be one of the other I'm gonna you know do it but yeah I agree saving creations obviously was super useful I'm talking in terms of like blocks like building blocks yeah in terms of game features saving creations is a must-have without it we were just all screwed trying to do stuff can we can we get up to height here please this thing is really slow to get up to 250 blocks

oh boy okay it's a little bit faster now no no no no no stop stop step step step step step

just kind of floating right now

see it's it's not the gyro needs to level it better because it's not leveling it enough here we're going up this is actually cool it's sensing the ramp right now and then when it goes over the canyon it's gonna shut off those middle guys which it did and now we're gonna start falling and then we get to the KT and again it's gonna pick up it's a it's a giant hovercraft guys this is this is a giant hovercraft is basically what it is but like you know how much tilt it gets on the gyro before it reacts so that's a problem oh yeah so now we're going back up to 250 ok we'll hit the kill switch oh wait okay thanks so we need to fix the gyro

yeah you know we're just gonna we're gonna run back and jump over to that side because there's a big flat section over there hopefully we don't drop the creation XLE gotta make sure I don't click the mouse we're not we're just gonna put the hand off the mouse the gyro is off-center is it I don't think it is yeah I should probably save it that's a good point before I crash the game cons my building senpai what's up thanks Jack make a reversible magnet motor please make my year yeah I'm going to make reversible magnet motor I'm not gonna do that in a stream though but I am gonna make one with an axle that comes out on either side so you can just put one in the middle of two wheels that was the one thing people were saying is like instead of having you know one motor can you just do one motor in the middle of two wheels and I'm like that's a good idea so I'm gonna make a magnet motor that's reversible and you can just flip it and it'll spin in the opposite directions and you'll have a drive axle coming out of the sides you can attach to your wheels so that'll be the plan let's hit the kill switch for now okay and then like he needs to sense this all faster okay I know what we need to do

actually I don't want to add all this extra weight what am i doing I was thinking about rounding it out but then I'm like no I don't want to I don't want to add the extra weight never mind I'm I'm crazy don't worry about it don't worry oh you know what we can just do this there we go okay so this is what we need to do we need to take this and break that off there and then put this here and like that and then like that sick sick deal man

and then we need it to react faster which means me to put something on top of that like a screw so that that'll see it quicker and then on the same sense we need to do it on these sides I think that'll work

okay we're going up it's it's tilting a little bit so what happens when it's it's not seen yeah let's tilt it just tilt it this way put more seats on it I guess

uh-huh uh-huh okay so that

uh-huh that was good it was good it was successful you need to go good luck thanks man thank you stopping in you can always see the fog later no worries how much I appreciate you stopping in for the stream giant flying target flying target here we go okay we need to fix the gyro is it off-center it is it actually so it that would really suck I don't think it is no it's not it's dead centered yeah hundred percent guys are crazy okay we're gonna do this we're just gonna take these guys because this obviously needs more killing power we're gonna crank these guys up to max cuz it's obviously not able to do anything to help when it starts to tilt so we need to just have these on max they were on very very minimal and this is a giant turd up of creation now and then well yeah we'll get this figured out and then we'll just put some movement controls on it and then we'll paint the whole thing up and it'll be a pain in the butt to paint because I should have painted it when we were doing it layer by layer so the whole inside is gonna be cardboard but you know what it's fine really gonna be paying the butt to paint alright so I think that's good there

guys here we go up and now let's put more seats on it

I'm so I'm so excited about how well this is working out you have no idea this is really this is really doing great there's really this is really it's really flying super well guys why is it what is it do I need more thrusters to tilt it is that the problem okay well you know what let's just let's just do a few things first here okay let's just let's just take off all these seats okay but one see in the middle let's just let it get up to height first and then we'll we'll mess around with it once it's at height so we'll just sit here it's gyro getting stuck it looks like it's balancing yeah that's what I'm thinking too the gyro seems like it's getting stuck what if we just remove this and this and this and this okay or do I just have it all backwards I might have the gyro backwards this of course another possibility entirely

yeah the gyro is it's off killed it looks like it's not rotating properly hold on

okay here we go now it's flat for sure

looks like a cookie yeah it kind of does look like a cookie the machine fails the moment it said worked well just needs a bigger gyro I mean maybe I didn't want to make too big of a gyro because I wanted to make sure that like it wouldn't you know it's not easy to shoot out it's a giant circle like that all right let's see what happens to it

it's definitely tilting the gyro is definitely sliding you can see there so what happens when it gets activated now is it gonna do it I might need to just angle those sensors down a bit come on sensor do your thing

like I don't mind if it tilts it's gonna get tilted a bunch when you shoot at it or did the gyros just gonna completely fail when you shoot at that's always the other possibility - alright what's that doing you're gonna activate no music do not you just don't want to

anytime now anytime now no you still it's aggressively tilted

oh my god like what how is that still not activated

pretty useful sensor are you are you for real are you actually for real like I'm 99% sure that's passed the center point and it's not activating it please paint it like a cookie replace the pipe with a block yeah I think you're right all right we're gonna we're in a crash this thing to the ground we're gonna fix this jar that's ridiculous like there's so far and it's still like dot even detecting it okay you know what I think you're right we'll go like this and we'll place this with a not a cardboard block place it with a wood block that's actually ridiculous and then [Music]

do I want to put yeah I want to do this I got to move these sensors over to and give them a little bit more range here we go got her like this I will put this down like that and weld that there we go and I'll put this sensor here and we'll go to range of two and then we'll do the same thing here and move this guy back that's actually ridiculous I've never seen that like I didn't think the pipes would be that terrible and sensing it but I guess they are I mean hopefully this works we'll see okay and then these ones need to activate these two outside guys once this gyro stabilized it then it's really easy then the next thing we got to do is make it move which is just like hook timers up in the engine it's not a problem okay so that should do stuff well welded yeah okay so you just take it off the lift and then it's automatically level which is kind of nice what does I mean what am i what what is he doing I just joined I am making a giant flag target that we're going to shoot out with flat guns so we're gonna shoot at the bottom of it and eventually take it down but it's got a fly on its own and use auto pilot and stuff to fly around that's the plan it's tilting this way because I have a seat here which is fine I'm expecting it to tilt in various directions as you shoot it more but like it's also got a sense it I might have to just move those sensors and put them on controllers so they actually pick up the blocks quicker both see it's tilting what happens if you make something perfectly even and then you put one small weight on the one side

scrapp man also had problems with the sensors in the beatty posted yesterday I wonder if they changed the sensors station ears yeah I gotta get back in the station ears too it's not that safe I really like station ears I've been having a lot of fun with I've just been busy doing all sorts of crazy stuff and scrap mechanic because it's got the problem you have is that the block columns are being detected by the sensors I don't think so like that since there haven't even seen it go on yet come on tilt tilt you stupid thing no not at all

there we go okay so it's got enough thrust to stabilize it for sure when it finally gets picked up so usually you just the pick up range let's see it works it does it does in fact stabilize it in that direction so that's good okay so now the question is of course what about the other direction oh boy can we come oh boy can we yeah no that's good thanks thanks so I think any other vector should work too right like if we open it back here get back here and then we just got to adjust the the tolerance on it which means I'm just gonna put the sensors on a controller and then that way it'll be easy mode so if we do it in this direction it should be the same thing actually let's do in this direction we'll go here and put some seats give it lots of weight on that side yeah that's actually great Oh see it'll keep it level within a certain degree okay cool cool oh crap that wasn't too good oh boy that was bad okay alright so that's that's fixed so we're gonna we're gonna save this again Auto flying target okay and then and then yeah we got to make it move and stuff I don't know do you guys think so here's the question I guess do you guys think we need to adjust the gyro do you guys you guys yeah put the bolts on the block so the gyro texted sooner do you guys think I need to do that do you guys think I should or do you guys think I should just leave it as is because I and the reason I'm asking is because if we put less stuff on it so it's less accurate it'll just move the creation more I mean look you know let's just try like this let's try with the bolts okay and then we'll tilt it up here yes yes yeah make it bigger no make it more sensitive yeah I think I think I think more sensitive is the way to do it what happens if you tilt come on buddy there we go yeah like I mean that angle yeah that angles better than what it was they'll keep it at that angle max you know believe it at that though I don't really care if it's on a slight angle you're gonna shoot it a lot so like I don't really care what happens when you shoot all right so we're gonna do that now he's gonna make the stupid thing fly like actually like doing auto pilot routine so here we go we're gonna hook this up we're gonna put this down here and the kill switch will go into there in case we need it and then the auto pilot routine is really just gonna be simply when you put it on the lift it'll generate a pulse which then just goes around a loop hold on how can I do this easily need to generate a relatively log pulse is what it needs to do how long is the question so well I don't know we'll figure that out so here's here's what the pulse generator so XOR gate there I don't know how long 10 seconds maybe

and then we just need like four timers actually I want to eat okay here's what we'll do yeah so one two one two one two that one's in the way of course it is is there room is there you know what we're gonna we're gonna take your grace gesture actually move the timer's out a little bit so we'll go one timer they're actually one timer there one timer there one there one there one there one there one there and one there okay and then we'll go like this I don't really care what direction these timers go in

and that was ten seconds right ten seconds so these all need to be ten seconds as well ten ten ten ten and then we need or gates for everything because like you know we're almost done guys and then we'll just have to paint it and stuff but I think this is gonna work ten ten ten ten perfect and then just need like an or gate or gate okay or gate no or gate or or gate dang it or gate or gate all right this is good

yeah and then this one will do these two thrusters this one will do these two thrusters this is a little bit weird because it's not really lined up straight with how we're doing a dory and then and then this one will do these two thrusters and then just make it forward and put steering sensors in the front maybe well I'm just gonna make it it's just got thrusters in every direction so just gonna change which set of thrusters is activated with a with a loop you'll see it's really really easy so that is gonna send a pulse that'll go through this or gate initially so this pulse through that goes to there which then goes to here to there to there to there to there to there to there and back to here so if we take this off the lip and put it on the left you'll see the pulse should move its way around where is it so you see the pulse is filling up that timer and then it'll stop filling up that timer and start filling up move to the next one you see right and then in terms of directions to shoot to travel this one will activate this one and also this and this will also hold on how am i comment [Music] okay this one like to meet this one did I make this really difficult for me I want to make eight eight through it okay this one this one activates this one on its own yeah that's right this one activates this one and this one this one activates this one on its own this one activates this one and this one this one's this on its own and then this one is this one and this one this one's that on its own and then this one's this one and that one and then that one's out on its own so this should work I think so it should it should just drive aimlessly in circles for 10 second intervals I really don't know although it might not move at all because the thrusters we have are probably super weak you know what we gonna buff them up all right make it shoot back at you'd know this was just gonna be a target I do want to make I do want to make stuff shoot back at me at some point time but I think this one's just gonna be a target for now [Music] okay so I need to get into these thrusters here can we just can we just kill this kills kill it kill it okay so I think oh boy that was that was painfully laggy hold on

all right apparently this is now super laggy when it touches the ground so we're just gonna put little cardboard posts on it so it doesn't touch the ground good we're good we're good [Music] okay that's good alright save it before I crash the game yeah that's probably a good idea I do want to make stuff shoot back at me yeah no a hundred percent it's a real real idea Auto I named this like 15 different things now flying Auto target I think is what I was calling it last right no something different oh my god I'm gonna have to delete like all the other versions of it

all right hold on so flying let me just let me just search this guy's because like yeah like we don't many of these years flying target flying Auto target that's the one I just saved this one's yeah okay alright so I need to get at these thrusters perfect


this is a great song by the way really liked this song rival with cadmium it's called CeCe's love it

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] each time of year carries memories like never fading whisper in the rings Oh we'll keep on changing

[Music] I mean it's [Music] [Applause]

[Music] it's flying on its own is what's happening but it's got a full auto paw now it's just doing loops like with a lapse [Music] I'm gonna place dry mechanics survival just like factorial a hundred percent I don't know how it's gonna be they did show that they were gonna have like some sort of automatic crafting setup so that's kind of cool but yeah I'm gonna play it like factor one percent so it's flying on its own right now I'm not touching anything right like it'll just it'll just keep doing loops so this is what I mean it's just gonna do these weird like lazy circles forever and keep itself stable but I think is exactly what we want so now it's gonna it's changing directions right it just keeps it activates it has for us ters and it just goes this set then diet both of these and then this one and then both of those then this one that both of those that's why it keeps doing like weird kind of circles but I think we can just shoot at it now I think literally we just have to paint it shoot at see what happens but that's what I want it to do now if it screws up you have to respawn it so that's the thing all right so I think okay so we're gonna say this is Auto flying target again Auto flying target pretty serious tonight tonight of course I named it something different and we're gonna get rid of the kill switch because you don't need it

yeah there's no Killswitch anymore actually you know what a kill switch on top so if we want to work on it we can do that just like this it should be just hooked into there there so we can at least kill it if we want to work on it okay then we'll go back over to where our flat gun is and just we've drifted a lot and then we'll set it up and start shooting at it

when is survival coming out no idea devs will not tell us do I know the way I do not know the way to survival if this burger guy's game could use wireless control bots for the kill switch and I don't really care about having a kill switch though it's it's not gonna go to the top of the map it's not gonna fly very high it's only ever gonna fly at 2 nor 50 blocks so it's just gonna sit floating around there what country Mike from I'm from Canada I know the way of the logic yes that is the way the way I know the logic is the Queen and I know the way it's 1306 here in New Mexico yes 106 it is 307 for me or 1507 for yous guys who use the 24-hour clock we got a lot of running to do I'm sorry this is just really exciting can i play VR I mean I have VR create a drift car I did create a drift car that uses thrusters to help push it around corners long time ago you can probably look it up on my channel but you can't create a trip card scrap mechanic easily unless you use thrusters that just push around corners paint it like a chocolate chip cookie favorite sport well I'm like an old man so I like golf because I golf because I'm an old man and I play golf because I'm an old man greetings from Maine you're Southern copycats nice it's 2107 in germany and yeah kind of late stray for me yeah I know it I started like what almost an hour and a half ago now so like a little a little late I wanted to start earlier but I had to go do some things unfortunately I would have started a little bit earlier but I'll try streaming out a earlier basis I think but anyways for earlier times regardless let's we got this okay so we're gonna we're gonna save this now auto flying target right yes okay now we're gonna paint it and no I'm not painting it like a giant cookie for all you people who are like paint it like a giant cookie I'm gonna paint it oh my god this is gonna be so brutal - you know I'm gonna I'm gonna do the kill switch hold on not even make a camp I can't jump on top

Killswitch thank you all right so let's just paint the top first just like I don't really care at the top it's just gonna be black just like completely black colored same with all the sides and stuff all the interior cardboard is gonna be unpainted because like that's gonna be so much effort to paint all that I mean maybe I should just blueprint edit this and get it all used Brent batches like blueprint edit tool and have an all paint done I'd probably be a good idea maybe I'll do that at some point in time but for now I'm just gonna paint it and then upload it to the word shop and become with it it's gonna take a bit all right here we go done I don't even know what I'm painting anymore

you know it would be a lot smarter just to turn this off for like

yeah that one's getting caught on those screws see that the top one it gets caught on those screws ever slightly because it just stopped without free spinning to it end I mean it doesn't seem to affect it too much so we'll just leave it but I really should make the gyro wider so that doesn't happen but anyways turn this back up alright and then we'll do this get this all painted and then just do like all the thrusters and all these logic watch it take like literally three shots and the whole thing comes toppling down I hope it stays up for like a bunch of shots but I mean we'll see it's also very possible that it could just end up flying off once we remove a bunch of the weight from it because we're gonna be shooting it and taking out weight and if we don't take out thrusters it might just fly off to the skybox but who knows just just changing this up here alright paint this I'm gonna paint the bottom an actual like color scheme we're gonna flip the whole thing over just gonna get this all it's not gonna like being flipped over cuz the gyro but anyways alright so we got this got can we can we there we go that one good excellent

you're still building yes I know I'm still building guys it's only been like an hour and 30 minutes this is a quick build if you were to look at it like this is um nope no I don't do that I don't do that I wanna do this we're almost done though almost done we just got to paint the whole underside now can we just I'm gonna be able to flip this over

are you serious the gyro is fighting me the gyro doesn't want it to flip over you know what you're such a pain in the butt gyro I mean I guess like I can't be mad because it's doing what it's supposed to alright well we'll just just put a big flipping device here [Music]

are you serious that still didn't flip it you suck you suck this creation sucks how do I flip this how do i oh you know what actually actually hold on although there's an easy way to do this I'm just not thinking it straight here we go we just do this okay and we just grab this and we just grab it on a weld point right and we just do this for now there you go problem solved and then we'll just weld it up the right way again and we'll be good to go okay can we we got to hit the kill switch though this is excessive there we go okay now we can paint it

all right we're almost done here guys we're gonna paint this and then we'll be able to test it and shoot at it and see how long it takes to take it down and then I'll upload it to the workshop I still want to build other kinds of flying targets too like maybe flying target that actually looks like a plane but for now I just want to get an actual target out that's like you know a target

all right this is good good good screwed that up screwed that up

all right almost got it

all right here we go we are good to go this should be all right no we'll just fill in the inside the sensor is right in the middle that's actually pretty easy to tell so it's good

whoops screwed that up oh do you know Lieut Linus Sebastian from Linus tech tips he's from Canada no I don't know him mine we got a no Linus tech tips but I've never like met him or anything am I going to make a cargo carrier with the wing mod yeah I'd like to like a big cargo plane would be cool you have some weird stream anomalies it just stops for two seconds and goes offline well my bid rate is five like I'm streaming good data I think YouTube is having some issues with their streaming they've been saying it they've been having it yesterday they were having some stream issues so I think they're still having some stream issues what's my real name my real name is mark am i Mexican no I'm not Mexican can i upload my hover train I don't even know where that hover train is anymore I'd have to find it but yeah I'll have to have to check it sometime what's my full-time job my full-time job is doing this making youtube videos I used to be an engineer worked as a mechanical engineer programming robots for a while and then programming other stuff and then I switched over to make YouTube videos for a living all right that'll be the bullseye what's the target is it red is it always red things it always read just read rings I don't even know

right is it is it always read pretty much always sometimes it's yellow yeah okay one two boom one two do I want to make that double thick now it's you know that should be good enough one two and then here one two three and I want two one two [Music]


looks pretty good black green / black biggest creation about time have you ever actually watched megabot fights like no I've never watched them in real life I mean I've watched battle bots on TV and stuff all the time how's the free healthcare I know and I love it a health care free health care is awesome rings are black the rate so these rings should be black you guys are saying like these should be black okay well do that that's fine it's fine don't have a conniption it's cool that's cool I'm gladly open for your suggestions I just saw like and I just saw a comment that was like rings are black exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation well I mean if you're willing to put that many exclamation points you must be serious Khan 999 IQ I wish but no not actually would be bad it would suck having that much like you to be smart for your own good

okay sick and then one two for that boom

one two three and I think we're good there and then I don't think I need another target I think the outside ring is good enough it's not exactly like perfect but you know I don't really care we're gonna shoot it anyways there you go that looks sick all right and then we just need to break it and flip it just like that and then we flip it and then we grab it like that and then we go like this and save it as an auto flying target and then like I mean it's saved now so let's just you know what let's just weld our flat cannon down because I know normally this black cannon because it's on a trailer you kind of have to you know you have to stop it from moving or else it'll just keep spinning but wasn't weld it so now it's easy mode we'll just get our guns kind of ready and then yeah we'll just we'll see what this does I guess let's let it go on its own for a bit oh man it's going far okay is it gonna come back it's just going that way to start okay all right so that's the height it's at so we'll just put ourselves on we might need it we might need to be closer to it I want to see if it does a full loop before I shoot it it's tilting a little bit despite okay it's fixing its own tilt cuz it's over the canyon it's gonna dip solo alright you gonna you gonna come back around bud no you're just gonna keep going that way

is it is it not coming back is it so why we have stuff with trailers all right let's just let's just go get this thing here all right kind of take this up here okay let's go where'd it go

it fled yeah oh here comes back oh it's sensing the it's sensing the it's sensing the thingy now it's like super tilted the gyro is like weird the gyro fell out of sync it's like really really tilted

yeah it's super tilted look at how it's like flying off it yeah it's it's like upside-down now weird wonder what it's doing okay let's go let's go find it get back you yeah it's stuck against the wall for sure I wonder how it got so tilted it's weird maybe I forgot to hook something up

can you upload the Jeep's separate tooth like gun um yeah I guess I could yeah it's stuck up there okay well let's just go let's just go grab that one and we'll just uh we'll delete it and then we'll just spawn a new one


to do it bud how you doing having a good time you come here a lot yeah 720 noscope alright cool so we'll just delete this delete delete this room up pretty much this song is called stronger by a group called lemon fight alright here we go let's go back to the middle of the map a little bit let's go over the canyon to the other side of it I think the canyons get in the way this Jeep is not exactly the fastest because like it'll glitch out the trailer if it is but it does a good job [Music] yeah the canyon screws it up because it tries to hover and then you know what put it here though this should be a good spot alright let's go back to where we were spotted a new one and yeah no you know what let's no let's go to the other side of Canyon no I was right original hunch actually no you know what no you know what it's fine we're gonna go here well weld this down eventually once we figure out what's going on and we'll put it here so flying target all right so let me just let's just make sure everything's working the way it's supposed to so those are on the thruster sensor guys are on okay so it's activating thrusters the gyros on no all the gyros not on see that's the problem I knew it I turned down the stupid engine what do I didn't nevermind I'm an idiot

it looks okay oh my god oh boy that was not where I want to jump it might just be a little aggressive okay he looks better now I'm gonna come back I mean you should come this way are you serious is it is it just like now it's just like I don't want to do it oh my god why are you so what the heck is going on with that gyro hey it just crashed itself I mean this is oh my god it's like a cookie it's like a terrible Oreo make the timer five seconds yeah I mean I think I think you're right make the time for five seconds and decrease the thrust and like it flips it's not keeping itself stable anymore which is great it was ten seconds ago alright so let's just delete that I just want to shoot it it did like me it knows it's like if I work I'm gonna get shot I could have sworn it was working before though but all right we'll just we'll go back here what am I do instead of changing the timers to five seconds I think I'm gonna lower the thrust on the movement guys because I think maybe the movement ones are really throwing off the stability of it as it moves it's like getting tilted you know what I mean delete the kill switch I don't like I don't think the kill switch makes a difference does it the session on the side it doesn't fly against the wall I mean yeah I could do that too hold on let's let's just try this for a second let's go Auto let's just do this really quickly so we'll just go like this okay I'll get can we jump oh my god this is ridiculous all right there's no extra blocks nothing so these guys we're just gonna drop these ones the movement thrusters so it'll move slower because I'm wondering if these movement thrusters are really just throwing it off when it tries to do stuff of course those are unpainted so it's like okay whatever all right and then let's Otto Otto flying target yeah save that and I'm like where is the is it still going that case it's there right now there we go okay so it should it should work looks a little bit better I think those thrusters were just too aggressive I think that might've been the issue was just throwing it right off completely let's see if it'll do a lap little it'll actually spin once it's tilting that way the gyro is adjusting okay good come on back come back come back yeah my needles just might've been too aggressive alright if it loops back once like that's all we need it's fast man it's gonna be hard to shoot [Music] you coming you coming back over here you're still tilting that way oh yeah it's coming back okay it's coming back it's coming back don't go below the trees don't hit the trees come back this way

get back here oh yeah here comes here comes here comes alright it's good this is good it's good it's actually working we're gonna need an a mobile vehicle alright just wait until it here it comes it's coming right at us oh my god actually it's actually doing it ok here we go let's yeah here comes here comes all right let's fire since this is awesome ok let's see if we can take it out come on but I can't even tell if I'm here to get oh it's it's some stuffs falling you can see the debris oh my god yes this is so good all we need we need to reposition we need a reposition it's gonna be so far away Oh get out of here get out of here get it ok we need we need mobile we need mobile mobile anti-air how are we gonna hold on hold on mobile anti-air here's we're gonna do we're just gonna take this we're just gonna weld it to the back here that way we don't have to worry about setting it up alright let's go I think it's still flying it definitely works for sure I mean it could use a little bit more tuning I think I'll have to tune it but I'll upload this one it's like a version 1.0 flying target we need more flying oh it's still there it's still up ok let's get it let's get it let's just this thing is so terrible to turn now it's got too much weight on the back ok there you go I see you I see you alright let's do it let's do it come here come here cow bear I'm gonna shoot you down let's go fire fire hit oh my god it goes faster than I could rotate by turret No all right here we go get it go hold on get down get my turrets glitched out my turret Schmidt my turrets got the stoop you know what you know what this turret sucks this turret this turret has too many glitches mm turret let's go mm turret yes this one is infinitely better all right here we go uh these are controls right right right let's go a strict follow cam all right here we go there we go yeah let's just let's just no we can drive at the same time here we go this is what I'm talking about good good stuff good stuff okay we're not we're not you know it's just let's just oh god there's so many potatoes okay oh yeah that's right we have the extension piece that straight the piston all right let's just get it's gonna be stuck up against the wall here I think definitely needs a map like where you can put it in the middle of the map on a flat map and just shoot at it but anyways all right we're just gonna shoot it see if we can even take it down no let's just let's just yeah come here all right and up we go and yeah you're dead oh yeah oh my god you can see the thrusters glitching out okay we're putting holes in it putting holes in it $5 49 pounds to perch at please do it with the spud gun that scrap man bill I thought about that I don't have his safe though I'd have to download it oh my god oh my god it's oh my god it's still up oh god okay we're gonna we're gonna go get it we'll go you know what we'll do well yeah it's gonna get stuck against the wall here okay so you know what we're gonna do we're gonna quit this map that I have it saved we're gonna create a new map we're gonna want a flat map testing targets okay and we're gonna try it on a flat map and and then yeah we'll grab scrap man's gun that's fine should be able to grab his gun is that a lot of bullets all right where is this gun it should be it should be under the Steam Workshop most popular for a week right is it not there it's not there anymore because you guys aren't okay I might have to go to his profile here No still not here are you serious we actually work weird weird what okay I'm gonna have to go to my friends list hold on guys sorry it's art about that it's just like gotta find this scrap man alright workshop items spud link on there we go

[Music] good spud Ling gun in the middle of map check flying target check what direction is this going to go in initially

those here without way perfect it's gonna go right over our heads there we go

all right let's uh strict follow canvas alright alright and like let's just laser it I guess oh my god has so many potatoes oh my god it glitches out every time you hit it you just see the thrusters just freaking out there's so many potatoes it's still flying though it's like it's actually moving away from us right here it's coming back it's looping around it's sitting around oh my god like joy this might crash like everything if this crash is the stream I'm so sorry guys I'm so sorry if we if we crash the world alright he's coming back it's moving back oh my god let's go let's go okay let's let's move let's move let's move let's grab the gun alright let's just it's it's slowly tilting I think we've shot a lot off the one side and not a lot left the other side this song is called let's go by and drama deck I think it's yeah it's it's got too much shot off the one side it's tilting now it's tilting it still I didn't think this one through look there's pieces of cardboard down there oh my god I didn't I didn't think this through alright you know what that's fine this is what we're gonna do [Music]

I can't tilt up any higher this is all I got for tilt oh my god get rekt get rekt I mean the problem is when you shoot more of the blocks off that it starts to fly differently than it then it should right that's probably why you need an infinite stabilized I'll never have to work on a different target version that you can actually like make sure like it stays I mean an infinite stabilized probably easy way to do it come on go where the other two are you you're over there then out ones down ones down in the distance but I think it hit the wall and went down I'm not sure or it eventually just tilted its way down because we shot out enough of it alright can't even tell if they're hitting you really can't I think you they are because you can see some debris falling maybe oh my god this is amazing it was exactly what we needed come on come on I can't tilt any higher that's he's out of tilt range alright moving on to the next target

Oh God Oh God that can't tilt anymore in this one either scrap man you need to build a gun that can tilt more what's why can't I cook it's just limited really okay well we're gonna go to this guy

it does kind of look like a UFO invasion doesn't it I mean there's one way up there I think I shot so many blocks off that one that it just got really really light and flew up higher or maybe it's into the wall that one's down that one's going down that one's yeah that one's that'll be shot a lot of this one we're not even hitting okay come on oh my god this is ridiculous stream of potatoes let's go

like I think we're hitting it yeah it's lifting up CS we shoot it more it lifts up fire that's actually hilarious oh my god oh my god oh my god die die so many potatoes so if you just should I make it too little converts build to the destructible mod I mean you could that would be kind of useful because then you could take pre-existing stuff that you've already built and just make it destructible oh my god that one's still flying we're hitting it for sure I want to knock this thing down I want to get at least one like confirmed kill not just from oh that one died too I guess it eventually flipped over he probably will have to go check out what the damages on these Ori and the stream here okay are we gonna I don't even know if we're gonna you know we're just gonna move closer to this one oh no he's going down it's going down they've got hit it's tilting maybe we took out the gyro well that one's gone we're gonna hit the wall one of the other okay is there any left flying oh that one's stuck up against okay they're all down so let's see what the damages are here and then we'll end the stream we've been streaming for two hours and I'll upload that target version one to the workshop definitely have to make a different target at some point in time I think that was oh my god look at all these blocks this is insane look at all these blocks and they're like following the pattern that it flew in that's so cool alright this will why are you down wall probably hit the wall that one's yeah that one's against the wall so I'm assuming this one's against the wall what's the damage is the question oh wow oh it got it got peppered holy cow oh that's awesome so many dead blogs I mean it's still flying I think it still flies though this one is the gyro still intact on this one probably right looks like it is if we were to activate it wouldn't fly oh yeah they just got knocked down cuz he hit the wall ok so let's go get that one let's see what it looks like it's probably the same deal got knocked down from hitting the wall alright let's go up and check this one those are so cool though little UFO Flyers definitely definitely gonna have to make a better version for sure a definite lying target ok how's this one doing oh no I missed ok it's good can we just can we just can we just okay hit this one bring it down okay this one looks like I mean about the same just peppered on the bottom just completely peppered but I think it still flies to think gyro still attack I think we were to let this one go would fly

[Music] all right we're just going back over to this one I think what I might do for another target is instead of hanging the target fly on its own I might just make it hang from the sky box and have like something that can you know float around on the top of the sky box or fly around on the sky box and then it hangs from it this one looks like it's in great shape that's one didn't even get hit much at all I have no idea how it fell and float no matter how much you hit I think would be better so I might try and do one where it's like you know attached to the top of a skybox somehow still want it to move around and then have it with sensors and stuff so you have to shoot out enough sensors but that'll be like target version 2 this will be this is I still love these tires okay let's see what this one's doing a c-130 that shoots yeah I thought about it oh oh okay sure this one I think took like a beating but I'm not really oh yeah this one the gyro is broke that's why it's dead the sensor doesn't exist so like it took a beating on the bottom and stuff definitely on this one side like it it all it got through to these side two stabilizing thrusters but they're still intact it definitely took a beating though but hold on if we can get up here can we just you know let's just delete some blocks here but the gyro look this sensor is gone like completely missing so it would be able to tilt in one direction and just lose it and there's the sensor right there I know these guys a man down the stream here it's been a lot of fun I'll upload this the workshop right now actually this auto flying target I encourage you guys to check it out if you're interested you know I mean it's obviously it's just it's a target that flies not really much to it but thank you guys so much again for all the super chats and and all the subscriptions today really appreciate it and of course thank you for you know for coming out and hanging out with me and during this stream really had a lot of time a lot a lot of fun definitely need a better version of that though there's a yeah the few things obviously the more you shoot it the worse it gets but it's still cool it kind of works you eventually will shoot it down it'll fly it's but thank you guys so much for coming out really appreciate it and as always hope you guys enjoy the stream hit that like button one last time you haven't already hit that subscribe button if you have already and as always all guys into the stream and we'll see y'all next time bye oh wait my camera's here now I keep thinking about cameras they're old have

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